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Reviewed: 08/05/01 | Updated: 08/05/01

All the fun of tagging private property without the crime record!

Jet Grind Radio is one hell of a kick ass game. It's got a sweet soundtrack, fantastic celshaded graphics, good gameplay, and simple controls. Let's take a look at this awesome Sega game.

Gameplay: This game's gameplay doesn't revolve around tricks or finding S-K-A-T-E like in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The gameplay is about jetting around Tokyo-To tagging anything with an arrow. Whee! The controls are simple and easy to learn, and after playing a bit you'll be spraying tags like a pro. You can grind, and at certain speeds, angles, etc. of jump can pull off tricks, but the lack of a trick attack option weakens the replay. Oh well. Oh, and you gotta watch out for the man, too. The cops will try to end your spraying days. Mere grunts like in the first stage are easy. Then Captain Onishima will come in and try to get you Dirty Harry style. In later levels, you'll need to deal with motorcycle units, SWAT teams (Tear gas), Paratroopers, helicopters, and tanks (0_0;). Then the Mafia takes a swipe at you, but I wouldn't want to reveal any spoilers, would I?

Story: I'll hand this off to Professor K. Professor? Professor K: JET SET RADIO!!! Down in the streets of Tokyo-To, an asian city that can't be found on a map, punks are skating around on magnetic in-line skates and spraying their graffiti everywhere! But those poor fools are now getting hassled by the police, who are trying to enforce the '2001 Project'. And look at that, somebody sprayed on the GGs turf! Could it be those masked maniacs, the Poison Jam? They've been talking about spreading into GG territory. Or could it be those high-tech menaces the Noise Tanks? They've had a grudge against the GGs for a while. It looks like a gang war is flaring up, and with police interference, it could get ugly! You take on the role of a member of the GGs. Defend your turf and conquer your rivals, and look out for those cops! Captain Onishima is out for blood, and he'll pull any crazy stunt to put you fools behind bars! In between missions, I'll give a report of undergoing events on the underground pirate radio station, JET SET RADIO!!!!!! JET SET RADIO!!!!! *Has heart attack*. Arcademan: Um, thank you, Professor K! The plot has many twists and turns, but gets weird and completely screwed up at the end. Well, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater didn't even have a plot, so this is a warm change...

Sound: Oh ho ho... this is the ****. All the cool songs from the Japanese version are here, along with many newer tracks from Cold, Rob Zombie, and Jurassic 5. I have a few of the tracks from this game downloaded on Morpheus, and they're as good as I remember. Some of the best music in a game, although some tracks don't click with me (Super Brother can be heard oh so many times before I start to get annoyed....). Still fantastic.

Graphics: 0_0 whoa, these are great! It features Celshading, the revolutionary technique that puts a black outline around the characters, giving them a cartoonish, pseudo-2D look. And it works great. The levels are done like real cities look, which is good. Tokyo-To is based on some of Japan's towns/cities (I think), but two new levels are based in a city that seems to be a hybrid of Boston, MA, and Times Square. Well, I'm sure about the Times Square deal, anyway... Great overall.

The Pits: Yep, this game had it's faults, although they are minor. Let's get into The Pits! Sega, the plot was an interesting addition to the game, but could you possibly do it without ****ing up everything at the end? The last part of the game revolves around a Mafia type organization, and then it gets into some Demonic stuff. Right.... Also, some of the tracks can hurt the ears (Damn Guitar Vader, Super Brother is stuck in my head against my own will!!!), and most of them are the Japanese tracks. Eh, might just be me. Still grates the ears, but that's only a few tracks. Oh, and 3 words: Fight-or-Flight. Damn you Sega for unleashing this hellish level on the unsuspecting population. Do you have ANY IDEA how many tries it took to finish that level?! At least give us a way to stun the jetpack men, for sake of the blade! But this game is still kick ass. Just it can be a little annoying. No game is perfect... that wraps up this edition of The Pits.

Buy or Rent?: If you like doing the crime, but hate doing the time, this is for you. If you like spray painting the backs of rival gang members, this is for you. If you think you can tolerate the few annoying Japanese tracks (only 2 or 3), then this is for you. But if you expect a trickathon, you're in for a disappointment. But spraying tags everywhere is fun anyway. Buy it now, you won't regret it (hopefully not, anyway).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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