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    Extras Guide by AKishan

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    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Extras
    Version 1.1
    by Amar Kishan on 8/4/01
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    This is an Extras Guide for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PSX).   If you
    have anything to add, just contact me at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope
    you enjoy the guide. If you wish to use this guide for any purposes (other
    than use for help), please email me first.  This guide is not to be
    reproduced in anyway without my permission first.  This guide is copyright
    1999-2001 Amar Kishan.
    - Changed format
    1.0 (9/5/99)
    - Added more pie pieces
    - Added Fire Reaver
    - Added Stone Glyph
    - Added Sunlight Glyph
    - Added Warp Gates
    - Added Easter Egg 3
    - Thanks to a tip from a reader, I located the final (actually, #2)
    Eldritch Power up.
    - First version
    i.) Introduction
    ii.) Version History
    iii.) Table of Contents
    I.) Enemies
    II.) Artifacts
    III.) Glyphs
    IV.) Fire Forge
    V.) Warp Gates
    VI.) Easter Eggs
    VII.) Credits/Disclaimer
    Location: Underworld, Sanctuary of the Clans, Tomb of the Serafan, Pillars
    Area, Fire Glyph Area, Snow Fortress (Dumah)
    Attacks: Short range attacks
    Strategy: The most common vampire in Nosgoth is the Dumahim vampire. 
    These vampires have no special attributes or skills and are easy to
    Location: Castle of the Dead (Melciah), Nupraptor's Retreat (Stone Glyph
    Attacks: Short range attacks, tunneling
    Strategy: Only found in the Cemetery Castle and Nupraptor's Retreat, these
    vampires can tunnel through the ground and rise up behind you.  They are
    still easily dispatched with a spear or torch, although they have a bit
    more stamina than their Dumahim cousins.
    Location: Silenced Cathedral
    Attacks: Long range attacks, wall crawling
    Strategy: These vampires are hard to kill.  However, their lunge attack
    leaves them open to attacks and they have very little stamina.  Do not
    rely on your Soul Reaver to dispatch these foes; instead, use a spear or a
    torch.  Since there are very little elemental hazards (i.e. fire, water,
    spikes) in the Silenced Cathedral, you can't kill these guys without a
    Location: Tomb of Serafan, Oracle Caves (Kain), Valley of Sunlight (Sun Glyph)
    Attacks: Short range attacks, Force projectiles
    Strategy: The toughest vampires in all of Nosgoth can aim their force
    projectiles, unlike the Rahabim.  Their physical attacks are very strong
    and they are agile.
    Location: Drowned Abbey
    Attacks: Short range attacks, fireballs
    Strategy: These snake-like vampires are immune to water.  You'll have to
    take them out one at a time, since they can snipe at you from distances
    with their fireballs.
    B.) HUMANS
    Location: Human City
    Attacks: None
    Strategy: Suck their souls or kill them with any weapon.
    Vampire Hunters
    Location: Human City, Castle of the Dead, Silenced Cathedral
    Attacks: Flame (flame-throwers), stab (crossbow), shoot (crossbow)
    Strategy: Beat them with your claws, weapons, Reaver, or projectile.
    Location: Silenced Cathedral
    Attacks: Knife throw, stab
    Strategy: Very strong.  These worshippers are easily dispatched with any
    Location: Silenced Cathedral
    Attacks: Stab
    Strategy: Strong, but easier then the Novitiates.
    C.) BOSSES
    Melciah: Castle of the Dead
    Attacks: Physical attack, phasing through gates
    Strategy: This is the third strongest boss in the game in terms of attack
    power. Do not hit him or he counterattack fiercely.  He also exists on the
    spectral plane and can thus send you back to the Elder's Lair if you
    aren't careful.  To defeat him, enter the lever rooms on either side of
    his lair (high jump over the grayish areas to the sides of the gates to
    get in) and pull the lever.  As your baby brother crawls in, let the lever
    go, smashing the gate and crushing Melciah.  Once both gates are
    destroyed, a crank will appear. High-jump into the central cage, and as
    Melciah begins to phase through the gates, leap out and pull the crank.
    This will crush the boss.
    Kain: Pillars of Nosgoth
    Attacks: Soul Shot
    Strategy: Being the strongest boss in the entire game (you can only get
    four powerups before him), Kain's shots will kill you in one hit.  He is
    frustrating, but there are no puzzles here.  To defeat him, simply leap up
    to him while he is glowing blue/charging, and strike him.  Striking him
    three times will defeat him (for now).  However, Kain's Soul Shot can hit
    you wherever you are on the screen.  The only safe spot is the throne. 
    Stand next to the throne, and when he fires, step behind.  If you are
    lucky, the beam will not trace you.  This works with the other Kain
    encounter as well.  On the Spectral Plane, you will face a vampire wraith.
    Zephon: Silenced Cathedral
    Attacks: Three punches, biting attack
    Strategy: Zephon is not as strong as Melciah, as you can and should have
    increased your health capacity before reaching him.  However, he is best
    fought with the Soul Reaver in hand, so expect to do some shifting:)   To
    defeat this vampire, make him swipe at you.  One of his punching attacks
    is a hind-leg (brown) slice, another is the fore-leg (gray) punch, and the
    third is the hind-leg stab.  This stab attack is accompanied by a digging
    sound, and this is the key to killing him.  When his leg is stuck in the
    ground "digging" hit it with the Soul Reaver to destroy it.  Zephon will
    howl and drop an orb (cocoon?) from his abdomen.  Grab it and QUICKLY run
    to the back and it will light on fire.  Aim it at Zephon and throw it.  If
    you do not move fast enough or you miss, the orb will pop.  If you run out
    of legs to chop (there are four), then hit his abdomen to get an orb.  Do
    this until he dies (three hits).  The enemies on the spectral plane are
    Vampire Wraiths.
    Turelim Vampire: Tomb of the Serafan
    Attacks: Physical attack (drains power), force projectile
    Strategy: I really doubt this is Turel.  Not only is he weak (he should be
    the strongest Clan Leader, next to Raziel), there is no significant
    dialogue.  Anyway, he is very easy, although he has a decent attack (which
    drains your power) and his force projectile can shoot you off the ledge. 
    Just beat him up as if this was a normal fight, and finish him by throwing
    him in the water or dissolving him with the Reaver.  On the spectral
    plane, you'll have to fight a Vampire Wraith.
    Rahab: Drowned Abbey
    Attacks: Physical attack, fireball
    Strategy: Rahab isn't too strong, but he can knock you off your pillar,
    and dive onto you if you move or attack him. To defeat Rahab, leap up the
    spiral-like pathway of pillars leading to the planar portal.  Now shift to
    the spectral plane.  After the scene, find and destroy the 12(?) stained
    glass windows in the room using your force projectile.  This can be done
    from one pillar.
    Dumah: Snow Fortress
    Attacks: Physical attack (drains power), Stomp, Constrict
    Strategy: Dumah is supposedly the strongest clan leader, and he does have
    some nasty attacks.  While his physical attacks do not hurt much, his
    other attacks are unique and equally frustrating.  His stomp attack will
    stop you in your tracks while Dumah runs towards you. Constrict will hurt
    you badly but it is extremely hard to get hit by it. To kill Dumah, go
    close to the body.  Tear out the spears impaling him and watch the
    cutscene (This will make you want to kill him-Dumah was the one who threw
    Raziel into the Abyss).  To do this, you must run through his Snow
    Fortress, making Dumah follow you.  Lead him all the way to the furnace
    room.  If he is not moving, shoot at him. Once there, run up the ramp
    leading to the wheel.  Turn it, but beware.  Dumah knows what you're
    trying to do and follows you here.  After turning on the gas, climb the
    other ramp and pull the lever to burn Dumah.
    Kain: Oracle Caves
    Attacks: Soul Shot #2
    Strategy: The second strongest boss in the game (since you should be able
    to get 15 health powerups before facing him) is the second Kain.  He has a
    same overall strategy, (teleporting to different areas and shooting you)
    but is weaker and his shots are easier to dodge.  Also, a health fountain
    lies in the center of the rooms.  Kain's shots won't kill you, and if they
    do, the two vampire wraiths shouldn't be a problem.  To dodge Kain's
    shots, get near one of the partitions on the level he is on (1, 2, or 3). 
    When the shot is fire, quickly step behind the partition and the shot will
    miss.  To kill Kain, simply hit him three times.  Each time you hit him
    with the Reaver, he will turn a dial and go up one level.  After hitting
    him on the third level, you defeat Kain.
    ----->HEALTH POWERUPS<-----
    In Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, you can gain health energy by obtaining
    pie pieces throughout the world of Nosgoth.  Below is a list of these
    1. After defeating Melciah and leaving the inner stronghold, leap into the
    lake (it will be raining here).  Follow the underwater path and phase
    through one of the gates (one leads to the Force Glyph, the other holds a
    visible pie piece).
    2.) On the way to the Pillars, you can pick up a nifty pie piece near
    Raziel's stronghold.  Warp to his territory and exit into the huge
    courtyard.  Several levels down, you should see a raised gate to your
    left with a pie piece inside.  Across this level is a statue like object.
     Pull it over to the raised gate.  Morph into the spectral plane, then
    mount the statue and phase through the gate.  Collect the pie piece.
    3.) On the way to the Pillars, you will need to phase through a gate in
    the Sanctuary of the Clans.  There is a pie piece right there.
    4.) On the way to the Silenced Cathedral, in the room where you fought
    your first enemies, there is a lake.  Fall in it and phase through the
    gate to get a pie piece.
    5.) In the Silenced Cathedral, before taking the second air lift, there is
    a path that leads to a block puzzle.  Behind that path is a huge domelike
    structure.  Solve the block puzzle to net you the pie piece inside the
    6.) Outside of the Elder's Lair, where you find your first portal, there
    is a scalable wall (one of the large mountable pillars).  Climb it to get
    a nice power piece.
    7.) Return to the Castle of the Dead and go to the lake.  Leap across the
    blocks and turn and face the left wall.  Jump onto the grayish portion and
    climb the wall for a pie piece.
    8.) Once you have the Force Projectile, return to Nupraptor's Retreat, and
    follow the path until you reach the outer terrace (past a room full of
    arches).  Jump to the torch-lit ledge, and follow the path down a bit. 
    Now turn and locate an opposite ledge with a pie piece on it (you can't
    reach it yet).  Shoot the block with the Force Projectile symbol on it,
    and then jump to that area.  Climb the gray wall and follow the path to a
    pie piece.
    9.) In the human's city (inner area), there is a shallow water way (you
    can walk on it).  Face the waterfall that makes this rivulet and jump on
    it.  You can climb this wall all the way up to a pie piece.
    10.) In the human's city, there is a large ravine filled with water with no
    bridge leading across it.  It leads into a cave.  Jump across the ravine
    and turn the wheel near the wall.  This stops the water.  Leap down and
    follow the path (phase through the gate, and go past the fountain) to get
    a pie piece.
    11.) In the human city, follow the path to the Water Glyph.  When you see
    two pillars going into a doorway, turn around and face the other wall. 
    Jump on it and climb the wall for a health piece.
    12.) Once you can swim, return to the Silenced Cathedral.  Jump into the
    lake in front of it, swim to the left, and follow the path until you can
    leap out of the water.  Climb the wall (grayish) for a health power up.
    13.) Once you can Constrict things, return to Dumah's Snow Fortress.  Take
    the alternate path before Dumah's Lair to a snowy courtyard with a statue
    in the center.  When you get near it, a message flashes (it says
    "Constrict objects by circling them").  Constrict this object to the opposite
    wall and go in the door.  Butcher the two Turelim super vampires and take
    the pie piece.
    14.) Once you can Constrict objects, return to the tower that you passed
    through on the way to the Castle of the Dead.  There is a switch you can
    pull (you did this on your way through here).  Constrict the dial. You may
    have notice a raised bridge in the previous area.  Pulling the switch will
    lower this bridge in the direction which the dial points. One area holds a
    health power up.
    15.) In the Drowned Abbey, there is a room that has four paths, including
    the one you enter it from.  In the center is a large corkscrew.  Use
    Constrict on it to drain the pool, then leap in.  Pull out one of the
    blocks to reveal a health bonus inside, the other holds a Glyph refill.
    ----->ELDRITCH POWERUPS<-----
    Once you have all Glyphs and all triangles, you will have 52 glyph points.
    1.) Upon receiving the Soul Reaver, return to Melciah's stronghold.  Leap
    across the lake and enter the crypt.  Butcher the vampire and hit the tomb
    with the Soul Reaver.  The crypt will open up.  Leap down and stab the
    door again.  Then collect the power up.
    2.) After receiving the Force Projectile, return to the Silenced
    Cathedral.  At the room with the first airlift, take the airlift and soar
    onto the grates (you came here on your first visit).  There is a gray,
    scalable wall here.  Climb it and enter the hallway.  Take the left branch
    of the tunnel and follow it to a window.  Shatter this with your
    Projectile and continue through.  Turn left, and collect the triangle.
    3.) After learning to swim, warp to the Rahabim Warp Gate.  Instead of
    going to the Drowned Abbey, return to the boat area.  Jump into the water
    and swim northward, avoiding the Rahabim vampires.  Soon, you will make
    your way into a giant chapel like structure.  Near the top is an Eldritch
    Energy triangle.
    4.) In the Human's City, climb the wall specified above (number 11, health
    power ups).  From this wall, jump across to the facing terrace-like ledge.
     Now jump to the arch to the left of the climbable wall.  From here jump
    to the next arch, and continue doing so till you see the arch with a
    switch inside.  Leap to this arch and trigger the switch.  This will open
    a door below.  Enter the door and follow the path past the vampire
    hunters.  Climb the wall and get the Eldritch power up.
    5.) Once you can Constrict objects, return to the tower that you passed
    through on the way to Melciah's stronghold.  There is a switch you can
    pull (you did this on your way through here).  Constrict the dial.  Each
    time you do this, you can lower a drawbridge in a different area.  One
    area holds a Eldritch triangle.  Go inside, and solve the block puzzle.
    You need to make a three block tower and position it one to two spaces in
    front of the pedestal.  Leap onto the pedestal, jump onto the tower, and
    jump to grab the ledge.  Collect the triangle.
    Force Glyph: Castle of the Dead
    To get the Force Glyph, return to the lake in the center of the Castle of
    the Dead.  Jump in, and when you reach a gate (follow the path), phase
    through it.  Follow the long path to the Force Glyph altar.  Here, push
    over each pillar to get this glyph and 2 glyph points.
    Stone Glyph: Nupraptor's Retreat
    Once you can scale walls, return to the lake in the Castle of the Dead,
    jump in the lake and follow the path to the left out of the water.  Shift
    into the material plane, then scale the gray wall to reach the ruins of
    Nupraptor's Retreat.  Climb through the skull's eye and follow the path
    till you reach a large open room with a log right in front of you.  Jump
    on this log, and then the ledge.  Now shift planes and turn to face the
    next log.  Jump on the log and follow it to a ledge.  Jump from this ledge
    to the next and plane shift.  Now jump onto the log above you, then onto
    the next log above that.  Follow the log up the staircase and jump to the
    facing ledge.  Jump up one level and follow the path into a room with many
    pillars.  Follow this room out onto a terrace.  Jump from here to the
    torch-lit ledge and follow the path.  Open the door and follow the path
    down until you see a large room in front of you.  Jump onto the left ledge
    to find a hidden block.  Pull it down and shove it into the room.  You now
    have all you need to solve the biggest block puzzle in Soul Reaver
    (another mural one).  Once you have solved it, you can get the stone glyph
    from the statue.
    Sound Glyph.  Silenced Cathedral
    Return to the Silenced Cathedral with the Force Projectile.  Jump into the
    first airlift, but don't glide.  When you hit the bottom grate, look
    around for a passageway.  Follow this until you see a ledge ahead of you
    that has a rectangle of grayish wall in it.  Climb the grayish patch and
    shatter the window.  Now continue through, and phase through the gate. 
    When you reach a large room, find a portal and shift.  Now grab the golden
    club and run next to one of the huge pillars.  Aim the club into one of
    the crevices (alcoves?) on either side of the room, and throw it.  If it
    makes it, good.  If not, try again.  When you got it up there, run back to
    the entrance to the room and scale the walls.  Switch planes and leap to
    the pillar.  Now shift back.  The club will be in one of the alcoves, but
    ignore it.  Instead, shatter the stained glass window from the third or
    second pillar.  Then get the club and throw it through the hole.  Switch
    planes and jump there.  Find the portal and shift back.  Pick up the club,
    and use it to ring the steel bell you will find.  This will net you the
    Sound Glyph.
    Water Glyph: Human City
    In the Human City, there is a large moat spanned by a bridge (there is a
    lady around here).  Jump in the moat and find a grate.  Shatter it with
    your force shot and swim through all the way up this narrow tube.  You
    will shortly reach a huge effigy; head past it into a door.  Find the
    block (looks different) and pull it all the way to the waterfall. 
    Now push it down.  Leap down as well and push the block into the hole. 
    Return to the effigy for the glyph.
    Fire Glyph: Grave of Fire
    Once you can swim and have the Fire Reaver, warp to Razielim
    Head Quarters and follow the path you took to get to the Castle of the
    Dead.  On the way, you'll see a path to the left that is submerged.  Swim
    in it, and when you have the chance to swim up, do so.  You'll emerge in a
    place with a huge red banner mounted on a pillar- the Grave of Fire.  Take
    the left door to enter a courtyard with two Dumahim vampires.  Butcher them,
    then run to the crank.  Turn it, then plane shift.  Run through the doors
    and jump into an area with spike bowls.  Plane shift again, then turn
    the crank to open the gate.  Exit through the gate then take the other
    wooden door.  Go into the room, and shift into the spectral.  Jump to the
    nearest pillar, then follow the stair case formation up to a bowl of fire.
     Make the Fire Reaver, then head back to the room with spike bowls.  Go
    through to the large Ifrit Statue.  Light the bowl with your Reaver.  You
    now have the Fire Glyph.
    Sunlight Glyph: Valley of Sunlight
    Warp back to the Silenced Cathedral and jump into the moat.  Pass through
    the gate to the right and follow the path to a portal.  Now swim up and
    jump onto a ledge.  From here, jump onto the copper tower, then onto
    another ledge, then to the campfire, and finally to the facing ledge. 
    High-jump to the ledge above, and do so again.  Follow the path through the
    door.  When you get to a ledge, jump to the lighthouse area and dispatch
    the Turelim vampire.  Take the doorway into a valley.  Climb down this
    ledge until you find a wooden door (the one in the cinema).  Enter and
    follow the path until you reach a large room with a wheel in the center. 
    Kill the Turelim vampire, and then jump onto the wheel.
    From here, proceed to jump up the vents until you find a block.  Shove it
    off onto the ground.  Now return to the ground.  Pull the block in front
    of the opening in the wheel closest to the crank.  Now pull the crank.
    Return to the block and shove it into the hole when you can.  If you have
    done it right, the burners above the crank have been lit permanently. 
    Exit the room and follow the ledge downward, past the second door.  Jump
    across the copper platforms into the copper tower.  Follow the spiraling
    path to a doorway.  Once you enter, you will see that broken rope bridges
    lead down this room.  Jump down into the bottom, and quickly kill the
    Turelim vampire. Open the door and follow the path till you reach a
    rotating wheel with a triangular opening.  Run through it, then shift into
    the spectral plane and walk through all the other triangular openings
    until you reach a portal.
    Shift back and open the door.  Follow the path until you reach a big
    copper room with a wheel.  Jump into a pit and use the blocks to connect
    the two pipes.  The only trick is to use the two-hole pipe only in the
    intersection.  When you are done, jump out of the pit and follow the pipe
    into an alley.  Turn the wheel to start a giant machine.  Now go back to
    wheel, and go to the area to it's right. The pipes are now blowing out
    steam.  Glide over the first jet of steam onto the second one and onto the
    third one.  Then jump onto the crunching structure and onto the walkway.
    Follow this path to a door.  You are now in a room with three pistons.
    Avoid the holes in the floor and make your way to the back of the room.
    Jump into the left hole and you should end up near the first rotating
    wheel (with  a triangle opening).  Return to the valley.  The light hose
    is now operational.  Head back to the ledge, and go to the lower wooden
    door.  Follow the path to the Sunlight Altar.  a beam of sunlight will
    pass through the window.  The next time this happens, shift to the
    spectral plane and grab the glyph card.
    The Fire Forge is found in the Drowned Abbey.  Once you can swim, return
    to the chapel area where you had to jump from rafter to rafter.  Swim
    around till you find the chapel door.  Force it open with your projectile
    and swim through this path.  You will come across a stained-glass window. 
    Bust it open with your projectile and continue through this path. This
    leads to a fire spout.  Swing your Reaver through it to get the Fire
    1.) Elder's Lair
    2.) Sanctuary of the Clans
    3.) Razielim Head Quarters
    4.) Castle of the Dead
    5.) Human City
    6.) Silenced Cathedral: Outer Area
    7.) Silenced Cathedral: Before Zephon
    8.) Nupraptor's Retreat
    9.) Tomb of the Serafan
    10.) Drowned Abbey
    11.) Valley of Sunlight
    12.) Dumah's Snow Fortress
    13.) Labyrinth of Nosgoth
    14.) Oracle's Cave
    1.) In Nupraptor's Retreat, there is an invisible object that can be
    constricted.  I have yet to find a use...
    2.) The game says no load times, right?  Well, once lots of Rahabim
    vampires have hatched in the Drowned Abbey, running around will sometimes
    cause the message "Streaming" to show.  The point?  None:)
    3.) In Nupraptor's Retreat, before the outer terrace, inside a room full
    of pillars, shift into the spectral plane.  Jump onto the shrunken ledge,
    follow it to the left, and jump onto the bigger ledge.  From here, jump
    onto the scaffold to the right, and onto the alcove.  Shift into the
    material plane.  If you jump from scaffold to scaffold across this room,
    you will end up on a ledge with nothing on it.  Could this be Turel's
    PSM Magazine: I got the location of health power up # 14 from here.
    Jeff <macrocephalic@webtv.net>: Gave me the info I needed to find the #2
    Eldritch power up and thereby get 52 glyph points.  Also found health
    piece #11.
    <I3lackKnt@aol.com>: Found 2 health pieces for me, #6 and #7.
    Eidos/Crystal Dynamics: Made one of the best action adventure games I have
    ever played.
    Disclaimer: This guide is copyright 1999-2001 Amar Kishan, and Legacy of
    Kain: Soul Reaver is copyright 1999 Eidos.  This guide is not official. Do
    not distribute or upload at all without my permission.  This guide cannot
    be reproduced in any way without my permission.

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