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    Ending Guide by TheRetroPlayer

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    Maken X Ending Information Guide
    By Rem The Retroplayer
    Created in 2004?
    Ending FAQ to a pretty underrated game.
    First version (Sometime in 2004?)
    Second version (Dec 2005) (Typo fix V1)
    Made a lot of corrections. (Sometime in Dec 08)
    Made more corrections again. Hopefully got all errors. (1-21-09)
    Last Revival. Don't worry, its better this time. (1-17-11)
    Changed FAQ name to Guide since it didn't sound right after all these 
    years and some very last fixes. (5-24-11)
    Added additional information about how to find missable to Find 
    Hakke like Dal, Margaret, Ray and one Blademaster along with 
    Don Regalia along with other details. (1-26-12)
    Changed some details, improved grammar, fix lots of spelling 
    errors. Very cringing to look at now, but I fixed it. What 
    happened the whole time was me not using spellcheck all these 
    years, oops! Blame me for using Notepad instead of Open 
    Office or something else similar, but blame how primitive the
    upload system is for me not to be allowed to upload docs
    instead of txt files! (12/23/15)
    Changed the layout. All ending spoilers will be close to the
    bottom while how to get them with no spoilers will be at the top. 
    One more note I forgot to add: Some of the things I add to 
    the Guide about the script of the game comes from the debug 
    voice test, so you might not hear some of the things I had put 
    in the Guide through a ending run, but I realize that the dialog 
    you get from anyone in this game is related to how many 
    Hakke/Blademasters you had defeated among bodies you 
    use to fight other Hakke in this game. Example being if you 
    use Bianca against Dal, the opening dialog will be different than if 
    you used someone like Alys. You can do this with other Hakke 
    by opening the electronic lock to their lair, then leave the stage, and 
    you can switch characters instead of the one required to get slightly 
    different dialog.
    Please be warned that ALL ENDING SPOILERS will be at the bottom,
    but a warning will be given before they are shown. Its for those 
    that want to know how to find all endings or just want to know 
    them all without playing through it. If that where so, then it would 
    not be much of an Guide to begin with. You can apply this guide 
    to Maken Shao (remake) as well. 
    Maken (Deus EX)
    Ending 1: Order. (Blademaster Path)
    Ending 2: The world comes first.
    Ending 3: The Sacrifice.
    Ending 4: You Choose to Save Sagami.
    Ending 5: You Choose to Save Kei.
    Ending 6: Utopia Through Chaos (Hakke Path)
    Ending 7: Neutrality (Maken's Way)
    Finding Missable Hakke. (Because you can't get Ending 1 without defeating them)
    All Seven Ending Infomation/Spoilers
    Blademasters (Fukenshi)
    The Hakke (Geist's Main Servants)
    This is my first FAQ. May not be the best thing you ever read, but 
    over the last few years as I got older, my grammar and writing skills
    had improved, so sorry about the terrible state of this FAQ over the 
    last few years. It was cringing for me to look back at myself.
    Maken (Deus EX)
    Maken is an artificial god like entity thought everyone though it was a
    tool used to cure mental disorders. This sword once in the hands of the 
    user will take over the persons body. This self-aware entity, can control 
    and take over anybody it chooses! It seems to gain power from absorbing the
    psi of those it defeats in battle. It was created to replace Geist 
    (another god-like entity) since he used to work with the Blademasters, 
    but rebeled against them. 
    Ending 1: Order (Blademaster Path)
    How to get it.
    Defeat all the Hakke in Europe Including Hakke Ray, Hakke Margaret, and 
    Hakke Dal. These hakke can easily be missed. Then in Lisbon, Blademaster 
    Kitty, will want you to go to Arabia to talk to Hakke Yusuf the oil man, 
    but Kou wants you to go see Dr. Gennuiss. Say yes to see him, but Kitty will
    offer you one more time to go to Arabia. Say yes to that. After that, you'll 
    end up going there, and then see the doctor. After that, go to the U.S., then 
    china, fight Geist, and you'll see the ending. 
    Or you can say no to Kou to about seeing Dr. Gennuiss and say yes to him when 
    he ask do you want to save Kei. I had not really seen what happens but he does 
    say come to the lab when you done in Arabia. I might be wrong about this one 
    A secret FMV 
    If you agree with Kei on everything she asks you. She'll mention that she 
    wants to travel the world with Maken. After the Ending 1 credits, you'll get
    a short special FMV. This a bit harder to do this in the PS2 version thanks 
    to the mostly literal translation which makes it difficult  at times to 
    understand Kei's questions along with her literally translated 
    Ending 2: The world comes first.
    How to get this ending:
    You don't have to defeat all hakke in Europe, but in Lisbon, say yes to Kitty
    to go to Arabia. Say no to Kou's request to save Kei twice. That is what you 
    have to do. Everything is straightforward from there or you can do the same 
    thing in ending 1 but go straight to the U.S. after going to Arabia. I think 
    that will work, but I had not tried it.
    Ending 3: The Sacrifice.
    How to get it:
    Say yes when Kou wants you to go to the lab. Say no when Kitty wants you 
    to defeat Geist. Sometimes Kitty in anger will fight you because you refuse 
    to go to Arabia at the lab. I'm sure this happens when you don't want to 
    sacrifice yourself or if you take yourself off the path of the Hakke, and 
    do this.
    Ending 4: You choose to save Sagami.
    How to get it:
    Do everything in ending 3, but say no when your ask to go along the reverse 
    brainjack. From there go to Geist, and say no when he wants you to call a 
    truce. Fight him, and you'll get the ending. 
    Ending 5: You choose to save Kei.
    How to get this ending:
    Do everything in ending 3 or 4 up until Geist offers you a truce. Say yes 
    and there is the ending.
    Ending 6: Utopia Through Chaos (Hakke path)
    How to get the ending:
    Try not to fight any Hakke past the opening stage. Fight any Blademaster 
    in your way. When you get to Lisbon, Kitty questions what you are doing. 
    Say yes when she asks you if you are taking their side. Say no when Kou 
    wants you to see Dr. Gennuiss since Kei is in danger of having her PSI 
    absorbed into Maken. Then Kitty convinces Kou that if he defeats Maken, 
    he could free her psi. Then you fight both of them, but one at a time. 
    Later you go to Arabia. There when Yusuf offers you to join the Hakke, 
    say yes. Then you'll fight the Blademaster Leader in the Kunlun Mountain 
    Ending 7: Neutrality. (Maken's Way)
    How to get this ending:
    Take path 6 and refuse to join the Hakke. Its straightforward from there.
    Finding Missable Hakke, because if you go to Lisbon before defeating them,
    this could effect have an effect on the endings that will be available to 
    To find Devon, just before you leave the swears back to the open door outside 
    where the stage exit is located, there is a lit room on the right if my memory 
    servers correctly. When you reach close to the end of the sewers just before 
    the staircase leading back outside to the beginning of the level, look to your
    right, you'll find a door that leads to a empty club where Blademaster Devon 
    is hiding. You'll unlock Vienna, Austria if you agree to go there.
    When you meet Alys, she will tell you to go (back) to Istanbul to find his 
    daughter who knows where he is hiding. At the end of the stage in Istanbul, 
    on your left, there is a blue ward door that can be missed, and if you come 
    here a second time, it will open. You'll find Bianca, and you will have to 
    Brainjack her to extract information about Dal's hideout. Transylvania, 
    Romania will be unlocked, and I find it messed up that you have to do this 
    to an innocent girl who already had gone through enough instead of just 
    talking to her since brainjacking involves absorbing one's soul, you can 
    argue that you are putting her of her misery, but stil... 
    Don Regalia and Ray
    The two Hakkes both seem to directly work together so I merged the two. Anyway 
    Blademaster Tyrus tells you to go to England where you'll find Samuel Smith,
    who knows where Regalia is hiding. This can be missable, but your chances of
    missing this is much lower since its a straight path to the outside area were
    the tower is. Find the tower, and again, instead of just asking where he is, 
    brainjack the poor guy, and Sicily, Italy will be unlocked. At Jeanne D'Arc 
    Palace, use Don Regalia to open the panel to find Ray's hidden room, the 
    Quick tip: If you don't want to use Regalia's to fight Ray since he moves 
    slow, then exit the stage, and the panel will still be open once you come back 
    with another body. I recommend Tyrus for this fight since he's much faster and 
    more versatile.
    !!!!!Spoilers beyond this point!!!!
    All Seven Ending Infomation/Spoilers 
    Ending 1: Order (Blademaster Path)
    Information on this ending.
    This is the only true good ending in the game. The standard path but 
    actually tricky to get due to easily missing areas where a Blademaster 
    and some Hakkes are hiding. Maken in this path, chooses to do what the 
    Blademasters tell it. Not only that, Maken, ends up saving Kei and Sagami. 
    J.J. Jones will ask Sagami why does he have to seal Maken since it saved 
    the world and deserves the chance to live a normal life because of it's 
    deeds. Sagami answers back and tells him that it will be an bad idea 
    because Maken could become another Geist, mainly now since it now has 
    control of the whole world of Psi.
    Ending 2: The world comes first.
    Information on this ending.
    This is almost the same as path 1, but Maken refuses to see Dr. Gennuiss
    since Maken only cares about it's No.1 priority, and that is to defeat Geist. 
    This will end up having Kei's psi absorbed into Maken. In Geist's hideout, 
    Kou confronts Maken in anger for not saving Kei, and makes a poor attempt 
    at trying to fight Maken. In the end it seems the U.S. and China puts a 
    halt to the coming war with themselves. In the Whitehouse, some people 
    question if they can trust China with this cease fire. But the President 
    says that the devil (Geist) in control of China is now gone. He then request 
    to be left alone. Then you can see a transparent sword appearing in his hand 
    symbolizing that, Maken, has took control of the President.
    Ending 3: The Sacrifice.
    Information on this ending.
    This path is rather interesting because of the idea of an artificial entity
    with god like powers that is self-aware caring so much about an idealistic 
    teenage girl enough to even die for her. Anyway, Maken, refuses to go to 
    Arabia when Kou ask that it needs to see the doctor. Later on, Dr. Gennuiss,
    can do a reverse brainjack on Maken to save Kei, but the problem is that Maken 
    will die after doing this. Maken Chooses to take the sacrifice. Later on, they 
    needed to get Kei's body to the lab, but the people flying the plane that took 
    the body was Geist's henchmen in disguise! 
    At the lab, Kou, answers a call on a communications monitor, and on the 
    screen appears to be the leader of China. The leader of China, who is 
    currently possessed by Geist, tells them to come to Shikin Castle if they 
    want to save Kei. Kou with new body armor, goes to Geist's hideout, and when
    he makes it to the domain where Geist is, he sees Kei trapped in a crystal, 
    then suddenly he gets stabbed by a crystal object. After some words from Geist
    once he reveals himself, Kou, who is now wounded, manages with his might
    to throw Maken (in it's sword form) at the crystal to activate the reverse 
    brainjack. After this, Kei is fully back in her own body and gives thanks. 
    With the power of Maken within her, she ends up defeating Geist herself. 
    After the battle ends, Maken (sword) starts to break into pieces. Kei 
    wonders why this is happening. Kou tells her that it sacrifice itself for 
    her. Kei crying, mention that she'll never forget what Maken had done for 
    Ending 4: You choose to save Sagami.
    Information on this ending.
    This is if you choose not to sacrifice yourself. 1 of 2 things will happen. 
    One, Geist's men, will break into the lab, and kill Dr. Gennuiss (that is if 
    you fight Kitty outside the lab) or you just go off to the U.S. as if nothing 
    happened (to what I remember). When you get to Geist, he will offer you a 
    truce. Say no to this truce, and Geist will say you're foolish for not 
    thinking about Kei, and some other stuff. After the fight, Kei's Psi will 
    be adsorbed. Later Sagami's Psi will find its way back to it's body, and 
    Maken will wake up inside Kei's body. Then a few seconds later, he realizes 
    that he is not looking at his daughter anymore, but Maken. 
    Ending 5: You choose to save Kei.
    Like on Ending 4, Geist, wants to make revisions to his plans since he 
    realizes the path Maken took was to save humanity, and Geist feels that 
    his goals are the same. He feels that he has a lot in common with Maken. 
    He then wants to come to a cease fire.
    Like in path 3, Geist, will offer a truce. Say yes, and he will give you 
    Sagami's information on how to save Kei. You'll end up going back to the 
    research place in the end, sealed. Anne and Jones with the information they 
    got from Maken will put the lost psi back into Kei's body saving her, but 
    Kei is upset that Maken didn't save her father due to letting Geist stay alive. 
    Ending 6: Utopia Through Chaos (Hakke path)
    Information on this ending.
    The one of the things I like about this game. There is there is no generic 
    good or evil side. With the Hakke, they fit into the "Well-Intentioned 
    Extremist" trope in this game. Maken Refuses to take the Blademasters orders,
    and ends up wiping most/all of them out. Later on, Maken, defeats Kou then 
    Blademaster Kitty who seems to be the 2nd-in-command of the Blademasters. 
    Once you enter the oil palace throne room, Hakke Yusuf will be happy to see 
    you. He then give you a message from Geist about the nature of humans. Anyway, 
    Yusuf explains more on their plans about what they're doing. He even mentions 
    that Blademaster Kitty allowed Sagami to die when he got kidnapped just so 
    they can have an excuse to fuel Maken more into killing Geist 
    (Alternative Dialogue). Yusuf after this, asks you to join the Hakke. Maken 
    takes the offer, and Yusuf orders, Maken, defeat the leader of the 
    Blademasters, Fu Shou Lee, who is standing in the way of Geist's final plans. 
    Later, Maken, goes to the Blademaster's Headquarters, and confronts 
    Fu Shou Lee. Lee criticizes, Maken, for the path he took, then you fight
    him. In the end, the war with the U.S and China started. Anne and Jones talk 
    about the war, then suddenly they both drops dead, (there psi been taken by 
    Geist?). Then in the shadows, Geist talks about creating a utopia by 
    controlling human thoughts, and having a limited amount of people living 
    on the earth, after that it then shows a scene of Kei absorbed into Maken 
    wanting to get out.
    Ending 7: Neutrality. (Maken's Way)
    This ending path is almost the same as Ending 6. This time Maken refuses to 
    join the Hakke. Yusuf wonders why it refuses to work with either either the 
    Blademasters or the Hakke. He wonder if it wants to become the King of Chaos.
    Then you fight him. Later when you get to the U.S. Hakke Brown questions Maken 
    as well. He makes a very good guess on what Maken wants to do. He sums it up 
    by saying that it want to defeat Geist, then take over the world. You fight 
    Brown then you get to Geist. Geist comments about what Maken wants to do, then 
    you fight him. In the ending Fu Shou lee mentions that you did your job in 
    defeating Geist, but the problem is that Kei was a vital part to restoring the
    world. Since Maken didn't put in any time to save Kei along with defeating 
    all/most Blademasters, Lee, tells Maken that it has to rebuild the world on 
    it's own now since it now has the power of chaos and order, and is the only 
    one capable of doing so.
    The Blademasters (Fukenshi)
    This is not really apart of the FAQ but this is just to give a better 
    understanding on what side you're choosing to get these endings. The 
    Blademasters are a secret society that for centuries had maintained world
    order. They had been trying to preserve the current state of humanity while
    avoiding chaotic solutions such as what Geist planned. They do it with the 
    aide of an Deus EX, that helps them in keeping most of the worlds problems 
    toned down. Geist, the first Deus EX, then started to have it's own ideas
    on how should world order work. At the same time, they try there best to 
    stop most of the problems, while preserving humanity's free will. Each member 
    (except trainees like Fei Shan Lee) had sacrificed a body part of theirs as 
    well, but its suppose to be apart of their training according to what I read
    from the Fukenshi (Blademaster) bio in Maken Shao.
    The Hakke (Geist's Main Servants)
    The Hakke are a small group of influential humans that had had there psi
    altered to think like Geist, and in turn, some of their bodies became deformed
    as a result. Their goal is to completely control the world of psi so they 
    can make humans think like Geist and at the same time, enslave there minds 
    so they don't rebel against his ideas on utopia. They kidnapped Sagami to 
    steal his information on the world of psi to do this. They cause a lot of 
    the worlds problems to get worse before starting the war with the U.S and 
    China which is the final stage of their plans, but that is because its 
    apart of their population reduction part of the plan though.
    Debug info Gameshark/Codebreaker Code
    To find most of the script in this game if you are interested in the various
    forms of dialog from either the Hakke or the Blademasters, and various other
    characters from the game. You may run into Japanese dialog as well.
    Well that is the end of the FAQ. 

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