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    Hints and Tips by Kain

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    Hints and Tips\General Help Guide
    for Maken X on the
    Sega Dreamcast by
    Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Anyone using this on a website or basically anywhere must notify me, and 
    strictly NO use for profits. Thanks.
    This is just intended to be playing hints, character evaluations and general
    help with the game, not a walkthrough - if you want that, you can look at
    jt.kauffman's excellent one, also at Gamefaqs. I will also be doing 
    translations if there is enough demand for them. 
    Basic Hints and Tips :
    1. Know when and when not to lock-on. While mastery of targeting is 
    indisputably one of the keys to success in Maken X, selective targeting is
    even better. When one targets, your entire frame of movement and attacking 
    becomes centered around the locked-on enemy, which can be very restrictive
    when fighting multiple opponents or in battlefields where free range of 
    movement is needed. So don't be too quick to press the Y button right off the
    2. Use distance attacks. Sure, I know this game is a first-person slasher,
    but you can save yourself a world of pain and frustration by taking out
    enemies from afar where they can't get back at you. In addition, many enemies
    will not consider you a valid target if they can't "see" you - i.e, you're
    not within their sensing radius. Another technique you can use is to move
    forwards, quickly lock-on (ensuring that all your projectiles will hit) and
    then move back, retaining the lock. You can then snipe away to your heart's
    3. Learn enemy patterns. Most normal enemies and even bosses have some sort
    of series of attacks and reactions to movements that they cycle through 
    depending on the situation - for example, your basic sword-wielding masked
    fiend tends to rush forwards, slash and then somersault backwards, slashing
    so as to catch you off guard immediately after. If you have the inside info
    on how they move, enemies won't pose much of a problem.
    4. Of course, as Sun Tzu said "Know yourself and know your enemy and you can
    win a hundred battles" and since this guy's been quoted for hundreds of
    years you can assume he knows what he's talking about. ^_^ In this instance,
    though, you've got my handy-dandy character evaluation section below to help
    you with the first. Still, do brush up on the two. 
    5. Jump. It's much harder to do so effectively in a first-person game, where
    you can't see your feet, but it remains an excellent way to avoid enemy
    attacks, especially if you have a high jump. Also learn to use the forwards
    jump to vault over your enemies' heads when locked-on; it can be very useful
    in a pitched battle. Furthermore, hits landed on an enemy with it's back
    turned do double damage (Criticals) - even more reason to learn this 
    6. If you want to avoid grabbing items so you can save them for later, there
    is a trick you can use when it seems like you have to get the item (for
    instance, in narrow corridors) - sidling past. Your character actually 
    doesn't occupy that large a space, so it's possible to hug the walls and 
    avoid touching the item\s.
    Character Section :
    Andrei - BJ Rank 1
    Life : 2
    Power : 2
    Speed : 7
    Jump : High
    A weak character, but compulsory for the first few missions. Use his knife 
    attack well because it charges fast and has good range. 
    Fei Shan - BJ Rank 2
    Life : 3
    Power : 3
    Speed : 5
    Jump : Low
    Very good for about the time when you first get her, and still quite useful
    for some time afterwards. Her first two attacks are fast, and the arc of her
    fan's spin is deceptively wide.
    Shaja - BJ Rank 3
    Life : 3
    Power : 4
    Speed : 1
    Jump : Low
    Good for power (he has a total of 5-6 attacks in every sequence) but not
    much else. Skip this guy.
    Ramrod - BJ Rank 4
    Life : 4
    Power : 5
    Speed : 6
    Excellent - what do you expect from a Sealed Warrior? Above average in all
    areas with good, solid attacks. His ice attack will freeze it's target in
    addition to doing damage so you can get a few quick hits in.
    Jump : Low
    Life : 6
    Power : 6
    Speed : 4
    Jump : Low
    Another good pick. Has only one standing and rushing attack, but those pack
    a punch - the trick with Baderel is to strike before the enemies attack you.
    High power and life make him a good selection in most cases.
    Smith : BJ Rank 1
    Life : 1
    Power : 7
    Speed : 1
    Jump : Low
    Utterly useless. You'll be Jacking into this guy only for the information he
    Marguerite - BJ Rank 5
    Life : 5
    Power : 4
    Speed : 10
    Jump : Low
    The fastest character in the game. Her speed is a definite asset in most
    instances and her cannon attack bounces of walls, which makes it especially
    effective in corridors. Slightly low Life and Power but if you can make use
    of her quickness, no real problems.
    Marakula - BJ Rank 6
    Life : 6
    Power : 7
    Speed : 1
    Another powerhouse. Low speed means that I usually forego him for more
    balanced characters like Baderel and Ramrod, but his high Life and Power
    aren't to be overlooked. The explosive puppet, though long to charge, is
    also useful. In the case of Marakula it's all about getting in and hitting
    hard; if played well his overwhelming power will tell. Due to this he's more
    of a specialized character, though.
    Stage Help :
    Here is where I include sticky bits in certain stages that I thought were
    hard or required some explanation of...it's very skimpy now, but I'll add to
    this as I replay the game some more.
    Brazil - use distance attacks on the first firebomber you see; jump from the
    branch and hit him gun drones - fireballs will take them out. 
    Sicily - hug the walls to avoid bombers.
    vs Don Malakula - hit when he recovers from swinging, don't be too ambitious
    and try to stay on the platform; you can block his jump and hit him 
    afterwards. Later on, don't get hit by the suicide bombers; take them out 
    before going after the Don because they can disrupt your attack patterns.
    That's about it for now. My copy of Maken X is currently on loan to a friend,
    so updates will be on hold until I get it back. ^_^

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