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"A great game that I just don't like..."

This is the strangest review that I've ever given to a game. This is a great game in itself. But I just don't like it. This will be an unbiased review to the best of my ability. I will share my opinions on the game at the end.


The cel-shaded characters are really good. I love the animation. It is fluid and does not break up. Could be a bit faster but that's okay. Sega did a great job. No pop-up and distance that rivals Smuggler's Run are a great plus. The look of the graffiti is also really on-edge.


Good music (I'm not going to say anything about ''Dragula''). Great sound effects. It is really close to Tony Hawk in terms of skate sounds. The music is really next-century and it goes with the game.


The control is good. It is a bit touchy at times and whenever you go to input stick taps to make graffiti, it sometimes registers wrong. But the overall control is easy to get into and is fun to use.


Original concept and fun game. This is a total change in Sega's tone. I like the way it plays out. The gang is loaded with flair and style. And the game has so much to do and see. The control could be slightly better but it is good enough as it is.

Replay Value-10

Excellent fun. You could play for hours on this game. It just has that pizzazz that makes you come back. The character's originality and style just want you to get the rest. Just completing the levels gives you this great feeling of accomplishment. You ditched the cops, tagged your territory, and ran off and proved yourself.


With the exception of me, I think everyone who has a bit of rebellion in them will like this game. The feel of just graffito-tagging everything you can is just a fun experience. There are just so many things you can do in this game.

Now, for the reasons that I don't like this game. It is just far too hard. When Onishima sends his goons after you, I just can't run in time. I get frustrated with the game and it just loses its fun after a while. I can't win. Another reason I don't like this game is that I can't do everything that the challenges ask. Its just really hard. One more reason, after the first level, I just can't beat the rest. They are impossible to win. You may like it but I don't.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/04/01, Updated 03/04/01

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