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"Now I thought this was gonna be bad..."

INTRO- I was reading alot of reviews for this game lately. I noticed that half said EXCELLENT and the other half said IT SUX. I finally wanted to see for myself and rented it. Now It's one of the best games I have ever played on Dreamcast.

STORY- The story was well written, but it could have gone way deeper than it did. At first It's all about gang wars, but there are several twists and turns. I rate the STORY 7/10

GAMEPLAY- The gameplay (however you spell it) was excellent. One problem I had was that the Spray button and the Camera Change button were both used by the L-Trigger. The buttons that were un-used in the game were the Y, B, and X buttons. Another problem I had was that the auto-Camera angles were really annoying and times. Another problem was SLOWDOWN. When your being chased by a tank and are trying to run for your life, you somehow slowdown after awhile. Avoiding the Cops and Riot Teams is very easy (if you practice alot, that is) This game takes patience! I rate the GAMEPLAY 7/10

SOUND- The sound, Oh God, it was excellent! All the songs were great (my fav is the ''Inside the Garage'' one) There were a couple of songs that will get on ur nerve, but you can always turn the music level down. I rate the SOUND 9/10

REPLAY VALUE- I'd say after you beat it, you will be wanting to play over and over again. One reason is because you will need to get all the Soul Icons and another is that you would need to know how to figure out how to unlock all the diff. types of gangs (I.E. Poison Jam, Love Shockers and etc...) And you can also make your own Grafitti (or Graffiti *cant speel it right*). I rate the REPLAY VALUE 9/10

CLOSING- Alot of you may not like this game. Everyone has a diff. opinion. I would say rent all games (or borrow from a friend) before thinking about buying one! That is why I will not have a RENT or BUY thing in this review. In my opinion, I kind of like this game. So the Over All rateing would be----------- 8/10

If you feel that I have sonmehow left something out about this game, notify me and I will gbe shure to correct it. Thank you. Email Address- Also If u have any questions, comments, complaints, or if ur stuck in a game, Email me. Im sure I can help.

Blizzard3009-----sign off.........

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/24/01, Updated 03/24/01

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