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"Could have been a good game if it wasn't for the controls."

I recently picked this up at my local electronics boutique, hearing great things about it. I popped it into my dreamcast and started playing, not knowing what to expect. And, believe it or not, it's not that bad a game... However, it falls short in many aspects.

First, the graphics. I drooled when I saw them -- a nice, refreshing change from the cliche graphics we see on other dreamcast games. Sure, an uninformed gamer might walk by and say the graphics suck, but in my opinion the graphics are the high point of this game. 9.5/10

Secondly, the gameplay. I don't know about you -- but I found the gameplay a bit repetitive. All the levels are either A) Paint all the red arrows while avoiding cops, assasins and helicopters (!) or B) Paint the other team. While this sounds fun, after about seven or eight levels it starts to get annoying. Furthermore, in some levels it's hard to find spraycans to paint your tags with -- making you waste valuable time. After awhile, I started to find myself playing the game just to get the story. 7/10.

Next, I'll talk about the controls. Shouldn't this go under gameplay? No, no it shouldn't. The controls in this game are absolutley horrendous. I found it impossible to do some parts on some levels just because I couldn't get my character to get from point A to point B without falling on my face. The most aggrivating level by far is the grind square level, where all but one of the tags are on roofs that you have to jump and grind onto to get to. Your character also seems to want to grind when you don't want them to and not grind when you do, making the gamer mad and bringing the score WAAAY down. Not to mention that on the bigger tags you have to rotate the control stick a bunch to paint them and if you make a small mistake it takes away a spraycan. 4/10.

Finally, the story. The story is actually pretty good. However, it doesn't tell alot of story between levels, making it hard to really 'get into' it. The story could have been a *bit* more immersive. 6/10.

The final verdict? Well, if you can get past the unispired controls and repetitive gameplay, Jet Grind Radio is defenetly a game worth buying. But, if you like playing games based on eye candy alone, then this game isn't for you. 6/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/30/02, Updated 03/30/02

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