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    Extra Character/Info Guide by hangedman

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    Maken X guide: getting Hakke Ray & other secrets
    Sun, 21 May 2000 00:17:41 EDT
    I put emphasis on the fact that this is in no way a comprehensive FAQ.  This 
    tells only how to get Hakke Ray and other missed items within various 
    sources.  That having been said, enjoy!
    1) Getting into Jeanne De Arc palace
    2) Getting Hake Ray
    3) Getting Blademaster Kitty
    4) The bad ending
    5) Other stuff
      Somewhere within the span of the game, a level opens up called "Jeane de 
    Arc palace."  Inside are 3 strange enemies with sickles and wooden / human 
    bodies.  After they are defeated, three doors open: one for the exit, another 
    for a psi icon, and the third for a secret door.  The door can only be opened 
    by Hakke Don Regalio, otherwise known as the boss of Sicily.  This means of 
    course that One must use him to defeat EVERYBODY in the stage, which is no 
    small task at hand.  After the initial 3 "sicklecopters" are killed, the door 
    can be unlocked by Regalio.  Regalio (or Maken, as the story can be a bit 
    confusing in that respect) will have a conversation with Hakke Ray.  After it 
    is over, Hakke Ray will dispatch 2 more of the "sicklecopters" to fight you.  
    The key is having enough life left to fight .........
      Hakke Ray
      After you beat his cronies, Ray will descend from his spot above his altar. 
     Ray has a few attacks, but most notable is the rushing swoop.  Ray will fly 
    far back against the wall of the room, and hold his sickle vertically.  The 
    next phase is a very fast forward rush.  The main thing to remember is to 
    dodge this, as the attack is unblockable.  Unfortunately for you, Regalio's 
    shuffle to the side will result in you getting sickle-rammed by Ray.  To 
    dodge the attack, strafe to the side (without the lock-on) and jump.  The 
    jumping will add a bit more speed and allow you to safely get out of the way. 
     The other prominent attack Ray has is a small combo, which is easily avioded 
    by circling around him.  
      Ray does have one weakness, and that is to be right next to him at all 
    times.  If close enough, you can knock him out of his kamikazee swoop and 
    combo him considerably.  When Ray loses more than half his life, he'll send 
    two more of those helicopter guys at you.  Beat them in the same way that you 
    did before.  This time though, lasers will be shooting periodically from the 
    walls-  they are pretty easy to avoid though.  
      After the minions are killed, Ray will again return to his normal patterns. 
     At this point in the battle, you should be familiar with them.  When Ray 
    finally collapses, you have the option of brainjacking him, allowing that you 
    have a BJ rating of 7.  
      Ray's stats are pretty average (comparable to Devon or Tyrus), but what 
    makes him the best character in the game is his special: complete 
    invulnerability.  Just charge up, let go, and nobody can harm you for a good 
    10 seconds.  This skill is invaluable for rushing in and blindly wasting 
    3) Blademaster Kitty
      Although not necessarily a secret, she can be pretty hard to find.  The two 
    ways that I have obtained her have been to answer "anti-humanity" for every 
    question asked, so that she'll invariably fight you (along with every other 
    blade master).  After that, you can brainjack her.  The other way is to go to 
    South America and choose to sacrifice yourself to save Kei (or Kay, depends 
    on version).  Kitty will get mad and take matters into her own hands.  Stop 
    her, and she's yours.  I have fought her in both S. America as well as Lisbon.
    4) The bad ending
      Although you might feel a little guilty (yeah right.  Make em' pay for the 
    voice acting), you can easily get the bad ending.  Everytime someone asks you 
    something, respond in the worst way that you can.  This'll get many people 
    against you, but being Maken, you can easily kill them.  Start with Fie Shan 
    (or whatever that girl in Honk Kong was called): answer no to both her 
    questions (don't help), and then smack her when she's standing (after the 
    cutscene).  Killing all the blademasters will allow you to take over their 
    bodies, but on the downside you won't be able to get Hakke Dal or Hakke 
      Interestingly enough, you won't have to fight Yusaf (if you ally with the 
    Hakke), and instead of fighting brown and giest, you'll get to fight "The 
    last Blademaster," or in other words, that creepy old blademaster from the 
    beginning.  Obviously enough, this is bad.  Kill him, but always be on the 
    defensive.  After he dies, the bad ending is yours for the taking.
    5) Other Stuff
    Hakke Dal (the scientist) cannot be harmed by the missles from the robots in 
    washington.  Although he still takes damage from their fists, any robot 
    projectile cannot hit him, even the ones the boss shoots.
    If you can't beat the helicopter guys from the palace (see sect. 1), back 
    into a corner.  They'll keep swinging at you, but as long as you're blocking, 
    you'll take no damage.  Concentrate on one at a time... it'll make your job 
    much easier.  
    Most of the time, the special attack is worthless.  Only use it if the enemy 
    can't see you and you're sure it will definately kill them in one hit.  It 
    takes away your life and barely scratches them.  
    If you decide to kill the blademasters, keep in mind that they are HARD.  
    Especially Blademaster Tyrus.  Getting the bad ending is really difficult to 
    accomplish in this respect.  
    Deflecting projectiles can be done, but unless you have a knack for it, don't 
    even try.  You need about 3 deflected projectiles to kill a soldier (on 
    average), and you'll get hit by about twice that many if you aren't any good. 
     If you do decide to go ahead and try, remember that it's better to swing 
    really early than late.  If there's one thing about Maken X that is poor, 
    it's the preception of depth in regards to collision detection. 
    Thanks a lot!  If you have any comments or suggestions, E-mail me at 

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