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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JTKauffman

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                            '''''''''|*****|''    |***/
                 ____/____''''''''''''\****\''''' |**/
                | _|_ _|_''''''''''''''\****'''''/**/
                | /|\ /|\'''''''''''''''****\'''/**/
                |  __|__''''''''''''''''\****|'/**/'
                | |__|__|''''''''''''''''****|/**/'''
                | |__|__|''''''''''''''''\******/''''
                |   | |'|_\''/'''|'|'''''|*****/'''''
                |   | |'''''/ \''|'|'''''|****/''''''
               /  _/  |__/'/___\'|'|''''/*****\'''''
                           / ''\''//**/'''''\****|
                                 '/**/''''' |****\
                    -MAKEN X-    /***\      |*****\
                                                        [maken] X
    faq.walkthrough by jt.kauffman
    game by atlus
      ::lisbon::  ;;partial;;
      ::mecca::  ;;partial;;
    -Maken X- is the first game by Atlus for the Sega Dreamcast, and what a 
    game it is. Start with a first-person shooter, remove the main 
    character's gun, replace it with a living sword named Deus Ex Machina, 
    add adventure game qualities, throw in some of the most over-the-top 
    characters you've ever seen, and make the main character a 16-year old 
    girl who can BrainJack other people, possessing their bodies; that, my 
    friends, is the basic premise behind Maken X. 
    Long awaited in Japan, the game was released in Japan in late November 
    to excellent reviews and strong sales. Maken X will make it's way 
    Stateside (and Canadaside as well) sometime in 2000 (barring total world 
    destruction, that is) thanks to Sega.
    This document will get you going with the title, as well as give you an 
    in-progress walkthrough for the game's various levels. What it won't 
    give you, currently, at least, is any sort of story information; my 
    Japanese is limited, so I only have a vague idea of what's going on... 
    As always, this is a work-in-progress (very much-so, in some areas), and 
    should be viewed as such. 
    Finally, a short note about the document as it stands. Upon starting the 
    Lisbon section, I began to have computer power problems (as in, it 
    wasn't getting any). Thus, the sections beyond (and including) Lisbon 
    are only partial, as I'm working off of notes and memory instead of 
    writing as I play the game. I'm releasing the FAQ early because of this 
    (as the problem is intermittent, I don't want to risk an almost finished 
    FAQ trapped on my computer). There are major formatting changes in store 
    (the walkthrough stage order will make more sense in later releases), 
    and some of the stages may have the wrong 'skip X many sections for X 
    stage' info at the end. This is all things that I'll change soon. In 
    essence, this initial release is a public beta, in a way, and should be 
    seen as such... 
    Normally control in an action-adventure game such as Maken X is not 
    very hard to figure out. However, due to the fact that the Dreamcast 
    controller is not as versitile as the N64 controller in terms of layout, 
    and doesn't offer the keyboard-and-mouse control of PC first-person 
    games, getting the most out of the control for the game is a little hard 
    at first. This section will explain the controls, as well as the various 
    systems used in the game, such as targeting.
    untargeted controls:
    D-pad;lf;rt;  move cursor left or right        
    analogue;up;  move forwards
    analogue;dn;  move backwards (backpedal)
                  (when being attacked, and not attacking) block 
    analogue;lf;  turn left
    analogue;rt;  turn right
    A button;     jump
    B button;     cancel
    X button;     (press) attack
                  (hold) charge EX meter, (release) EX attack
    Y button;     (press*) lock onto target
    L trigger;    (hold) look
    R trigger;    (hold) strafe
                  (hold, within enemy range*) lock onto target
    Start;        pause
    *selectable in the options menu. 
    controls while target is locked on:
    D-pad;lf;rt;  move cursor left or right        
    analogue;up;  close in (move forward)
    analogue;dn;  move away
                  (when being attacked, and not attacking) block 
    analogue;lf;  circle left
    analogue;rt;  circle right
    A button;     (near enemy) jump over enemy
                  (far from enemy) jump backwards
    B button;     cancel
    X button;     (press) attack
                  (hold) charge EX meter, (release) EX attack
    Y button;     (press*) release target
    L trigger;    (hold) look
    R trigger;    (hold*) continue targeting, (release) stop targeting
    Start;        pause
    *selectable in the options menu. 
    world map controls:
    d-pad;        no use
    analogue;     moves cursor
    A button;     accepts
    B button;     cancels
    naming screen controls:
    d-pad;lf;rt;  moves cursor in name box left or right
    analogue;     moves cursor
    A button;     accepts
    B button;     backspace, cancel
    X button;     change alphabets (hiragana, katakana, English, kanji)
    start;        move cursor to end
    First seen by the video game world in The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina 
    of Time as Z-Targeting, Maken X uses either the X button or the R 
    trigger to lock onto a nearby enemy, allowing you to counter it's moves 
    and focus your attacks on it alone. While not a necessity for play, 
    learning the targeting system will greatly improve your survival 
    First off, there are two ways of targeting: using the X button, which is 
    a lock on/off system, or using the R trigger, which will keep the target 
    active as long as you hold the trigger for. You can only have one of the 
    two buttons as the targeting button; this can be changed in the options 
    menu, using the top option, Lock On Type (hint: look for the roman 
    letters R and X). The X button is the default, although I personally 
    find it harder to use.
    You can only target enemies that are within a certain range. When they 
    come within the pre-determined range (they tend to be about 1/3 a screen 
    tall for the normal human-sized enemies when they become targetable), 
    three triagles will appear around them. This means that you can now 
    target them. Press/hold the button that you selected, and the triangles 
    will be joined with other on-screen displays, including a red and orange 
    lifeline, which will obviously decrease as you hit them.
    Once you have targeted an enemy, the controls change slightly. First, 
    everything is centered around that enemy. This means that moving the 
    analogue stick left will make your character circle around the enemy to 
    the left instead of turning left, and moving the stick up will make you 
    move towards the enemy. Similarly, when you jump, the camera stays on 
    the enemy, making your character look down. Probably the most important 
    part of the changed controls is moving the analogue stick back - instead 
    of backpedalling, your character will jump backwards quickly, allowing 
    you to dodge most close-range attacks if timed properly.
    It's a good idea to use the first few levels of the game to get used to 
    the targeting system, and what everything does. The first time that you 
    really need to use the system doesn't come until stage four, but when 
    you do get to that point, it's ridiculously hard if you don't know how 
    to target properly. 
    The most important system in Maken X is easily the BrainJack (BJ) 
    system. As the main character is a normal 16-year old girl, she tends to 
    be a bit weak by herself. However, by using the BrainJack system, you 
    can possess the bodies of your defeated enemies. Sounds like fun, eh? 
    Every enemy that you can BrainJack has a BJ Rank (aka. BJlevel). This 
    level is the minimum that Kei must be at BrainJack them. Ranks are 
    displayed at the top of the screen near the rotating spheres, and is 
    shown using a simple gauge. Whenever you defeat an enemy, a semi-
    transparent sphere appears. This sphere is called an Image. The more 
    Images that you grab (they do disappear after a time, so grab 'em 
    quick), the more the gauge fills up. When it's all the way full, you 
    raise one BJ Rank. The maximum BJ rank is 8.
    There is one other type of Image listed in the book. It's not found 
    after defeating an enemy, but scattered throughout the level as the 
    other items, such as the life-refill capsules are. In the walkthrough, I 
    refer to these Images as FlatImages, as they are paper-thin, as opposed 
    to the normal globe-shaped Images. I'm not sure if these FlatImages do 
    anything past what the normal Images do. More on this as I figure it 
    Very similar to the classic NES game Strider, you are able to move 
    around the world, visiting different locations, and being able to access 
    more of previous areas as the game progresses. There are a few different 
    things that can be shown on the map. First, the blue circle with the 
    four diamonds is you - you can freely move from city to city, provided 
    there is a route there. Routes are shown in green, and are added upon 
    the completion of pre-determined level. Cities are dark grey pyramids if 
    completed, maroon pyramids if they're not. A city with red-to-yellow 
    pulsating blocks around it means that it still holds a BrainJack-able 
    character there, while a city that has a previously Jacked character 
    there will have a floating, rotating pink diamond above it.
    Pressing the A button while on a city will bring up the menu screen. As 
    it is in English, you shouldn't have any trouble here. Move the lit knob 
    around using the analogue stick, select with A, cancel with B. There are 
    four knobs: Stage, Body, Data, and Info. Within Stage, Stage Start will 
    let you enter a stage, completed or not, and BrainJack will let you 
    BrainJack a previously Jacked identity, it there is one there (there 
    will be an aforementioned pink diamond if there is). Within Body, Status 
    will bring up the screen for your current BrainJack, while History will 
    let you view view other availble Jackites. Data contains Save and Load; 
    to save, select Save, select the slot you want to save in, and select 
    yes twice. To load, do the same. Info is basically useless if you don't 
    know Japanese; there is info, entirely in Japanese, on People, Areas and 
    Others that you've encountered. A nice feature, but probably over most 
    of our heads, ne? Finally, the Maken's name (default is Machina) is at 
    the top, while your BJrank is at the bottom, along with the Image gauge.
    Upon booting the game and pressing start, you'll see three options, all 
    in fiery English: new game (default if there is no saved game detected), 
    load game (default if there is a saved game detected), and options. 
    New game will allow you to first name your Maken (default is Machina, 
    [makiina], in katakana); after, the game will start. On the naming 
    screen, character sets are as follows:
         <hiragana>    <katakana>    <English>    <kanji>
    Load game will ask you to select a save file. Load it by selecting YES 
    Options are as follows:
      Lock On Type:    <Press Y button>    <Hold R trigger>
      Sound:           <Stereo-Speakers>   <Stereo-Headphones>   <Monaural>
      Sound Effects:   MIN<------------------------------>MAX
      Background Music:MIN<------------------------------>MAX
      Vibration:       ON       OFF     (requires PuruPuru/Jump Pack)
      Return to default settings
    [note that these are not the official names, save for Image.]
    full-life capsule:      refills all of your life. pink.
    main-life capsule:      refills a large amount of your life. green.
    partial-life capsule:   refills a small amount of your life. orange.
    Xer:                    temporarily increases power, speed.
    Image, FlatImage:       fills BJgauge - Images are obtained from  
                            enemies, FlatImages are items found in the 
      note: in the walkthrough, up to amsterdam, I may mix up main- and 
    full-life caps, as I didn't realise the difference until then... up 
    until amsterdam, your characters should be weak enough, though, that a 
    main-life image will normally fill their life gauge all the way up...
    ;playing through a level a second time without advancing the story (ie. 
    if you play through a level twice in a row), you will still have to beat 
    all of the same sub-bosses/bosses as you did the first time.
    ;to re-access a previously Jacked character, you don't have to replay 
    the stage they are at; simply go to that stage and select BrainJack from 
    the Stage section the menu.
    ;on the gameover screen, the top option is 'Restart Stage', while the 
    bottom is 'Return to World Map'
    This walkthrough is still somewhat in progress. However, it should help 
    you get through the level quickly and without getting slashed, axed, 
    bitten, kicked, firebombed, shrapnelled, burnt, cut, thrown off large 
    cliffs, and otherwise hurt. At least, not that much... ;) Many times I 
    will take you through the level in the way that should prove easiest, 
    although it may not be the most complete route. I try to mention all 
    items, such as recovery capsules and FlatImages, but I may have you skip 
    things like enemies. This is obviously just a batch of suggestions; 
    you're welcome to do the levels however you like, and go after as many 
    enemies as you want. I just chose to go the easier route.
    There are, from what I understand, multiple endings in the game. This 
    currently only covers one, although all of the level info should be 
    correct, things like bosses may happen on one route that don't happen in 
    another, so if you are suddenly facing a boss that I didn't write about, 
    that's why. If you'd like to follow my steps, see the stage difficulties 
    section: the stages are listed in the order that I played them. 
    Currently, the walkthrough is organised roughly in that order, as well 
    (although, as the next paragraph explains, this will probably change). 
    Finally, upon finishing the game for the first time, and finishing up 
    this section, I looked up to see the demo going through a level I had 
    never seen. //sigh//... Yes, it looks like this needs a bit more work...
    It's also worth mentioning that the organization in this section is 
    really bad right now. I'm considering how to go about organizing (input 
    is appreciated), but for now it is simply in the order that I played 
    through the game (with one or two minor exceptions). Thus, if you're 
    doing a branch at a time, prepare to skip around a lot.
    This level is basically a practice arena, doesn't have any real 
    challenges. When you start out, you'll be in a long hallway, with 
    shuttered doors on either side. Don't try getting in them - they will 
    shut as you approach. Head to the end of the hall, and go up the stairs.
    After a few more shutters, you'll enter a larger room, see some hints in 
    Japanese about strafing (these will pop up from time to time in this 
    level), and be attacked by your first enemy (slasher). Target it using 
    your Y or R button (Y is the default, R only if you changed it in the 
    menu), and hack away. It should go down in a few hits. After it does so, 
    it will drop a glowing, bouncing ball: it's Image. Grab it (it will 
    increase the gauge under your BJrank a slight bit), and continue around 
    to the right, killing another slasher, and watching a few more gates 
    shut. You'll eventually see a main-life capsule, which is right in front 
    of yet another shutting gate. Grab it if need be, and turn to the right, 
    entering the passageway. Head down the passage, killing what needs to be 
    killed, and turn right, going through the gate and up the stairs beyond 
    You'll come out in the same large room that you were in before, but up 
    on level. Another gate will slam shut to your right, so head left. An 
    enemy (bazooker - yes, it's a lame name, but I can't think of anything 
    else) will be waiting for you to the left with a nice big bazooka (hence 
    the silly name). Kill it, and for now ignore the switch that you'll be 
    able to see. There's a full-life capsule at the end of this stretch; 
    grab it if you need it, and go up the stairs, offing the bazooker on the 
    Once safely to the top of the stairs, you'll see another switch. This 
    time, hit it - the elevator that took the first bazooker down will come 
    back up. Use it to cross to the other side. You'll then pass a door on 
    your right - go into it. Throught a few gates you'll find a FlatImage - 
    an Image that you don't have to kill for. Get it, and backtrack, killing 
    the slasher that will come out along the way. Once back in the main 
    room, continue to the right. You'll have to make a short jump, but it's 
    no big deal; if you do miss it, just head back up, hitting the switch 
    that you first passed up to make the elevator return, so that you can 
    cross using it. Once across the jump, another gate will close, leaving 
    you a main-life capsule and an enterable gate to your right. Enter it. 
    Heading down the hallway, you'll shortly come to an open room...
      ;;sub-boss.fight:bazooker & slasher (x2)
    Once the gates slam shut, you'll be facing a couple of enemies that 
    you've fought before. This isn't any big deal of a fight. Go for the 
    slashers first, then the bazooker. There are two main-life caps in the 
    room, one in each of the northern corners from where you enter. Grab 
    them if need be. 
    After the fight, fill up your life with a cap or two if they are still 
    available, and head through the newly opened gate. At the end of the 
    hall there will be an open room. Entering it will trigger a gate, 
    cutting off half of the available space. A slasher will be there, with a 
    bazooker behind and above you, on the stairs. You'll also see your first 
    Xer; grabbing this item will temporarily increase your stats, allowing 
    you to do much more damage. Grab it, and go up the stairs. 
    There are a total of three bazookers up here. Killing them shouldn't 
    pose a problem, as they should go down in just a few hits with the Xer. 
    Grab the main-life cap if you need to, and head to the right from where 
    you came up the stairs. You'll see yet another set of stairs, and a 
    slasher. Dispatching the slasher, head downstairs, and into the other 
    half of the room that was cut off from you.
      ;;sub-boss.fight:blader (x2)
    Again, the doors will slam shut, and a rollerblading enemy (blader) will 
    emerge from one of the three elevators. Target it and stand still, 
    waiting for it to charge you. When it does, attack it. After three 
    swipes make contact, this blader will die, and another will appear. Do 
    the same for it, and the fight will end as the final elevator opens. 
    Enter it. 
    Upon reaching the next floor, you'll see a full-life cap, and another 
    slasher. Get the cap, kill the slasher, enter the door. You'll now be in 
    a long hallway that will contain a total of five or six slashers (two at 
    a time max, for the most part). Follow the hall, killing the slashers 
    that you come across. Eventually, you'll see a large area off to your 
    left through some glass. Right past that, you'll come to door. Prepare 
    yourself for the first boss fight. 
    Pretty easy stuff here. There is a main-life cap in each of the four 
    corners, and Andre doesn't do all that much attacking. Target him and 
    keep him targeted, and slash away. Don't forget about pulling back on 
    the stick to block - it will help out... 
    After defeating Andre, you'll see a cinema, and you get to do your very 
    first BrainJack - you get to jack into Andre (by selecting Yes. I'm not 
    sure what happens if you select no...). After some more cinema, you'll 
    be back at the map screen, with not much that you can do except save and 
    enter the next level...
    Flying along, minding your own business, when suddenly, the airplane 
    that you're on (named the 'rhincodon' - who comes up with these things?) 
    is swarming with enemies. Damn stewardesses. Anyway, after she runs off, 
    you'll start off in a very empty cabin (was this a solo flight, or was 
    everyone a bad guy?), along with a slasher and a bazooker. Kill the 
    slasher, and upon going into the second part of the cabin, another one 
    will appear. Axe it, as well as the bazooker, and grab the partial-life 
    capsule that is in one of the aisles. Head through the door when you're 
    Entering the second cabin, you'll find two bazookers, one slasher, and 
    one main-life capsule. Kill (x2), kill, and grab. Go on. 
    Down a hallway (kill the slasher within) and up some stairs, you'll be 
    in a glass-walled room, with a clear view of one of the smoking engines. 
    There is a main-life cap to your right, and the next door to enter is on 
    your left. Grab the cap, head to the door. You'll catch a glance of the 
    stewardess entering an elevator at the end of the hall. You know what to 
    do... Once the elevator returns, enter it, and after (of before, if you 
    want) the bazooker inside starts picking on you, as he was perfectly 
    happy on his own, cut him down to size. Once the elevator opens, head 
    down the long hallway in front of you.
    After going through a few doors, you'll enter the cargo bin (lots of 
    cargo for no passengers, eh?). A couple of slashers will drop down - 
    kill them. There is a main-life cap to your right if you need it; 
    otherwise, head straight, and to the left, then up the boxes. A bazooker 
    will be waiting for you - take care of him, and continue on. Jump your 
    way up the boxes (they look like stairs), and hit the switch to the 
    right side of the ledge that you end up on. Head onto the now-moving 
    boxes, and ride on over to the other side, where you'll meet another 
    slasher. Kill it. Hop on the other moving box to get around to the other 
    half of the ledge that you were on. Head towards the wall, and jump down 
    on a row of boxes that goes across to grab a full-life cap and a 
    FlatImage. Grab it, then head to the wall and jump down, entering the 
    door when you do.
    Through the hallway, you'll enter another cargo bay, finally catching up 
    with the stewardress (skater). She's a pushover. Target her, and swipe 
    away. After she is no more, take out the two slashers that are in the 
    area, and grab the two main-life caps if you need to. 
    After you're done with the skater & friends, head to the hallway, where 
    you'll find a man in yellow slumped over (named Inaba, I believe... 
    that's how I'll refer to him). Not an enemy, this is your first in-level 
    BrainJack victim, if you wish. To jack him, target him and press A, then 
    select 'Yes'. You'll soon be in his body. Beware, though, that if you 
    BrainJack Inaba, you won't be able to get Andre back. This also makes 
    your pod landing site change, depending on who you choose. Make your 
    choice, and continue on.  Just beyond is the escape pod, and the end of 
    the level...
    After a cinema, you'll find yourself at the TajMahal if you're still 
    Andre, or HongKong, if you chose Inaba. TajMahal follows immediately, 
    while HongKong isn't covered until five sections down. I have yet to 
    play through the Inaba route, so levels may unfold in a different order. 
    The levels themselves should be the same, though...
    While the first two levels are basically training levels, the Taj Mahal 
    is a bit trickier, although nothing that isn't easily taken care of. The 
    key here is that the enemies with shields (squatters) aren't defeated 
    with your weapon, but by luring them into the recessed areas of the 
    You'll start out in a room with a single squatter. Lure him onto the 
    recessed panel. He'll die. Get his image, and move to the next room. 
    Same thing, twice as many squatters (that's two, folks). See above 
    paragraph. Upon defeating them, the doors will open and two slashers 
    will appear. Kill 'em. Go on. (real hard, eh?).
    The final time that you must do this is the trickiest, as you have to 
    deal with dropping them through holes in the ceiling above to do so. To 
    do this section, simply lure them up the steps (remembering that they 
    walk in straight lines), and then toward the far left wall from where 
    you come up the stairs, and then to the back of the room to drop them 
    down the holes against the back wall. The other hole that you should use 
    is the one to the far left of the stairs; the other two holes are just 
    for decoration, and confusion. After you rid the room of the annoying 
    little things, grab the Images that they leave, and head on.
    You'll now be faced with a harrowing choice: right, or left. To help you 
    make your decision are two slashers, one from each direction. Thanks 
    them for their kindness with a couple good blows to the face, and then 
    head right, as there happens to be a computer panel there. Try to access 
    it, find out that it doesn't do anything (but keep it in mind), 180, and 
    head up the stairs to the stage clear area.
    Moscow should be your first challenging level, but it's not that tough 
    if you know how. After a cinema, you'll be back on the map screen, but 
    unable to move. Save your game if you wish, and then head back to the 
    stage. It will start with a cinema of a truck entering a gate. After the 
    short scene, you'll find two enemies (slashers) coming toward you, and 
    enemy (spinner) firing a large ball of fire at you. Hold down the R 
    trigger to strafe, and strafe left to let the fireball pass you, then 
    strafe back right into the corner, so that the spinner won't be able to 
    see you, or fire at you. If you haven't taken time to get used to the 
    strafing used in the game, this may be a good time to do so, as it will 
    come in handy in this level. 
    After avoiding the fireball and putting yourself in the corner, target 
    and kill the oncoming slashers. Once you rid the world of one, another 
    will jump into the frey, until you've disposed of six total. If you're 
    going for BrainJack levels, I'd suggest grabbing the Images after you 
    off the first three, and then grabbing the rest after you finish the 
    other three. If you do choose to grab them, do it quickly, then retreat 
    back to the corner; since you don't know where they will jump down, the 
    corner is the safest spot.
    Once you've killed all six, you can either go after the spinner, or try 
    to avoid the spinner and head to the next section (see next paragraph 
    for the latter). If get the spinner, jump onto the bed of the now silent 
    truck, then to the roof, and then to the roof of the trailer next to the 
    truck. There is a full-life capsule up here, but if you're doing decent 
    in life, don't grab it yet. Target the spinner, and hit him if you can. 
    Once he goes to saw-blade mode, sidestep him and wait for him to turn 
    back to regular. When he does so, slash him for all it's worth, since 
    he'll momentarily be still and unguarded. Repeat until dead. Grab the 
    capsule, get back on the trailer roof if you've had to get off of it 
    (which is probably recommended, as there isn't much room to fight up 
    there), and jump to the ledge across from the trailer, which is to the 
    right of where you started. Skip the next paragraph, and continue to the 
    next area of Moscow.
    If you choose to not fight the spinner, the first thing that you should 
    do is lure him off of the trailer. Once he's down, you can easily climb 
    onto the trailer and jump to the ledge across from it, which is to the 
    right of where you started. 
    You'll now be able to go down a long passageway. Do so. A few enemies 
    (bombers) will fly over your head - ignore them, as they're just 
    decoration for now. When you emerge from the passage, head to the right 
    if you need life (read next paragraph), or straight if you don't (skip 
    next paragraph). 
    Heading right, you'll find another full-life capsule in an alcove. Grab 
    it, and head back out. As you exit the small alcove, you'll be bombarded 
    by the bombers that you saw previously - a well-timed jump should do the 
    trick here. Turn to the right upon exiting, and continue on.
    Going straight from where you started (to the right if you grabbed the 
    life), you'll find another slasher, as well as a spinner perched on some 
    boxes. Ignore them for now (or fight them if you really want), and keep 
    going straight. All the way to the back of the area is an open cage - 
    inside are a FlatImage and a full-life capsule. Grab at least the first, 
    and the second if needed. I personally would save it, in case you get 
    into major trouble. If you just need a little life, hold off, as there 
    is a partial-life capsule coming up. Heading out of the cage, you'll 
    find yet another spinner and slasher. Hug the fence and keep moving, and 
    you should be able to avoid them easily. 
    Head back to where you saw the first spinner in the area, and turn to 
    the left. There will be a slasher at the back of this isle, as well as 
    the previously mentioned partial-life capsule. Kill the slasher, grab 
    the capsule, and jump onto the boxes. Also, if you do want to get some 
    more levels, and are confident in your fighting skills against the 
    spinners, you can hunt down and kill what remains, although I personally 
    would continue on. 
    Once you're on the boxes, you'll need to jump over to where the first 
    spinner in the area appeared, and then up onto the top of the cage that 
    the FlatImage and full-life capsule were in. Beyond that you'll see a 
    fence that you should now be able to jump over. Do so, then turn to the 
    left and head down the small passageway that you are now in. You'll see 
    some bombers appear - jump over the first, and let the other two fly 
    over your head. 
    You'll come out in an area that is surrounded by fences, and has a truck 
    in it with a full-life capsule on the bed. Hug the fence on the right 
    and follow it around until you see a switch. Take note of where it is, 
    and then do a bit of looking around if you want - keep in mind the open 
    door on the trailer to the left of where you came out - you'll be going 
    in there next. Head back to the switch, hit it, and you'll see a short 
    sequence of a door opening in the trailer that was just mentioned, with 
    a slasher and spinner coming out. Once the sequence is over, turn around 
    and kill the slasher that is coming at you. Grab the Image and head out, 
    hugging the fence once more. Once you're behind the truck with the 
    capsule on it, jump over it, grabbing said capsule if need be, and high-
    tail it into the trailer. Head around the corner, and through the door, 
    and you'll be faced with the rather large boss of the level.
    This is a tricky boss, but not too tough if you know how. After the 
    short cinema plays and you regain control, hold down the strafe button 
    and head forward, avoiding any of the firebombs that he throws. Once the 
    targeting arrows appear, target him, and keep him targeted. He will 
    block, and if you hit him while he's beginning to strike, he'll block 
    again. Let him open himself up so that you can clearly see his chest, 
    and slash him hard and fast (twice or more if possible). After that, 
    pull back on the analogue stick to block, as he will attack even if your 
    slashes connected. Repeat this again, and again, and you should 
    eventually finish him. Occasionally, he'll lunge past you, giving you a 
    clear shot of his back. When he does this, go at him for all you're 
    worth, as this will do the most damage. Stay in close, as he'll start 
    firebombing again if untarget him. If you get low in life, there are 
    three full-life capsules in the area - grab them, moving in a circular 
    manner to avoid any firebombs. Again, approaching him, hold the strafe 
    button so that you can easily avoid any firebombs.
    After defeating him, the glowing blue stage clear will open directly in 
    front of you, and two slashers will drop down. If you have the life 
    left, take them out. If not, don't worry about the image or the 
    slashers; just head straight for the stage clear area, and you should be 
    Once you complete Moscow, three additional areas will open up: London to 
    the west (next section), Istanbul to the southwest (skip the next 
    section), and Hong Kong to the east (skip two the next sections). The 
    Taj Mahal, to the southeast, is available again. HongKong isn't as much 
    a full branch as the others; by going there, you'll gain access to two 
    Jackable characters, but no additional stages will open. Of the 
    remaining branches, London (and the stages that follow) is much, much 
    easier; Istanbul is a branch that you might want to save for later in 
    the game.
    After Moscow, London is a cakewalk. You're in the Tower of London, and 
    there are full-life capsules everywhere. Most of the enemies are dogs 
    that run up to you and blow themselves up (kamikazepup), with the other 
    enemy in the stage being one of the more controversial designs...
    When you start the level, you'll be in an alley with a full-life capsule 
    to your left. Two kamikazepups will charge you - take them out with one 
    hit each. Nothing too tough here, except if you don't target them 
    correctly, as you have to look down to see them if they are too close... 
    Continue on, and you'll be faced with a branch. To the left is a gate 
    that opens to the courtyard, to the right, the Traitor's Gate, which is 
    waterlogged and locked. Guess which way to go...
    In the courtyard, you'll have three options. Turning to the left will 
    reveal a dead end, and a full-life capsule. Turning to the right and 
    going through the passageway will result in another dead end, this time 
    itemless. So, turn to the right and head up the stone box onto the next 
    level up. There's another box once you get up top, but it just leads to 
    another full-life capsule.
    Continue around this raised level, through the blasted area, axing any 
    pups that come your way (they appear from time to time, and I believe 
    that it's random). When you see another box, jump on it, and circle back 
    around the way you came, but one level up. You'll come across yet 
    another box - jump up to the top level, and kill the two kamikazepups 
    waiting there for you. Smack dab in the middle of this top level is the 
    switch that you need to hit. Do so, and the Traitor's Gate will open and 
    drain. To the right and left of the switch are steps leading down to a 
    full-life capsule each. Grab one if need be, and head back to the Gate.
    Once through the Traitor's Gate, there will be yet another full-life 
    capsule to your immediate right. Take if needed, and continue down 
    through the passageway. Upon reaching the bottom level, you'll be faced 
    with the second type of enemy in the level, which I have dubbed 
    (hungmachinegun) for obvious reasons...
      ;;sub-boss.fight:hungmachinegun, or 
         :proof that the fourth reich isn't virile:
    Nothing too tough here, a simple lock, hack and slash will work wonders. 
    It is amusing to see what hung will do, though, and his various 
    attacks... Anyway, the hardest thing here is the lack of room, but if 
    you're quick enough with the trigger, er, slashing, it should be no 
    problem... If you can trap him in a corner and slash away, you should be 
    totally set. Be aggressive, young BrainJacker...
    After hung is no more, the gates will open, allowing you access to the 
    rest of the dungeons, and with changed music to boot. Continue on, 
    killing the two kamikazepups that come your way a bit further down. 
    There will be two left turns that you can take - the one further away is 
    simply an alcove, and contains (yet another) full-life capsule. Grab it, 
    and head down the first branch. 
    There will be a pup waiting for you in the room at the end of the 
    passage. Kill him, and take your choice: turn to the right to head for 
    the exit, or go straight through the shut door to explore more of the 
    level. If you're going to go right, skip the next paragraph. If not, 
    read on...
    Heading straight, you'll come across some little spiny enemies 
    (spiners). No problems here, just keep moving forward and ignore them. 
    They don't leave Images, so they're useless. Go through the door and 
    head up the long set of stairs. You'll come out on the other side of the 
    dead end that you might have seen if you went through the passage on the 
    right near the beginning. The gate is still locked, so head down the 
    passageway in front of you. You'll come out on the other side of the 
    courtyard. If you want to kill some enemies for fun, head up the stairs 
    - you'll find a couple of hungmachineguns, as well as some full-life 
    capsules. Other than the images that you'll recieve, there's no real 
    reason to do so. If you're not in a complete-and-utter-destruction mood, 
    hug the right wall, as there do happen to be enemies afoot above that 
    have machine guns strapped to their, er... Nevermind. Hug the wall, and 
    head around the courtyard until you come to another hungmachinegun, who 
    will come out of a gate. Kill him, and go straight for a full-life 
    capsule, if you need it. Go through the door that the hung came out of, 
    and head up the stairs. You'll find a locked room with a very weary 
    looking person inside. If you try to open it, surprise! extraction 
    error, access failed. Congradulations - you've come all this way for 
    nothing! (save for a few Images, that is...) Head back with your head 
    hung low... When you're in the room that you followed this branch in, 
    turn left.
    Heading down the passage, the corridor will twist and turn. You'll 
    eventually come across a small loop, and a kamikazepup. Kill the pup, 
    and follow the loop around to grab a full-life cap. Once you're full of 
    energy and vigor (or at least life), head down the small passageway that 
    you see. The passage will twist and turn some more, and eventually just 
    become rather crooked. When this happens, you're in for a few pup 
    attacks from the left, and then the right. After pups=dead, grab their 
    Images, as well as the FlatImages that are in the two alcoves. And no, 
    the passages that they came out of are too big for you, so you can't 
    enter them... Continue down the tunnel, and you'll wrap around to 
    another crooked passageway. Head down it, and a pup and a hung will come 
    out near the end. Axe the both, and turn to the right to find the stage 
    clear point.
    After you leave London, a new location will open: Amsterdam, just a hop, 
    skip, and a slash across the way to the southeast. To continue on there, 
    skip down two sections. First, though, it's off to Istanbul...
    You'll find yourself at the end of a really short corridor in a really 
    odd hospital upon arrival in Istanbul, which happens to be a really hard 
    level. In the distance, you'll see some short things scampering across 
    the floor. What look like rats from a distance are actually something 
    different (spiners, not to be confused with the earlier spinners). To 
    kill them, you have to target them. No Images will be produced, so if 
    you don't want to fool with them, don't.
    Coming out from the passage, there will be three ways to go: up the 
    stairs, into the subroom, or through the metal shutter. The metal 
    shutter is, well, shut, so head into the subroom for now. There will be 
    a partial-life capsule in there, as well as a switch (that was easy to 
    find, now wasn't it?...). Hit the switch, and the shutter will open. Of 
    course, a switch being this easy to get to has it's drawbacks - you'll 
    be locked into the room, and four spiners will come it. Kill them all 
    using the lock on, and the door will re-open. Now, you've got two 
    choices you can make: up, or out... Well, up is probably the way to go, 
    as it holds a full-life capsule and an Xer. There's more above you, but 
    you can't get there. Grab the cap (only if you really need it, though - 
    if you're not really hurting, leave it for later: you'll be glad you 
    did) and the Xer, and head through the now-open gate. 
    Upon going through the gate, a large axe-wielding enemy (thebutcher) 
    will crash through the wall. You're going to want to avoid him 
    eventually, and head to the left and down, but the first time you come 
    across him, you might as well practice. Lock on, and attack him. When he 
    swipes at you, block. He has two attacks - an overhead one, and a side 
    swipe; with the latter, he can hurt you on the downswing as will as the 
    upswing, so watch out. Either run to the left and down, or hack him to 
    little butchery pieces (taking a side-tour back to one of the capsules, 
    if need be...), and figure out where to go next: both lead to the steam 
    room, but different levels. The best thing to do here is head down, even 
    though it is harder...
    Heading to the left and down, you'll come out in the steam room. 
    Navigate your way over the gratings (you can skip a bit by jumping 
    straight after you come out into the room), watching out for the 
    spiners. If you fall, there's a door on the right hand side of the 
    bottom floor that will take you to where you need to be, albeit with a 
    bit of damage. Anyway, you'll eventually reach another corridor, which 
    leads to the The Ward, First Basement. Head through to the first ward, 
    and you'll be rewarded with two, yes two, thebutchers, both in a locked 
    room! Fun, ne? 
      ;;sub-boss.fight:thebutcher (x2)
    It's recommended to get here while still Xing, which you can do if you 
    skip the first thebutcher. Before the fight starts, notice the door on 
    the left as you walk in - it's actually a door, and houses some goodies 
    inside. Anyway, the real problem with this fight is that you can only 
    block one butcher at a time, so even if you're fighting well and 
    blocking one, the other will hack you to little tiny bits. You have to 
    be real fast here, and make sure that you try to block everything 
    possible. If you run low on life during the fight (which you probably 
    will), head for the door mentioned earlier, which contains a full-life 
    capsule and a FlatImage. Once the first thebutcher is dead, take out the 
    second using traditional methods. 
    After thebutchers are ex-thebutchers, head straight. You'll find an 
    elevator, and a button. Don't get in the elevator, but press the button 
    instead. Said elevator will begin to go nuts. You can get inside it, but 
    you'll just end up where you started, as the door only opens on one 
    level - the one you're on. Backtracking, you'll find another thebutcher 
    burst through the wall. Kill him, and grab the full-life cap that was 
    behind him. Once you're back in The Ward, First Basement, you'll find 
    yet another thebutcher. Avoid him, and head to the steam room, then back 
    to where you encountered the first thebutcher, and go straight from 
    Going straight after killing the first thebutcher (and grabbing the 
    partial-life capsule that is in the second niche in the wall, the one 
    thebutcher came out of the second time), you'll come out into the steam 
    room again, but a level up. Again, navigating across the steel gratings 
    shouldn't be a problem - just keep an eye out for spiners. Head to the 
    right of the screen, and through the door. Go through a small hallway, 
    and you'll come out in a long hall: The Ward, First Floor. The door will 
    slam shut behind you, and two rather odd enemies will appear that will 
    probably be altered for the US release... (wrappedspikers). 
      ;;sub-boss.fight:wrappedspikers (x2)
    This isn't too bad of a fight. The spikers tend to attack one at a time, 
    and will only do so when your back is turned to them. Soooo, when you 
    hear one going nuts behind you, spin around, target it, wait until it 
    walks past you (hint: strafe here), and go nuts on it. Then, turn around 
    and do the same for the other. You may have to backpedal quite a bit 
    before you strafe so that you don't get impaled, but this is a fairly 
    easy boss fight, all things considered. To make it even easier, try to 
    get them going sideways across the room by running past them - two hits, 
    they're dead. Cake.
    After the wrappedspikers are dead, head straight from where you started 
    in the room. You'll find a short, short hall, which leads to a larger 
    room. You'll find a full-life capsule to your left, as well as two more 
    spikers, and the elevator straight ahead. Kill the wrappedspikers if you 
    feel the need, and grab the capsule if you're low on life. After that, 
    head to the elevator, and stand on the roof. You'll be able to get to 
    the second floor this way.
    You'll be in a small room when you get to the second floor. Take a short 
    breather if you want (you can kind of look at a map here...), then head 
    into the next room. After a short passageway, you'll be back in the room 
    that you started, but up on the catwalks that you couldn't get to. There 
    are two more wrappedspikers, one on each side (you can only see the 
    right one from the door), and one FlatImage, on the right. If you're 
    worrying about your life, or lack thereof, jump over the spiker on the 
    left and head up the stairs, bypassing the FlatImage. When you get to 
    the top of the stairs, there will be an Xer - grab it by jumping off the 
    edge, and then head back up to meet another thebutcher. Kill in, and 
    continue down the passageway, and out onto the roof.
    On the roof, there are at least two thebutchers, and at least one full-
    life cap. I didn't want to fool with it, so I hightailed it straight 
    (avoiding thebutchers, that is), and went in the door that is 
    immediately in front of where you came out. There are no enemies in 
    here, so you can pause and regain your thoughts again.
    After the roof, you'll be in a hallway with a bunch of unopenable doors 
    (including a suspicious-looking blue one). At the end of the hall is an 
    elevator. Take it up, and you'll see the stage clear point. 
    Once Istanbul is cleared, Athens will open up. Like always, skip two 
    sections down to read up on it. This time, though, we're off to good old 
    After the hell that was Istanbul, HongKong is stupidly easy, and you get 
    a nice surprise in the middle of it as well... Be sure that you're at a 
    minimum of BJLevel 2 [Rank 2] when you enter this level
    You start out the level on a dark, rainy street in HongKong, neon signs 
    aglow. In the distance is a red blur. As it comes closer, you see that 
    it is a rollerblading enemy (blader). Stand still, target it, and when 
    it gets close enough, kill it. Don't try to rotate around it; simply 
    wait for it to charge - anything else is a lost cause. Climb the boxes, 
    and head over to the street parallel. You'll find another blader to 
    dispatch, and after that, one more will appear. Get rid of it, grab the 
    full-life capsule at the end of the street if you need to, and head down 
    the alleyway to the left.
    Run past the boxes and continue to the end of the alley. There, you'll 
    find a yellow, bazooka-wielding enemy (bazooker). Not much here in the 
    way of challenge, although he can whittle away your life decently well 
    if you let him. Take him out quickly, and backtrack to the boxes at the 
    junction. Climb them, and you'll see three metal awnings that you can 
    jump onto. Do so, making your way down the street, until you come to a 
    door, which is right after the bend. Enter it.
    Once inside the building, there is a dead end to the right, so head left 
    (as if I really needed to say that...). After you turn the corner, the 
    lights flicker, and start to go out. Immediately after that, a few 
    familiar faces should appear: slashers. Take them out (they haven't 
    gotten much harder), but be aware of one additional thing that they can 
    do: disappear into the darkness. They tend to do this before attacking, 
    as you'll see later - once you've spotted them, they stay solid. Anyway, 
    turn the corner, where you'll run into another slasher and a bazooker. 
    Kill them, grab their Images (you have been keeping up with your 
    BJLevels, haven't you?), and head into the next room.
    The next room will contain a partial-life capsule and a switch. Grab the 
    cap if need be, and hit the switch. The lights will flicker on, and a 
    slasher will appear from the darkness. Take care of it. I suppose that 
    you can continue on without hitting the lights, but you might as well 
    turn them on anyway. Enter the next room, where you'll find an elevator 
    and two more slashers. Rid the world of them, and mount the elevator. 
    While you're in the elevator, you might as well turn around so that 
    you're facing the exit...
    You'll arrive at the next floor to meet a bazooker face-to-face. Say 
    "Hi" by promptly smashing his face to a bloody pulp. If you get too 
    close to the nearby door and open it, a slasher will come out. Take care 
    of him, and grab the full-life cap that is in the room, as well as 
    hitting the light switch that is nearby. Head through the door, take out 
    the slasher if you haven't done so already, and head up the stairs.
    At the top of the stairs you'll see another full-life cap just out of 
    reach, behind some bars. As you approach it, a bazooka-blast will take 
    out a pane of glass on the right. Head through the newly made door, and 
    punish the culprit, as well as his two slasher friends. Hit the lights 
    while you're at it, then head through the door.
    There will be a hall on the other side of the door, with the previously 
    out-of-reach cap to your left. Upon approaching it, a slasher will come 
    out of the door at the end of the hall (which you aren't able to enter, 
    if you were wondering). Kill him, grab his Image, and the cap, if you 
    need it. Then, 180 and head down the hall, and down the stairs. You'll 
    come out into a large, open area. And as you do, the doors will...
      ;;sub-boss.fight:bazookers (x2) & slashers (x4)
    Not anything real hard here, just a few normal enemies in the dark. As 
    usual, take out the bazookers first, as they have ranged attacks. There 
    will be a FlatImage out of reach (the gate shuts on it as well as behind 
    you), but a full-life cap is in the area if you need it. Dispatch the 
    six, and continue on with your life. Or better yet, locate the switch 
    and hit is, which will cause all but two of the slashers to disappear 
    (only two are on the field at a time, and no more will come past the 
    current two), although the bazookers will still be there... The switch 
    in question is directly across from where you start; the full-life cap 
    is to your left, and the FlatImage, as well as the way out, are to the 
    After you hit the switch and the gate opens (only the one to the 
    FlatImage - the other stays closed), grab the FlatImage and head up the 
    stairs. Once you reach the top, the game will go into cinema mode, and 
    you'll be introduced to a new character: FeiShan
    After speaking with her for a bit, FeiShan will let you BrainJack her; 
    she just drops to the ground. Target her, and select 'Yes' to do so.
    Once in FeiShan's body, (imo, much better than Andre's or Inaba's- her 
    weapon is tres cool), head back down the stairs. Upon reaching the open 
    area, you'll see a couple of slashers running through a upstairs 
    passage, and heading down some boxes through a hole. Take care of them, 
    then investigate and see where they came from. It's one-way for a while, 
    until you eventually will come across a broken window and a full-life 
    cap. Grab the cap (no reason not to - you can't get back up here to get 
    it later), and do what any sane 16-year old possessing someone else's 
    body would do: hurl yourself out the window.
      ;;boss.fight:three of three
    For the last boss(es) in the area, this is simple. You'll face three 
    slashers, then three bazookers, and finally three bladers. Nothing real 
    hard at all here - you've been taking care of them throughtout the 
    stage, so there's no reason why you should have trouble now. And to 
    boot, there is an Xer and three, count them, three full-life caps. Off 
    the enemies, and head to the newly opened stage clear area.
    Upon clearing the area, a line will open up back to the TajMahal. That's 
    all. Just the TajMahal. Where to next? Amsterdam, of course!
    Heading to Amsterdam, you'll find yourself in a slightly random-seeming 
    series of alleys. You'll find a charging kamikazepup right off the bat. 
    Kill it, and move forward quickly - there is a hungmachinegun on a ledge 
    that you can't reach, so you'll be pelted by bullets if you don't keep 
    moving. The alley will fork in two; to the right is the entrance to a 
    building, to the left, you'll find another fork, leading to a dead end 
    (with the stage exit on the other side) and another entrance to a 
    building. Take the first right fork, and head upstairs, ignoring the 
    main-life cap that is inside the door.
    Once upstairs, you'll see a switch. Hit it, and the fire escape outside 
    the window will lower. Go back to the first floor, where you'll be met 
    by a hungmachinegun. Kill it, trying to stay inside the room. Grab the 
    cap if you need it, and head back to the streets. You'll find two more 
    hungs waiting for you once you hit the main part of the street. Kill 
    them, or jump over and past them, and head to the other building 
    entrance mentioned above. 
    Going up a short flight of stairs, you'll be at the entrance to a room, 
    with a full-life capsule in view. Once you set foot in the room, you'll 
    lose control of your character for a bit, and the door will shut behind 
    you. Turning around, you see an enemy with an extending blade-arm 
    standing toward the back of the room (swiper). If you've got Shaja 
    BrainJacked, this is no problem at all (I currently don't know about the 
    other characters; Shaja is who I used for this stage). Stay fairly 
    close-range, wait for the swiper to attack (blocking when he does), and 
    counter with a flurry of hits. Shaja can take about 1/3 of his life off 
    by doing his full set of moves. Repeat this until the swiper is no more. 
    Once he's defeated, two kamikaze pups will come out of the chimeny. Get 
    rid of them and the door will open, as well as the bars on the window. 
    Grab the full-life cap if you're in need, and head out to the ledge.
    Once back outside, you'll find a dead-end to the left, and a fire escape 
    (the one that you triggered the stairs on) to the right. There will be a 
    hungmachinegun at the top of the stairs. Kill him and continue on. And 
    be sure not to fall... There will be a partial-life cap on the roof 
    below. Grab it if you need to. 
    It's now time for a bit of roof jumping. From where the partial-life cap 
    was, jump directly across to the awning that is opposite the roof you're 
    on. Turn to the right, and continue jumping on awnings, each a bit 
    higher than the last. You'll eventually cross to the other side of the 
    street. Upon reaching the end of the street, you'll see another ledge 
    across from where you are, with an open window on it. Jump over to it, 
    and head in the window. 
    Dropping inside the window you'll find another partial-life capsule and 
    another switch. Hitting the switch will open two gates from afar - the 
    one that was stopping you from getting to the stage clear, and another 
    one that was at the end of an alley. The gate that is in the room will 
    open as well. Head through it, and into the alley on the other side. 
    You'll find a barred off section to your left (where the stage clear 
    point is viewable again, temptingly), so head right. You'll soon come 
    across two hungmachineguns. If you want, axe them. If not, grab the 
    full-life cap if you need (this is the one that you could see, and not 
    get to, and head down the ladder nearby (actually, you'll jump down the 
    hole, but close enough).
    Down in the sewers, you'll come across two pups after a bit. Kill them, 
    and continue on. Next, you'll come to an area where some bars will drop, 
    and a swiper will appear...
      ;;sub-boss.fight:swiper, pup.
    Once the battle starts, a kamikazepup will join the fray, just for 
    kicks. Get rid of it first, then go after the swiper using the same 
    techniques that you did before. There is a full-life cap in a niche to 
    the left if you need it. 
    Continuing on after the little quarrel with the swiper and the pup, 
    you'll curve around until you see a switch. Being the inquizitive young 
    lady that she is, Kei-cum-whoever-she-is-at-the-current-time will want 
    to see what happens when it is flipped. Oblige her by doing so. The 
    water will drain, and the gate in front of you will open. Head through 
    it (and the two that follow it), and you'll come to another area of the 
    sewer. Keep going straight, as if you could do much else, and kill the 
    pups that will be in your way (watching their Images disappear into the 
    sewerwater, if it happens like it did for me). Going across the small 
    bridge, you'll find a place to the right where it looks like you can 
    enter the water. Unfortunately, while the water is as high as it is, you 
    can't. Keep going straight, and get rid of the hung that is coming at 
    you. At the end of the tunnel you'll see an out-of-reach main-life cap. 
    Instead of pining away over it, turn around and head back to the switch 
    that you flipped. Flip it again, and the water will transfer back to 
    where it originally was. Head to the other side, and you'll find that 
    the water is now gone from it.
    Once you've closed the water gate, head down the newly uncovered stairs 
    in the half that does not have the switch in it. You'll find a couple of 
    pups, which you can dispose of easily, as well as stairs that lead to 
    the visible-but-previously-out-of-reach main-life cap. Grab it, and 
    continue on.
    After passing through a few gates, you'll come out on the other side of 
    the switch. A hungmachinegun will be there to greet you. Kill him or 
    maneauver past him, and continue around the bend, where you'll find 
    another gate in a small branch. Enter it. 
    Inside, you'll be in a semi-maze-like series of tunnels. A 
    hungmachinegun will be lurking amongst them, as will a full-life cap. 
    Kill if need be (it'll make life easier), and start navigating through 
    the tunnels. From the start, turn right, then left, the right, then 
    left. You should then see a blueish light: Club Aeolus. Continuing past 
    that will result in a dead end. Enter the club.
    Same deal as FeiShan. I reached Ramrod as FeiShan, answered 'No' to his 
    two questions, and he slumped over, Jack-able. If you're BJrank 5, Jack 
    him, and head out, re-tracing your steps back to the steps leading into 
    the drain.
    Heading upthe stairs, turn to the right, and head back to where you 
    fought the hung. There will be a gate that will open to your left: go 
    into it. You'll go through some more gates, and pass a gate that looks 
    like it should open, but won't. In front of you at this point will be 
    some stairs - climbing them will put you back on the street, near where 
    you started. Head to the stage clear point.
    After clearing Amsterdam, if you got Ramrod you'll see a cinema (is that 
    a pitiful cough or what?) and three more stages will appear: Lyon and 
    Vienna, as well as one that is currently un-routed, and thus, 
    unaccessable, even for the name. Skip five sections for Lyon, and seven 
    for Venice. 
    This is the stage where the spiners get their revenge.
    You'll start off by decending a few flights of stairs, eventually coming 
    to a small room with a glowing floor. Jump into the room, and it will 
    begin to decend. Eventually, you'll see spiners appear in niches in the 
    wall. As you spot them, kill them; if you don't, they'll get into the 
    room, and really do some damage, as you can't see them to target them. 
    There are about 6 or 8 total before you hit the bottom. Once you're 
    there, you'll see more spiners after you turn the corner. Avoid them, 
    and turn left, going up the small set of stairs, and hugging the left 
    Upon getting up the stairs, you'll see a blue face spewing fireballs at 
    you. Turn to the right, avoiding the fireballs, and head down the 
    passage. It's one way, and eventually comes to a room that opens upward 
    and downward. You'll see a mysterious-looking woman at the top of said 
    room, who will disappear through a door. You need to just across to the 
    ledge diagonally down from where you are. Turn immidiately around, and 
    jump across the way to the ledge across from you. If you jump all the 
    way down, you'll be able to grab a main-life capsule. Continue through 
    the passage, where you'll eventually see a wrappedspiker sitting in the 
    corner, all innocent. Jet past it, and you'll run into your other friend 
    from Istanbul - thebutcher. Continue past him (don't turn, as it's a 
    dead end - this is just down from the ledge that you need to jump onto), 
    pass another wrappedspiker, turning to the left, and head up the stairs. 
    You'll see two more spiners, another wrappedspiker, and a main-life 
    capsule. Grab the cap, ignore the rest, and keep going. Up top, you'll 
    see that you're back at the initial blue face. Jump down, and head back 
    to the pit.
    Once you're across to the correct ledge, follow the passage. You'll see 
    another thebutcher and another face. The passage continues to the right 
    - head down there after avoiding or killing the thebutcher. Continue 
    through to the next room, which contains a thebutcher and two wrapped 
    spikers, as well as two main-life caps. Grab one of the caps if you 
    need, and head up the stairs to the rear right of the room. At the top 
    you'll find another blue face, and another ledge that you can't quite 
    reach. Avoid the fireballs, and turn to the left, where you'll see a 
    passageway. Enter it. 
    At the first bend in the passage you'll find another thebutcher, as well 
    as a blue face. Sneak past/brutally maim the thebutcher, and continue 
    down the one-way passage. You'll come across two spiners - take them 
    out. You're now back at the tall room with the glowing floor, but a few 
    levels up. You can see the ledge that the woman was standing at, as well 
    as another ledge opposite of the one you're on. Jump across to it. 
    Going up the stairs on this new ledge, you'll come across two spiners 
    (kill!kill!), as well as a FlatImage and a full-life cap that are out of 
    reach. Turn to the right, and continue up the stairs. You'll come out to 
    a place with a ledge directly across (with a wrappedspiker on it). You 
    can also drop down to the ledge that the woman was on. I'd recommend 
    this first, as it leads to the aforementioned FlatImage and full-life 
    cap (turn left at the fork), as well as a door that I didn't explore 
    (turn right). After collecting one or both of those the former, turn 
    around and head for the door. On the other side, you'll find...
    A bunch of dialogue, a couple of questions (I answered two 'no's as 
    Ramrod), and she slumps. Jack her (BJrank 4), then head back to where 
    you originally fell down, and this time, jump aross.
    After jumping across, you'll find the wrappedspiker that you could see, 
    as well as another thebutcher. Run past/kill them, and continue up. 
    You'll be at another ledge. Droppping down is about the only thing that 
    you can do here. Prepare to meet another thebutcher, who will be waiting 
    behind you. Kill it, and go over the bridge. Follow along the path 
    (don't jump down), and you'll eventually find what you've been looking 
    for: the stage clear point. Hit it.
    Once you've cleared the level, if you got Akinas, you'll see another 
    cinema of Kei (hmmm... more coughing... am I going to get the bad 
    ending?). Either way, the Vatican will open. Skip down five sections to 
    read it. First, it's off to collect a few more characters...
    Heading back to the Taj Mahal with FeiShan, you can access the computer 
    panel at the end of the level that was previously access denied (see the 
    first runthrough for the beginning of the level). I'd suggest being at 
    BJLevel 3 for this stage.
    Upon opening the panel and heading upstairs, a very cool cinema begins, 
    where you get to meet a very interesting character.
    Shaja isn't anything that will totally blow you away. Although he has 
    six arms, he's doesn't pack much of a punch. There are a bunch of life 
    caps behind the pillars (two fulls and two partials); if he does too 
    much damage, grab one. Pretty much just keep him targeted, try to block 
    if possible, and otherwise just hack away. Afterwards, you can BrainJack 
    him if you're at BJLevel 3 or higher. 
    Head back out after Jacking Shaja, and hit the stage clear; there's 
    nothing else to do here. No new routes will open after re-clearing this 
    At this point, Istanbul should be reading that it has a Jackable 
    character. Thus, head back there. 
    Head all the way to the end, where there was the odd-looking blue door 
    at the end of the hall (refer to the first section on Istanbul if you 
    don't remember). Approach it, and it should open (at this point I was 
    using Akinas). 
    You'll find a character sitting on the floor, all Jackable like. No 
    dialogue, just pure mind takeover. Valenker is a rank 1 Jack, so you 
    won't have any problems doing so. Upon Jacking, you'll see a short 
    scene, and a new area will open: Transylvania (skip the next five for 
    the section info).
    After Jacking, head to the exit. 
    You'll start at the entrance to a metro station. Head down the stairs, 
    and you'll see a winged mobster-like enemy (mothster: I know, cheesy...) 
    close the gate leading to the exit. Bastard. Anyway, turn to the left, 
    and head back to the sign that says 'Lyon Bridge' (taking care of the 
    mothsters if you want... You'll not be able to get past the sign, but 
    there is a passageway to the right of it; head down the stairs, and 
    through the door.
    This is pretty commonplace now. You talk for a bit, answer a few yes/no 
    questions (I was Akinas, and answered, as usual, two 'no's), and you'll 
    get to Jack him. Easy, eh? Anyway, head back up the stairs, and back to 
    the train platform. 
    Head down the train tracks (kids, don't try this at home... wait... If 
    you actually have train tracks in your house, by all means, walk on them 
    as much as you want...). There will be a cave in right after the 
    platform; turn to the left, and you'll see a small hole. Going through 
    the hole, you'll find a mine cart. You know what this means, don't you? 
    Mine cart ride!
    You'll slowly descend down the tracks in the mine cart. You're given the 
    opportunity to grab some FlatImages along the way. Expect some company, 
    though, in the form of a slasher. Off him, and at that point, you should 
    be nearly down. Once at the bottom, there will be another mothster. Take 
    him out, and head to the left, through the tunnel. 
    At the other end, you'll find another two mine carts. Thus, this time 
    you'll have company, in the form of a firebomber in the cart back, and a 
    slasher in your cart. Get to the bottom as fast as you can, where a 
    mothster will join in the fun. Now things get a bit tricky logistics-
    wise. Unless you simply want to run for it (in which case head for the 
    wall on the left as you come down), you need to off the moth, and lure 
    the firebomber off of the cart. Once that's done, take care of the 
    firebomber just like you did back in Moscow, except at this point you've 
    got a much better character to use (more than likely)... Once that is 
    done, head for the aforementioned left-hand side, and through the tunnel 
    that lies there.
    Once in the tunnel, you'll find another mothster. Kill him, and head 
    down the small branch that he came out of for a full-life capsule. Upon 
    turning around, you'll find another mothster, which you can easily kill. 
    Head back out, and turn to the left, continuing on. You'll soon come to 
    a large, empty room...
      ;;sub-boss.fight:firebomber, slasher (x2)
    Of course, large empty rooms mean sub-boss fights, so out come the 
    enemies to play, with the doors shutting behind them. Get rid of the 
    slashers first, as they'll just get in the way. Keep in mind that the 
    firebomber is nice and slow, so if you run around a bit, the slashers 
    will keep up, while the firebomber won't: this gives you a clearer shot 
    at the slashers. Once it's just the firebomber, take care of him in a 
    normal style...
    Finishing the sub-boss fight, the elevator that the slashers came down 
    in will open, and you can enter it and switch it on. It will take you up 
    to another tunnel; turn right, as it's the only way to turn. Above, 
    you'll see a large room: enter it.
      ;;sub-boss.fight:mothster (x2)
    Not much of a fight, but more a little challenge. A slasher will flip a 
    switch, locking you in, and will proptly run away. The switch is on the 
    other side of the room - to get there, you have to jump across four 
    carts that come out, all while dealing with the mothsters. I'd recommend 
    doing one at a time - it's not hard to make it across before you take 
    them out... If you fall, there's a ramp right near where you entered - 
    walk up it to try again. There is an Xer in the room, but save it for 
    After killing the mothsters, flip the switch. A firebomber will emerge. 
    Take care of it, or run past it. Grab the Xer if you feel the need. If 
    not, wait until you're finished with him and the coast is clear. At any 
    rate, you have to eventually get through that door, and into the tunnel 
      ;;sub-boss.fight:firebomber, slasher (x2)
    In the next room, you'll face another slasher x2 then firebomber 
    routine, with another elevator as well. Finish them off (you should know 
    how at this point), and get in the elevator, flipping the switch.
    At the next floor, you'll have another one-way passage in front of you, 
    and eventually a main-life capsule as well. Continue out into the open, 
    where you'll face another mothster. Ignore the switch for now, kill the 
    mothster, and jump down to the left, where you'll see a FlatImage. Grab 
    it, and head back, flipping the switch. 
    After the switch is flipped, head up to the bridge that spans the way. 
    The cart will have begun moving, and you need to jump into it as it 
    comes out on the other side of the bridge. A simple jump is all that is 
    needed here, although you will have to face a firebomber while trying to 
    jump back up on the other side. Nothing real hard, though... Once you're 
    on the cart and are within range, jump toward the left, and run behind 
    the firebomber, and into the tunnel on the right of the room. You can 
    off the 'bomber if you want, but it's not a necessity. 
    Coming out of the aforementioned tunnel, you'll be back in the metro 
    area. Turn to the left, and head up the stairs, flipping the switch when 
    you make it to the top. There are some mothsters on the other side of 
    the gate that will open, but if you're quick rounding the corner and 
    heading up the stairs to the stage clear point, you'll be all set.
    After clearing Lyon, you'll see another short cinema if you got Valenker 
    (presumably only if you did, but I got him my first time through, so I'm 
    not positive...), and two routes will open, albeit to locations that 
    have already appeared. The first is to the Vatican (which, if you're 
    doing my walkthrough straight through, should already be open) - this 
    just makes for easier travelling. The other route is to Lisbon, the city 
    that appeared previously, but without a route there. For the Lisbon 
    chapter, skip the next four. Also, a character will become available in 
    London. For that, read on...
                          :::::london, redux:::::
    Remember that locked section of the tower? Head there (for more info, 
    see the main London section). 
    Access the computer terminal, and the gate will open, allowing you 
    access to another Jackable character: Smith, member of Parliament.
    After Jacking Smith, another area will open, Sicily, which leads to 
    another character. Skip four section for the walkthrough for Sicily.
    First off, you'll want to BrainJack to Ramrod before entering this level 
    - if you don't, you won't be able to get past an access panel that is 
    intergral to finishing the level.
    This is not a hard level to navigate at all. You'll start off in a 
    street (a fairly decorated one, too, but not very nicely decorated...). 
    Head straight. You'll come to a large open square. Marching past will be 
    two swipers. Kill them, or run past them (the latter is suggested), and 
    head up the stairs, continuing north. Another swiper will drop down; 
    avoid it, and head through the doorway that is just beyond. There, 
    you'll find an access panel. If you paid attention in the paragraph 
    before this, you'll be able to access it using Ramrod (there may be 
    other characters that can access it as well, but I've tried and failed 
    with FeiShan, Shaja, Akinas, and Baderel, and they all were denied 
    access). Head through the now open door. Beyond the door is a series of 
    short passageways - follow them, and you'll eventually come to a large 
    theatre. A cinema will take over.
      ;;bos.fight:neo-Trojan Horse
    Following the spoken part of the cinema, the shutters will close and the 
    seats will rise. Margureitte will then get in her high horse and turn it 
    on. This neo-Trojan Horse will then procede to attack you.
    First off, there are five sets of seats (one is twice as long as the 
    rest; it's at the back). The raised seats make it impossible to see 
    across the room, so you're basically fighting in tunnels. In opposite 
    corners of the room lie main-life capsules (two total). You start out in 
    the middle of the room, with the neo-Trojan Horse in front of you a 
    ways. Head forward a bit and to the right or left (it doesn't matter), 
    taking the corridor that is formed by the seats. Circle around the seats 
    so that you are behind the horse. Target it and attack two or three (you 
    can do more, but this is the safest). After two or three hits, it will 
    have started to turn around. Hightail it back around the seats. The 
    horse moves slowly and is pretty stupid, so you can simply circle back 
    around to it's rear and repeat. It is possible to get it so that it 
    can't turn around easily, letting you get lots of hits in. Continue 
    hitting and circling in a figure eight manner, and it should be dead in 
    no time. Remember that it's more important to kill the sucker slowly and 
    life than it is to try to kill it quickly, but die trying; take your 
    time, and it should be all good.
    After the neo-Horse explodes, Margureitte will attack you on foot. She's 
    fast. Real fast. Target her and whack the hell out of her. Eventually 
    she'll bolt. Try to follow her if you can; if not, just begin wandering 
    around - you're bound to see her at some point. Once you've located her 
    again and are within targeting range, do so, and repeat. The trick here 
    is to get within targeting range. I can't offer any real good solutions, 
    except for being fast all around. When she takes off, don't try to 
    follow her - she's got a speed rating of ten, which is a bit more than 
    our friend Ramrod has; she'll easily outrun you. If you didn't get them 
    before, the main-life caps are still hanging around in the corners. 
    After defeating Margureitte, you'll be able to BrainJack her if you're 
    rank 5 or more. Do so, and head to the newly opened door, and the stage 
    clear point. 
    Once you clear the stage, you'll see a short cinema, and you'll be put 
    back on the world map. No new stage will open.
    It's highly recommended that you use Marukala here. There are two exits 
    for the level: one can be reached by anyone (although the stage will 
    remain lit on the world map screen), and one is behind a Panel of Hakke 
    that can only be opened by Marukala. I've tried opening the panel with 
    Smith, Akinas, Valenker, Baderel, Margureitte, Daru, and Ramrod, but to 
    no avail. 
    After the initial cinema, you'll find an Xer to your right, behind some 
    pillars. Grab it, and head through the doors. Inside, you'll be trapped 
    as the doors all close, and facing you will be a strange scythe-wielding 
    enemy (humancopter). These guys aren't tough as long as you remember to 
    block. They are much more vulnerable from the back, so jumping behind 
    them while targeting may be a good idea too. Dispatch the copter 
    quickly, and two more will crash through the windows. If you're using 
    Marukala, as suggested, and you're still Xing, go after one exclusively, 
    and kill it, ignoring blows from the other. Once you're down to a single 
    copter, take it out the same way you did for the initial one. If you're 
    not Xing, take your time, and get in single blows at a time (although 
    keeping your life high isn't quite as important here - just keep it high 
    enough to survive). I prefer getting in a corner, and waiting until the 
    copters strike; by sitting in a corner, you'll only have two directions 
    to keep track of, and you can see about 90% of the room as well. Once 
    the copters are dead, grab the FlatImage, and head to the Panel of Hakke 
    (unless you're not Marukala, in which case you head for the stage clear 
    Opening the Panel of Hakke, you'll find a full-life capsule beyond. Grab 
    it, and head into the next room. You'll find two more humancopters. Take 
    your time here, and conserve your life as best as you can; there is 
    another fight immediately following this that you need all the help you 
    can get for. Once the second humancopter dies, the game will switch to 
    cinema mode, and you'll be introduced to a new character (unless you've 
    already beaten Lisbon, in which case the second stage clear point will 
    open, but the stage will remain maroon on the map).
    Following a cinema, you'll be attacked. Being an angel of sorts, he'll 
    be flying. Keeping him targeted is a good thing, so that you can follow 
    him around. Trade blows with him, blocking when he attacks; you'll need 
    to block very quickly here, or he'll hit you. Eventually, he'll pull 
    back and up, and charge you. Release the target, and strafe to the side; 
    rotating doesn't seem to work here. Lock on him again, and continue as 
    I can't say that I know what happens when you beat him, as I haven't. I 
    got tired of trying and went to Lisbon. Once you beat Lisbon, Rei is 
    gone, but the stage is still lit... More on this as I replay the game 
    and actually beat him.
    Upon entering Transylvania, you'll be in a short hall. Beyond the doors 
    is a large room. You'll see two wrappedspikers as you enter. Kill them, 
    or target one and circle around it, running up the stairs behind them. 
    At the landing, turn to the left. There will be another spiker at the 
    top of the stairs, with yet another at the end of the platform. Kill 
    them, and jump over to the other side of the platform using the planks 
    of wood; ignore the chandelier for now. On the other side, you'll find a 
    small room containing a FlatImage and a spiker. Grab tht Image, and kill 
    the spiker if you want. Now, head for the chandelier.
    Once you jump on the chandelier, it will lower, raising a painting on 
    the landing. Out from the painting will come two of your old friends 
    from Istanbul, thebutcher. If you move to the side of the painting, you 
    should be able to attack one while the other's projectiles will miss 
    you. You can even get the first one stuck if you position yourself 
    correctly. Once the first thebutcher is dead, go after the second. From 
    there, continue on down the passage, and up the stairs.
    Following a short passageway, you'll come to a tower. Begin your climb, 
    knowning that there are no enemies to worry about. At the top there will 
    be a full-life capsule. Grab it: you'll need it for the fight ahead. 
    Continue on.
    At the end of the passageway you'll enter a large, inverted room called 
    the Bloody Study, which is inhabited by an enemy named Daru. After a bit 
    of cinema, he will start the large clock in the center, and disappear. 
    You'll now find yourself in battle mode again, with a bloody rain 
    falling. Head straight for the clock, and strike the hands that are 
    directly in front of you (there's a yellow arrow pointing to them...). 
    After hitting them, continue around the base of the clock - there are 
    three more that will appear, each after you've rotated 90 degrees around 
    (go around to the right, as that's the direction that they appear in. 
    After you hit the last pair of hands, the clock will chime, and the rain 
    will stop. Turning around, you'll see that Daru has re-appeared. 
    After he's solid again, Daru's not all that bad if you have a strong 
    character (I used Baderel to beat him). If you aren't using someone 
    decently strong, this will be a tough battle. Daru has two weapons: a 
    large spike that he uses for physical attacks, and a poisonous Medusa 
    powder for longer range attacks. The powder is rather annoying, as it 
    will turn you to stone for a few moments (long enough for him to get in 
    a few hits). Keep in the pools of blood (the pillars will get in the way 
    otherwise), and try your best to circle around him; Daru has a fairly 
    high defense, and the more hits you can get in on his back, the better. 
    Past that, just remember to block, and keep moving around him. After a 
    good number of hits, he'll collapse, Jackable, and the door to the stage 
    clear point will open. Jack, and leave. Upon arriving at the world map, 
    no new stages will open.
    You'll need to take Baderel here. There is a Panel of Hakke right at the 
    start, and he's the only one that I've been able to open it with (I've 
    also tried Daru, Valenker, Akinas, and Ramrod). After you're inside, 
    you'll see a cinema introducing you to the head of the family here. 
    After that is over, you'll be attacked by three of his little minions 
    (marionettegrenades). If you don't kill them (they only take one hit), 
    they'll blow up, hence the nickname. After all three have been taken 
    care of, the elevator will return with one more. Kill it as well, and 
    take the elevator up.
    Once upstairs, you'll meet up with your old pals from Lyon, the 
    mothsters. There will be one waiting at the top of the elevator shaft, 
    and another a little bit further down. Kill them both, and continue down 
    the stairs. At the landing you'll find that there is another one firing 
    at you - take care of him, and continue along the corridor. You'll 
    eventually come to door, which you need to go through, of course.
    On the other side of the door is a large wine storage facility, and 
    another mothster. Off him, and continue down to the end of the row of 
    wine barrels; the last barrel won't have a lid on either end, and will 
    allow you to pass through. On the other side are two more mothsters, 
    which can be easily taken care of. After they're dead, you can pick up 
    two FlatImages that reside in a couple of the barrels in this row. Once 
    gotten, go down to the last barrel on the left side - it too is 
    In the last row of wine barrels you'll find another mothster, as well as 
    some boxes that you can use to climb to the top of the barrels. Doing so 
    will allow you to cross a plank to the other row of barrels, and then 
    access, via some stairs, a platform that circles the perimeter of the 
    area. Once on said platform, two mothsters will attack. Dispose of them, 
    and circle around to the door, grabbing the full-life cap on the way. 
    Enter the door...
    Inside the door, you'll see a large room with a platform in the center, 
    surrounded by a bubbling red liquid. On the center of the platform is 
    Marukala, the family head that you saw at the start of the level. He 
    will attack. Marukala believes in walking harshly and carrying a big 
    axe. He has a couple of moves with the axe, including a spin swing and 
    an overhead attack. These are blockable (I believe - I occasionally had 
    trouble doing so, but it might have been poor reflexes due to the 
    lateness of the hour). After he does one of the two above moves and you 
    block it, get some whacks in with your weapon. Marukala will also do a 
    jump attack that produces a shockwave that will fling you off of the 
    platform. When this happens (as it is almost certain to), circle around 
    the platform, waiting for it to come down (as it does every so often). 
    While you're waiting to be able to get back up, Marukala will fling 
    marionettegrenades down at you. Continually circling should help you 
    spot them as he does so. Once the platform lowers, jump back up, and 
    repeat the moves above. Note that you may have to take care of some 
    marionettes first...
    After Marukala slumps over unconscious, Jack him (I believe his rank 
    requirement is 6, although I'm not positive). The stage clear point will 
    open across from him. Head for it.
    No new stages will open after Sicily.
    Lisbon is challenging, but shouldn't be that in the end. I'd recommend 
    either a high-speed character, such as Margureitte, or a high-power 
    character, like Marukala (I used the latter). A high life rating is a 
    good thing too. I'd not recommend one of the more balanced characters, 
    like Baderel. 
    The first trapped fight (mainly against skaters) will consist of three 
    skaters one at a time, three skaters together, and then two skaters and 
    one firebomber. Keep this in mind, and preserve your life. After you're 
    done, head back the way you came and jump down off the suspended road 
    to get the full-life cap that is floating near it.
    There is no Jack in Lisbon. Completing Lisbon will open a path to Mecca, 
    but will make the Vatican boss, Rei, disappear.
    Past that, this version of the walkthrough will not really cover Lisbon. 
    Look for more coverage in the next version.
    Following a short intro cinema, you'll be at the start of a long series 
    of passages. Head down them, and eventually you'll see one of the 
    ceiling decorations decend, revealing an enemy inside (fireballer). 
    Target it and rush it, swinging your weapon as fast as you can. If your 
    character is quick enough (Baderel works fine, but slower people like 
    Marukala do not), you will continually hit the enemy before it is able 
    to begin breathing fire. When it does start breathing fire, get out of 
    there, as it's incredibly hard to do anything, let alone strike the 
    enemy. Continue down the passages, and you'll enter the Arabian Maze.
    The Arabian Maze isn't all that difficult if you remember two things: 
    all of the doors are one way (they are greyed out if you can't enter 
    them), and you are able to run past the enemies. I wouldn't suggest 
    trying to take out every single fireballer, but you're welcome to if you 
    want. Although I don't have a full walkthrough of the section right now, 
    I do know that your first target is a red-carpeted room (turning left 
    coming into it, take the door on the far right to continue, I believe). 
    Beyond the red room is more maze, though. You should find a few life 
    caps along the way. After reaching the end of the Arabian Maze, you'll 
    come across a short cinema, and a boss.
      ;;boss fight: Yusuf
    Yusuf really isn't that bad, if you know his tricks. When the fight 
    begins, you'll just want to trade blows with him, blocking his attacks, 
    then countering, and repeating. Eventually, he will raise his, erm, 
    body?clothes? and attack using his extra body parts beneath. When he 
    does this, keep him targeted, and get to one ofhis sides. He'll be 
    attacking to the front and back, and rotating as he does so. If you're 
    at his side, you'll be safe as long as you rotate with him. Continue 
    rotating and hacking until he reverts back to his previous attacks.
    Once Yusuf is dead, you'll be able to Jack him if you're BJ rank is 7 or 
    8 (8 is the max). Do so, and continue to the stage clear point. Back on 
    the map screen, a route clear across the ocean will open: Washington.
    It's recommended that you are maxed out in BJrank with an 8 upon 
    entering Washington. The Jackable character in this stage requires an 8, 
    and it's well, well worth it (his lowest stat is an 8, if this is any 
    Upon entering Washington, you'll start in the White House, of all 
    places. The stage starts with a cinema, however, so you won't get to 
    explore or cause any havoc :(  At any rate, once the cinema is over, 
    you'll be at the start of a corridor. Head down it, and enter the door.
    On the other side of the door, you'll find a doughnut-shaped room. Head 
    either way; being doughnut-shaped, both routes lead to the next door. If 
    you imagine entering the room at the 6 o'clock position, the door is at 
    12 o'clock. Along the way you'll encounter a large robot 
    (bigmetalrobot): for now, simply run past it, avoiding it's barrage of 
    missiles should it open up and attack. It's worth noting that there are 
    two bigmetalrobots in the room, but you'll more than likely only see 
    Entering the door will put you in another corridor, and entering the 
    door at the end of it will put you in another doughnut-shaped room. This 
    time there are a total of three bigmetalrobots, and two switches that 
    you must flip to access the door. Again, entering at 6 o'clock, the 
    switches are in small rooms at 3 & 9 o'clock. Flip them, avoiding the 
    rain of missiles, and head to the next room. 
    Upon rounding the bend, you'll encounter two more bigmetalrobots at the 
    end of a hall. There are three small rooms off this hall, each with an 
    item. The first room on the left contains an Xer, the room on the right 
    has a FlatImage (should you not be at BJrank 8 yet), and the room on the 
    far left, near the end of the hall, sports a full-life cap. Grab the 
    Xer, run down the hall, and hit the full-life cap. After that, run out 
    and hug the far wall. This should get you past both of the robots 
    safely. Enter the upcoming door.
    You'll now enter the huge elevator. It will begin to spiral up, and 
    after a bit, will stall. When it does this, a bigmetalrobot will fall 
    down into the elevator somewhere; circle around until you see it. Now, 
    target it, block as it spins its arms around, block again when it does 
    the rapid punches up and down, then jump over it as it begins to open. 
    Hit it from the back, and they'll go down easily (two or three hits with 
    Yusuf). This shouldn't be hard at all, as long as you make sure to be 
    behind them when they open. Continuing to be in front will cause you to 
    be pummelled with missiles. Trying to jump over them before they open is 
    a lost cause too, as they will simply turn around (which they don't do 
    if they are firing missiles). If you're quick at dispatching the robots, 
    you'll only have to fight four before the elevator reaches the top 
    (Level 3). Speed is a factor here, as the elevator slowly decends as you 
    fight the robot; before I figured out how to take care of them, I fought 
    at least five one run through the level... Once you reach the top, enter 
    the now open door, and enter the Special Ring, where a cinema will take 
    Before getting into the Special Ring and its opponent, it's worth 
    mentioning that there are two gates (these are where the robots come out 
    of), and they show up on the map. However, they're currently 
    unreachable. It may be that there is something inside, and our semi-
    angelic friend Rei can reach them. I'm not sure, though, as I don't have 
    Rei yet...
    After an, erm, interesting cinema, the boss, William, starts out 
    fighting exactly like the bigmetalrobots, but has more life. Simply use 
    the same strategies that you did in the elevator, and you'll be fine. 
    Using Yusuf, he'll go down in two rounds of blows. This, however, isn't 
    the end: he has one more form. In his second iteration, the fight gets 
    harder, but the strategies are very similar. Continually block until he 
    attacks. Some of his attacks won't let you hit him (as he is always 
    guarding too), but if he charges in any way, sidestep or jump away, and 
    attack him, as he'll open up for a bit. The boundaries of the arena are 
    electrified, and will stun you if you hit them, but they'll do the same 
    for him. This is a great chance to get some really good hits in on him. 
    Past that, just watch how he moves, and react accordingly. This is a 
    hard fight if you make it so; otherwise, it's actually rather pleasant.
    Starting out in the Forbidden City, you'll be in a short hallway that 
    leasts to a courtyard. Moving forward a bit will start a short cinema, 
    where you'll be introduced to a new enemy (firetaildragon). After 
    regaining control, simply target the dragon and hack away; they pose no 
    real threat if you're playing with William (and after seeing Billy's 
    stats, who wouldn't be playing with him?). They can be annoying when 
    they jump over you, making you lose the lock on them, but this isn't any 
    real big deal... After defeating the dragon, two spinners will appear; 
    dispatch of them, at which time one more will appear. Kill it and enter 
    the door, which is now open.
    The next courtyard will be very similar: two spinners, a firetaildragon, 
    a main-life cap, with the door to the next area shut. Killing them will 
    cause it to open: do so. The courtyard after that sports three firetails 
    (one at a time) and a full life cap.
    Following the third courtyard, you'll enter a room with a very familiar 
    face (who I will not reveal for spoiler purposes). After a short 
    dialogue, a fight will ensue.
    This is an absolutely simple fight, and should last all of about 5 
    second. Target, strike, repeat. Done. If you need, though, there is a 
    main-life capsule in the room. You shouldn't need it, though... I do 
    have a feeling that this fight has something to do with the whole 
    multiple endings part... Anyway, after the fight is over, enter open 
    You'll now be in hallway leading to a rather large amount of stairs. 
    Head down, killing the spinners on the second, fourth, and sixth 
    landings. You may take some damage here due to the close quarters and 
    the fireballs that they launch prior to you reaching them, so try to 
    keep your life as high as you can. Enter the door when you get to the 
    In the next room, well, you expected a room like this eventually, didn't 
    you? (I mean, look at the character designs...). At any rate, there are 
    two firebombers along the way to kill, or run past. Jumping into the 
    arena-like structure, another firebomber will attack, bringing a spinner 
    along for the ride. You can't run past here, at least right away, so 
    either continually circle the perimeter (the enemies are stupid and 
    probably won't hit you) or kill the spinner first, as he should go down 
    much easier, and then concentrate on the firebomber. You'll hear a noise 
    when the floating platform has lined up, allowing you to go on. 
    Continuing on from there, you'll come to another arena, this time with a 
    firebomber and firetaildragon; same deal here, where you have to wait 
    for the next path to open, although the perimeter circle does work 
    After killing or running past the above enemies, you'll come to yet 
    another arena. This one has a spinner and a firetail, but the spinner is 
    out of reach. Do the perimeter circle, or kill the firetail and stand 
    under where the spinner is perched so that he can't hit you with his 
    fireballs. When the next path opens, run for it.
    The next arena is strange, as there are no enemies. Just wait for a bit, 
    then head to the gate, grabbing the two main-life caps that are on 
    either side of it (which do very little for William, sadly...). When 
    you're ready, enter the gate.
    After a bit of progress, you'll encounter more arena fun, this time with 
    two firetails (and in a different type of arena). This one requires you 
    to kill them before the next path opens (no perimeter circle here, 
    sadly). Do them one at a time, and they shouldn't be much of a problem. 
    Once they are dead and the gate lowers, move on. 
    The next small section sports a well-appreciated full-life cap. Grab it 
    and head through the door. Once on the other side, you've got to be 
    wondering: is this someplace important? Nah, couldn't be... Head up to 
    the un-important looking structure and walk into the light.
    You'll be treated to a cinema introducing a very cool-looking character. 
    And what a coincidence: look at his sword! It's a [omitted for spoiler 
    purposes]. After the cinema, to no one's surpise, he attacks.
    For being so dark and oninous looking, the majin (not his official name) 
    ends up being a pushover. He has a lot of life (a single head-on swipe 
    with Williams' version of the Maken does a half of a block), but if you 
    guard, and attack when his guard is down (ie. right after he attacks 
    you, for the most part), you should be fine. He will occasionally thrust 
    past you, in which case you should attack his back for all it's worth 
    (it'll be a really long fight if you don't get a couple of good hits 
    in...). If he starts releasing rings of fire that crawl along the 
    ground, simply jump over them. After a bit, he should bite the dust. Not 
    all of him dies, though...
    Oh my. For the first half of this fight being a pushover, this form 
    isn't. First thing to do is get rid of the orbs that are surrounding the 
    area. Do so by standing under them, looking at them (hold the L trigger 
    and pull the stick down), and executing a well-timed swing, right as 
    they fire at you. If you time it correctly, the sphere should 'die', and 
    drop out of sight. Note that all of the spheres fire at the same time, 
    and at regular intervals, so if you get the timing down, you can swing 
    right as they're firing. Repeat for all six of the spheres, and the 
    shin.majin (not it's official name) should drop to your level.
    The shin.majin packs quite a punch if you let it. You can't hurt it 
    right away, so don't even try. Target it, and circle around, jump 
    around, stay back: whatever you have to do so that it doesn't hit you. 
    It will first try to strike you with it's head. After tiring of that, it 
    will begin firing all kinds of balls of energy at you, which you should 
    be able to rotate around. Once it's done with that, close in, and when 
    the large sphere that it is clutching begins flashing, wail on it for 
    all it's worth (with William, only go through two sets of attacks, as 
    that's all the time you'll have). Right after it's done flashing, it 
    will swipe at you, so get ready to block. Following that, it may roll 
    into a ball. Dodge/jump over it, and get ready to strike, as it will 
    flash after that. With a bit of timing, and some luck as well, you'll 
    soon defeat it. Sit back, and watch it die.
    This should be, more or less, a complete list of the playable 
    characters. I may be missing some (I'm guessing that Rei is playable, 
    but I missed him my first time through), but for the order that I did 
    the stages, I believe this list is complete (save for Rei).
      note: original Japanese is listed in romaji in (parentheses) after the 
    name or extra. Some are not listed due to containing kanji. These will 
    be added later.
      found: start
      extra: Machina ?? (makina ??)
      life: <*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
    ;;body:Andre (?? andorei)
      BJrank: 1
      found: lab
      extra: Chikatiro Knife (chikatiro naifu)
      life: <*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >
      jump: high
    ;;body:Inaba (inaba ??)
      BJrank: 1
      found: rhincodon
      extra: [no extra] (toku ninashi)
      life: <*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      notes: does not have an EX meter. Attacking without pressing the   
             analogue stick will result in a shock attack, while pressing 
             the analogue stick while attacking will do a swipe motion. The 
             shock attack will momentarily stun the enemy. 
    ;;body:Valenker (baarinka)
      found: Istanbul
      extra: [no extra] (toku ninashi)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
      notes: no EX meter.
    ;;body:Smith, member of Parliament (sumisu giin)
      found: London
      extra: [no extra] (toku ninashi)
      life: <*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >
      speed:<*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
      notes: no EX meter.
    ;;body:FeiShan (feishan)
      BJrank: 2
      found: HongKong
      extra: ??
      life: <*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >  
      power:<*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
      notes:really quick on the attack. 
    ;;body:Shaja (?? shaaja)
      found: TajMahal (need FeiShan to access area)
      extra: Jahan Ringer
      life: <*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
      notes:can be hard to see while playing with him due to his multitude  
            of arms
    ;;body:Ramrod (??? ramuroddo)
      found: Amsterdam
      extra: ? (??no?)
      life: <*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
    ;;body:Akinas (??? akinasu)
      found: Athens
      extra: ? (??no?)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: high
      notes:one of the few projectile (long-range) weapons.
    ;;body:Baderel (??? baderiiru)
      found: Lyon
      extra: ? (?no??)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
      notes:weapon has a longer range than most.
    ;;body:Margureitte (?? marugariite)
      found: Vienna
      extra: Croup Fire (kuruppufaia)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
    ;;body:Daru (?? daru)
      found: Transylvania
      extra: Urado Virus (uradouirusu)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >
      speed:<*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
    ;;body:Marukala (?? marukara)
      found: Sicily
      extra: Seperu Papetto (seperupapetto)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >< >
      speed:<*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
    ;;body:Yusuf (?? yuusufu)
      found: Mecca
      extra: Self Bomber (sarafubonbaa)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >
      speed:<*><*>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      jump: low
    ;;body:William (??? uiriamu)
      found: Washington
      extra: Billy Impact (birii inpakutu)
      life: <*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >
      power:<*><*><*><*><*><*><*><*>< >< >
      jump: high
      life: < >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      power:< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      speed:< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >
      notes:this entry left blank intentionally
      ::non.jackable::  ;;coming later;;
    Featuring branching paths and multiple endings, Maken X can be tricky to 
    write a well-flowing faq for. Thus, I've provided a simple stage flow 
    chart to help you get to where you need to go quickly. Note that if no 
    additional path is opened, then there will be a line leading to an X. No 
    lines at all means that the level has yet to be played/cleared by me. 
    Jackable characters are listed directly beneath the level that you can 
    first Jack them in.
                        ;;jack:inaba;;    ;;jack:feishan;;
                               |           _____/
                               |     _____/
             ________/         |          ;;jack:feishan;; 
            /                  |                  \
         london             istanbul          [tajmahal]
           \_____               \_____      ;;jack:shaja;;
                 \_____               \_____        \            
                       \                    \        X           
                   amsterdam              athens             
                ;;jack:ramrod;;       ;;jack:akinas;;            
                   ___/  \__                | \_________                  
               ___/         \__             |           \[istanbul]           
              /                \   _____vatican     ;;jack:valenker;;
          vienna              lyon/   ;;jack:??;;            |
    ;;jack:malgaricci;;  ;;jack:baderel;;                    |
            |      ___________/ |                       transylvania
            X     /             |                       ;;jack:daru;;
              [london]      lisbon:3                         |
           ;;jack:smith;;       |                            X
               /                |
              /                 |
           sicily             mecca
      ;;jack:marukala;;   ;;jack:yusef;;
             |                  |
             X                  | 
    1;must have jacked Inaba in Rhincodon
    2;only Jackable by FeiShan
    3;appears after Amsterdam is cleared, but isn't accessable
    In Maken X, much like in classics such as Strider and Bionic Commando, 
    you can pick your destination. Some cities you will have to runthrough 
    multiple times, as certain areas are inaccessable to you at the start. 
    Different stages also offer different difficulty levels; although London 
    and Istanbul become available at the same time, they differ greatly in 
    difficulty. That's what this section is for; I've done my bet to rank 
    the stages in difficulty, from 0 (simple) to 8 (expert). As I have yet 
    to finish the game, many of the stages may fluxuate in ratings through 
    various faq releases; what seems hard to me now is probably nothing 
    compared to the later stages... Also, this is the order that I went 
    through the game, so if you're doing the levels in a different order, 
    the difficulty may be slightly more or slightly less. 
    :stage:               :run:    :diff,:   :notes:
     Kanazawa              only     0
     Rhindocon             only     1
     TajMahal              first    2
     Moscow                only     5         can be tricky for new players
     London                first    3
     Istanbul              first    7
     HongKong              only     2
     TajMahal              second   3
     Amsterdam             only     3
     Athens                only     5
     Istanbul              second   2
     Lyon                  only     4
     London                second   0
     Vienna                only     4
     Vatican               only     7
     Lisbon                only     6
     Transylvania          only     6
     Mecca                 only     6          arabian maze can be a pain
     Washington            only     6
     The Forbidden City    only     8
    There are multiple endings in Maken X. I am gathering that there is one 
    for each character. I recieved William's, as that is who I beat it with. 
    More will be added to this section as I find out about it.
    There is no option to save a game that has been completed and go through 
    the game a second time on the same save file.
    given name           levels found                            notes
    slasher             [kanazawa, rhincodon, tajmahal, moscow, 
                         hongkong, lyon] 
    bazooker            [kanazawa, rhincodon, hongkong]
    blader              [kanazawa, hongkong]
    skater              [rhincodon, lisbon]
    spinner             [moscow, the.forbidden.city]
    bomber              [moscow, lisbon]
    firebomber          [moscow, lyon, lisbon,                  [boss]
    squatter            [tajmahal]
    kamikazepup         [london, amsterdam]
    hungmachinegun      [london, amsterdam]                     [sub-boss]
    spiner              [london, istanbul, athens]
    thebutcher          [istanbul, athens, transylvania]        [sub-boss]
    wrappedspiker       [istanbul, athens] transylvania]        [sub-boss]
    swiper              [amsterdam, vienna]
    mothster            [lyon, sicily]
    humancopter         [vatican]
    marionettegrenades  [sicily]
    fireballers         [mecca]
    bigmetalrobots      [washington]
    firetaildragon      [the.forbidden.city]
    ;the title is pronounced in the normal Japanese fashion; it is mah-ken, 
    not may-ken.
    ;the title maken translates roughly to demon sword, or possibly magic 
    sword. It is, obviously, a Japanese word. [ma means demon, magic, witch, 
    etc., while ken means sword, blade, or strangely enough, the hands on a 
    ;there are a few mispellings in the game, including Transilvania, and 
    Hight. I've noticed at least one grammatical error in the small amount 
    of English text, as well (in the extraction sequences, "An extraction 
    was finished.")
    ;in Lyon, there are signs that strongly resembly the London Underground 
    signs. Lyon is in France...
    ;going through the entire game, playing all the stages and Jacking all 
    of the characters, along with some error time (getting through harder 
    stages and re-exploring stages) should take about 15 hours.
    Title:       Maken X
    Publisher:   Atlus [Japan], Sega [NorthAmerica]
    Developer:   Atlus Research and Development 1
    Platform:    Sega Dreamcast
    Format:      1 NTSC-J GD-ROM
    Release:     25.11.1999 [Japan], 2000 [N.A.]
    Genre:       First Person Action-Adventure
    Retail:      6800yen [Japan]
    Prod#:       T-14401M
    UPC:         4 984995 170015
    Copyright:   Atlus 1999
    Compatible:  Visual Memory [save, 10 blocks], PuruPuru [Jump] Pack, 
                   VGA Box
    Includes:    Maken X game disc, 32 page full-colour instruction manual, 
                   spine card, point sheet (360 pts.), all in a regular 
                   jewel case with a clear tray.
    This section will briefly cover any Maken X items that are not directly 
    game related (ie. music cds, merchandising, etc.)
    Item:        Maken X Official Guide Book
    By:          Atlus x Famitsu
    Publisher:   JKVoice
    Release:     early December 1999 (unreleased by Dec.9)
    Price:       1300yen
    Territory:   Japan
    Item:        Maken X Original Soundtracks
    Publisher:   Atlus Label
    Release:     23.12.1999
    Price:       3000yen
    Format:      2 compact discs
    Territory:   Japan
    Item:        misc. Japanese Dreamcast magazines
    Issues:      Nov. 1999-Jan. 2000 issues
    Notes:       Many of the Japanese DC magazines ran lengthy features on 
                 Maken X, including maps and enemy info. I'm not going to 
                 try and compile a full list, though; this info is here 
                 merely in case people are looking to track down maps 
                 before the guidebook is released
    Some gamers may be familiar with Atlus' Megami Tensei series of games 
    (known as the Revelations series in North America). With games on nearly 
    all of the major platforms, the Megaten series, as it's also known, has 
    grown to be one of the largest series in the video game world, as well 
    as one of the most stylised. The series ranges from main-line titles 
    such as Megami Tensei 1 & 2 (Famicom) and Shin Megami Tensei 1 & 2 
    (Super Famicom), to the many gaidens (side stories), which include the 
    NAmerican-released Persona (PSX), as well as Devilsummoner (SSaturn), 
    Soul Hackers (SS/PSX), and the Last Bible (GB/GBC, released as The Demon 
    Slayer in N.A.). All of the titles have one thing in common: demons. You 
    can talk with them, recruit them, fight them, and otherwise have fun 
    with them. While the Western idea of demons is quite dim, the Megaten 
    demons range from the good, pure of heart type to the utterly evil. 
    So why am I mentioning all of this? Well, Maken X is often lumped into 
    the wide selection of Megaten Gaidens, mainly due to it's striking 
    similarity graphic design. To make things even more complex, the game is 
    done by Atlus' Research and Devolpment 1 team, which is known for 
    SoulHackers and Persona 2, amongst others. As far as I can tell, this 
    placement of Maken in the Megaten series is an errornous one. While 
    Maken X is of Megaten quality, it one main few thing that all of the 
    Megaten games have: namely, demons. While many people consider the 
    Third/Fourth Reich to be demons (and for good reason), they lack the 
    normal Megaten demon qualities; they are just humans, after all, and not 
    heavenly/hellish bodies.  Combined with the lack of the words Megami 
    Tensei from all of the packaging, I think it's fairly certain that Maken 
    X is simply a game that _looks_ like it could be Megaten. Of course, 
    after writing this, I paged through the Megaten art book 'Digital Devil 
    Story' and found Maken X artwork within. Does this mean that it is a 
    Megaten game?...
    But will Megaten fans like it? I believe so. I'm not the hugest Megaten 
    fan, but I've always loved the designs used in the game; Maken takes 
    these design styles, multiplies their strangeness factor by ten, and 
    presents then in a very true-to-life (er, art) manner. Anyone that has 
    been disappointed in the lack of graphical quality that the in-game 
    Megaten games had (although they are all excellent for their time, they 
    simply can't compete with the original artwork) will find Maken X to be 
    a dream come true. Although the gameplay in Maken is much more action 
    based, the first-person perspective remains, but with the 
    north/west/south/east 3D of the Megaten series is replaced by full 360-
    degree, no rails roaming of Maken. The game also is one of the best 
    action entries of the year, in my opinion, and is well worth the 
    purchase if you are still debating.
      first public release. walkthrough finished [save two partially 
      completed level sections], artifacts, endings sections added. still 
      needs major re-formatting in the walkthrough section.
      prerelease beta, first planned public release, but unreleased. 
      walkthrough continued [vatican, mecca;partial], format beginning to 
      finalise (although it has not been implemented yet). notes added to 
      intro regarding release, and personal computer status.
      prerelease version continued. walkthrough continued [vienna, 
      transylvania, sicily] fiddled with format more, did some cleaning, 
      prerelease version continued. walkthrough continued [amsterdam, 
      athens, istanbul 2, lyon, london 2], stage flow, more misc. added. 
      format slightly altered.
      prerelease version continued. walkthrough continued [tajmahal 1/2, 
      istanbul, hongkong]. characters, stage info, enemies, misc., getting 
      started, more added. format slightly altered.
      prerelease version started. walkthrough started [moscow, london]. 
      controls, intro added. initial format set.
    Mr. Convenient himself, Ben Judd, for recommending this game to me.
    The little bookstore in Sendai for having the game used a week after 
    it's release for 3480 yen, and giving me a point card that reduced the 
    price to a mere 2280 yen... Sugoi, ne?
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