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    ...S.B. "THE CHARACTER ANALYIST" <sbcho@ug.cs.usyd.edu.au>
     <This is meant to be the complete list of victory lines from my favourite 
    arcade game ; Marvel vs. Capcom. So why is it so short? Well that's because I 
    don't have all the victory lines yet. Why not? Because I don't have time and 
    money. I'll do the best I can, but meanwhile if you know any other ones please
    mail me and let me know. I'm basically just putting all the information 
    together. Once I've collected enough I'll have overall ratings for each 
    character and 'Best Victory Line', 'Worst Victory Line' and stuff like that. 
    Let's make this happen folks!>
    <That's what I said in the last version and look how many responses I got from
    ppl! Thanks Migs for getting my list on his wonderful site. And keep those 
    mails coming in! Also I've added Onsluaght Section!
     And hey, where're all those Ryu fans?
     Has everyone seen Shadow Lady's ending! According to Dark Nature, Cyber Jin
    appears in it! Wow, cool! Could he be one of the secret characters as well?
     <Hey people it's been so long since I made the last update, right? Well I put
    a lot of stuff in so that explains why. (although I'm not sure if they're 
    useful..... oh well nothing's so useful in this list anyway) Wow! I'm so happy
    to finally see the endings of Gambit and Morrigan. Anyway keep those Jin, 
    Wolverine and Spidey quotes coming in, a complete list isn't far away!
     This time I've added silly analysis for each character, scrapped Best 
    Partners, and made heaps of Onslaught and VL updates.
    HAS ANYONE GOT ANY MORE NICKS? (on helpers as well) It's my favourite section.
     <Ok, here it is folks...... I think this will be the last update. After all,
    Marvel vs. Capcom is getting its ass kicked by SFEX2 and now SFZ3, so we should
    just let it go now......
    And the new semester has just begun, so I won't have too much time to muck
    around with this kinda stuff......
    Thanks once again for everyone's support, and I'll be back when the next
    crossover comes out......
    And the last thought...... I think Psylocke is the sexiest female character in
    this whole game......>
    RYU :
    Plain ol' Ryu. The character people got bored of about a thousand years ago
    but still has to appear in all Capcom actioners that will ever be made, simply
    because so many people are used to using him. (Hadoukenning until the opponent
    dies, that is) Well I've never used Ryu in my entire life. (not even once, in 
    any Capcom games) Now try that! Anyway thank god he's got 'change modes', at 
    least.  But why doesn't his appearance change when he transforms into Ken 
    or Akuma?
    And why do people never use Akuma mode? He kicks ass! Is it because they don't
    know how to 'transform'? Oh well I guess they'd rather save super metres for 
    more Shinkuu Hadouken.
    Ryu is a guy who needs a life. (like his mate Ken, who has a girlfriend, a
    merchandise campaign, etc.) Fight is the only thing he knows. (wonderful! we 
    need more of these people in our society) I wonder how he feeds himself......
    Ryu has always been famous for ultra nerdy victory lines such as 'You did
    well, but you need more training to defeat me!'. He doesn't get much better in
    M vs C .
     - "Power, determination and skill decide the victory."
     - "Don't be so reckless, you must focus on the fight!"'
     - "Not bad. Don't restrain yourself next time!"
     - "I hope you have learned well from our battle."
     - "Train yourself well, then challenge me again."
     - "Fight your absolute best, or don't fight at all!"
     - "You must believe you can win, in order to win!"
    JIN :
     Now we know why we didn't need Ken in M vs C. Jin practically replaced him as
    Mr. Angry-and-hostile-as-hell-for-no-reason of Capcom fighter. (remember Ken's
    'Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!'? geez... chill out, man) At least 
    this guy has a reason to be angry. His father got killed by a bunch of 
    assholes. This guy is also seriously noisy. That's why he's so intimidating to
    play against. I sometimes use Jin, and mercilessly smashing on all six buttons
    after connecting a Blodia Vulcan is the pleasure of my life. It never hits? 
    Well it's got a truly massive startup delay, but you've just gotta be more 
     Ok for those who just can't connect a Blodia Vulcan, here're my tips. I'm not
    meant to have any info on gameplay (in other words, something useful) in this
    list especially since I've never been a talented arcade gamer but there are
    things so many people get wrong, so I'll do it once in a while.
                ======      WHEN TO USE BLODIA VULCAN      =======
     1. when the opponent switches
        (fundamental stuff! :D)
     2. after using a helper
        (gotta be quick!)
     3. when the opponent taunts
        (doesn't happen often, I know :[)
     4. after a missed super
        (e.g. Kikosho)
     5. after you block a dragon punch style move
        (people usually don't block after pulling one off)
     6. when the opponent keeps throwing fireballs in the other corner
        (they usually do it at least 3 or 4 times consecutively - time the Vulcan 
        so that you do it at the same time they throw another fireball. timing is 
        the key! if you see him/her firing one and do it it's too late. also make 
        sure you stay in the other corner and block the first a couple of 
        fireballs so your opponent keeps doing it - if you jump and dodge them 
        they'll just stop)
     7. against computer player, when he/she stays in the same spot, doing nothing,
        for about 2 seconds (duh!)
     8. when the opponent keeps trying to pull off a dragon punch
        (some people aren't so good at dragon punch command - incl. myself - so 
        when they intend to pull one off and a Hadouken or just normal attack 
        comes out, they get frustrated and keep trying until they pull one off.
        use it to your advantage. damn sneaky! :D)
    Does anyone know if Blodia Vulcan works against the seconds form of Onslaught?
    I always wanted to try it.
    Now getting back to the analysis, I just love Jin's supers. He's got the best
    collection of supers in the whole game. (not necessarilly in terms of their
    productivity, but their flamboyance and how 'cool' they are) Morrigan's good, 
    too, but Jin gets it by a nose. Gotta love it when he shouts 'Dainamaitoooo!'.
    He definitely gets me pumped up. (which doesn't necessarilly improves my 
    performance) I have no idea what's he's talking about when it comes to victory
    lines, though.
     - "If my father were alive, I could make him proud."
     - "Go back to playing video simulations, weakling!"
     - "What is a VA? Variant Armor, used in combat!"
     - "If the world gets more mechanical, many may die."
     - "Machines can transform rage into power."
     Overall Rating : 4/10
     The blast from the past, the main character of arcade classic 'Strider Hiryu'.
    Doesn't this guy just rule? He's a mean fighting machine, looks the coolest, 
    and only says the coolest things! He's ice cool, smooth, handsome, 
    philosophical and super intelligent. His victory lines are genuine and 
    practical advices for young people who are living in today's society, unlike 
    others who go on about how strong they are or some bullshit like that. 
    Character development for this guy is absolutely fantastic, although I think 
    he never had a mask on in any of Strider series. Am I wrong? (he looks cooler
    with it, anyway!)
     - "A false life is equal to death. Be your true self!"
     - "It doesn't pay to betray your principles......"
     - "Devote yourself, but do not lose who you are!"
     - "Life or death awaits...... A strider is never certain."
     - "Who can see the future? Those who create it."
     - "Take me to your boss!"
     - "Selfish ambition is the root of today's problems!"
     - "Those who seek the truth are the world's saviors."
     - "Destruction is the cost of selfish ambition."
     Overall Rating : 10/10
     The idol of preschool NES gamers, Megaman (originally Rockman) finally enters
    the crossover universe! Doesn't it really annoy you when you dash in on him to
    start a combo and your standing jab slashes fresh air above his, I mean its, 
    head? Actually it's one of Megaman's greatest strengths. When you eat an air 
    combo or a Mega Uppercut from the tiny robot, it's so taunting that you lose 
    your cool and start dashing in without thinking.
     The kid needs to get more education before mixing in with the big boys, 
    though. His victory quotes are so childish......
     - "Your powers are too weak to help me!"
     - "I need more power! Maybe if I defeat you......"
     - "I cannot let you defeat me! I must become better!"
     - "Dr. Light said I could learn much from fighting!"
     - "Right on! What new powers have I obtained?"
     - "Why must I fight you? We are not enemies!"
     - "That was a neat attack. I think I'll try it myself!"
     Overall Rating : 1/10
    GAMBIT :
     Don't you just love that cynical smile...... Coolest kid on block, and my 
    second favourite character in this game. He'll throw all kinds of taunts at ya
    when you get beaten by him, so make sure you don't. See? You gotta know how to
    taunt. He 's not as funny as Guile or Charlie, though. (bring 'em back!) 
    My favourite is the last one. Imagine how he would say that in real life. 
    Hahaha! I hope he gets another chance at Morrigan sometime......
     - "Hey, I think I bent my staff over your head......"
     - "Style means everything, and you don' have any!"
     - "Lebeau...... Remy Lebeau...... Remember dat name!"
     - "Good looks, charm, wit, style and modesty, too!"
     - "Not dealing with a full deck you say?"
     - "Don't like that hand? I'll deal you another."
     - "First class beating...... Cajun style!"
     - "You've dealt yourself a full hand, but I am all aces!"
     Overall Rating : 8/10
     She sure has a strong opinion on her favourite position!
     - "I shouldn't have gone so easy on you!"
     - "Eternity can be lonely. Please keep me company."
     - "My beauty can overcome brains and brawn."
     - "Your soul is strong...... May I borrow it? Forever......"
     - "Stay down, it's easier that way."
     - "It gets rough sometimes...... Just stay on your back."
     - "Your soul is not worthy of me."
     - "You can get hurt...... Don't exert yourself next time."
     Overall Rating : 9/10
    VENOM :
     One of the biggest regrets of my entire life is missing the episodes of Spider
    man where Venom appeared. Is anyone willing to donate a copy? Without doubt, he
    (and it) is the geekiest character in the whole game. Every single move he 
    makes is just plain weird. Anyway, Capcom really did an excellent job on 
    designing this character for M vs C and the graphics for him are particularly 
    outstanding. Now how come his supers suck? There are no special graphics, 
    apart from that web background when he does a Venom Web. Also, one more 
    comment to make. I just can't believe how many people just don't know how to 
    use wave supers. Deathbite is about a hundred times more useful than Venom Web!
                    ======     HOW TO USE WAVE SUPERS     =======
     1. never ever, for god's sake, use them when the opponent is in the other 
        corner of the screen! just don't use them when you're far away from your 
        enemy. you'll just waste a super metre.
     2. the best time to use it, probably is when your opponent corners you and 
        does a special move or a combo and you block it. take advantage of the lag 
        time and send 'em down with a wave super! they'll get surfed away to the 
        far corner for multiple hits and a massive damage!
     3. use it as a surprise attack, once again when you're close to your enemy
     4. Gambit's Cajun Explosion is very unique. unless your opponent is an
        experienced Gambit player - like myself - you can always trick him with it.
        remember no.6 from WHEN TO USE BLODIA VULCAN? when your enemy keeps firing
        away from the other corner? now go right behind them and throw a Cajun
        Explosion! (with the same timing as Blodia Vulcan, only easier) it'll do a
        massive damage! also use it against the second form of Onslaught! if you're
        lucky (or good) you'll be able to inflict an enormous damage.
     - "Spider-man will pay for ruining my innocence!"
     - "We're going to eat your brain!"
     - "That's just a sample of what I'm gonna do to Parker!"
     - "My symbiote's tops. Everyone should have one."
     - "You broke the rules and you were punished for it."
     - "Innocent death is always unpleasant. For you."
     - "And righteous triumphs once again."
     Overall Rating : 5/10
    Spider man is actually one of my all-time favourite cartoon characters, but for
    some reason I think he sucks in this game. He looks so goddamned creepy. Let's
    face it, he's no martial artist. He never did and never would pull off a 10-hit
    punch and kick combo in the original cartoon. He just does web swings all the
    time. (he defeated so many villains with it...... it's gotta be a super!) And
    he's no Hulk, but he's not that skinny either. Capcom is responsible for 
    turning our cool hero into a creepy-crawlin', maximum-spiderin', air-comboin' 
    Oh alright, It's not as if Capcom's ever gonna read this or anything, so I'll
    stop. 'Spider sense' at the start of each round and his taunts still pretty
    cute, though.
     - "J.J. doesn't pay me enough for this."
     - "Hope M.J. doesn't mind if I'm late."
     - "And I still have enough time to make it back for dinner."
     - "You got a beef with me pal? Well, I've got one for you, too!"
     - "Best two out of three? You're on!"
     Overall Rating : 9/10
     Our good old Zang returns! But how come he sucks this time around? He was 
    always invincible in the hands of a master.
     - "I'd shake your hand, but your arms are over there."
     - "I'm sorry. Do you require medical assistance?" (poor attempt at Charlie's
       'Red Cross is on the way')
     - "Not bad. You're still in one piece. Then again......"
     - "A tough country breeds an even tougher man!"
     - "Wow! You make me feel so powerful!"
     - "I apologise. I have damaged the floor with your head!"
     - "Towards all odds, I'll prevail, Mother Russia!"
     - "Fool! You wish to be pulverized by my muscle?"
     Overall Rating : 2/10
     I liked Iron Man, too to be honest. But I thought his main weapon was the beam
    coming out of his hands, not shoulder. (something still comes out of his hand 
    but it's not what he uses in the cartoon) Well I guess War Machine is 
    different to Iron Man. Has everyone seen how much chipping damage Proton 
    Cannon does? It's 'insane', as Migs Rustia would put it. It's one of only a 
    few supers that I thought had decent chipping damage.
     - "No, not Iron Man; War Machine!"
     - "You can chalk up that loss to experience!"
     - "Not even a scratch on the surface."
     - "Barely had to dip into my bag of high-tech tricks!"
     - "Superior technology triumphs once again."
     - "Repulsors are primed and ready for more action!"
     Overall Rating : 3/10
    HULK :
     - "Brains and body...... What a perfect combo!"
     - "Gamma charged and ready for the next match up!"
     - "I've had a harder time squatting mosquitoes."
     - "Catch you later. I've got some researching to do."
     - "Barely flexed a bicep that time, who's next?"
     - "Hey! Quit hitting my fists with your head!"
     - "Still the strongest in this and any other world!"
     - "That was pathetic. Are you trying to be funny?"
     - "All this and I can tore bails too!"
     Overall Rating : 6/10
     Some people hate this guy for using his teammates and all sort of high tech
    electronic shit to fight, instead of being a real fighter. But hey you gotta 
    use what you can use! Also he IS a fighter. Just check out his roundhouse 
    Captain Kick! Yay!! Also love his supers. Captain Sword is the most visually 
    stunning super in this game, I think.
     - "Burn, baby, burn!"
     - "Get up, go home, and tell 'em who defeated you."
     - "Thank you for playing this game!"
     - "I welcome your challenge! You can become the best!"
     - "Capcom's first game was Vulgus, which was released in 1984."
     - "We stand for justice, fair play and character."
     - "Graphics aren't everything. Gameplay is the key!"
     - "You would make a great soldier."
     Overall Rating : 8/10
    CHUN-LI :
     - "Look at me again and I'll hit you even harder!"
     - "You underestimated me. That's why you lost."
     - "You underestimated me! Enjoy your defeat!"
     - "I'd fight you again if I thought you had a chance."
     - "I thought you liked the rough stuff?"
     - "You aren't the hero you make yourself out to be."
     - "You have wasted enough of my time! Later, loser!"
     - "I guess I overdid it again!"
     - "I hope I didn't hurt your ego too badly...... Oops!"
     - "Fighting isn't the only thing I'll best you at!"
     Overall Rating : 3/10
     Capcom did an excellent job on transferring Wolvie from X-Men into a Capcom
    fighting game. He retains his very image as an aggressive fighter. And he's
    still damn short!
     - "Come back when you've learned how to fight."
     - "I'm still the best at what I do."
     - "It's just a scratch...... It'll heal in no time."
     - "Back to the Danger Room for more training......"
     Overall Rating : 4/10
     - "I fight loudly for those with no voice."
     - "It only takes one man to make the difference."
     - "For Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"
     - "What is your sense of patriotism? Stand up!"
     - "Believe your country, but believe in yourself!"
     - "Rest well, soldier. The time is yours."
     - "Victory is yours if you believe in yourself."
     Overall Rating : 5/10
    ROLL :
     - "Hehe...... I did it! Girl power!"
     - "Are you hurt? Maybe my doctor can fix you......"
     - "I didn't mean to hurt you badly!"
     - "I think you're due for an upgrade!"
     - "I should learn that absorption thing from Dr. Light."
     - "See? I should have been in Power Battle!"
     - "Now how does Megaman do that absorption thing?"
     Overall Rating : 8/10
     * It seems they all have same quotes as normal characters who they are based 
     - "My will is absolute, imposed upon everyone!"
     - "I was forged between the crucibles of fear!"
     - "Witness the might of Onslaught unleashed!"
     - "You are beaten. Join the ranks of the fallen."
     - "Free will is a privilege, not a 'right'."
     - "Now and forever, I am Onslaught!"
     - "Behold my mighty hand!"
     - "Feel the wrath of Onslaught!"
     - "The Dream is dead!"
     Overall Rating : 9/10
     - Funniest VL : "Stay down. It's easier that way." - Morrigan
     - Coolest VL : "Devote yourself, but do not lose who you are!" - Strider
     - Most Common VL : "Who can see the future? Those who create it!" - Strider
     - Rarest VL : "If the world gets more mechanical, many may die." - Jin
     - Most Taunting VL : "Your powers are too weak to help me!" - Megaman
     - Boy Scout Award : "I welcome your challenge! You can become the best!" 
                                                        - Captain Commando
     - Girl Scout Award : "Are you hurt? Maybe my doctor can fix you......" - Roll
     - Most Irrelevant VL : "For Truth, Justice and the American Way!" 
                                                         - Captain America
    RYU : 'Hadouken'
    STRIDER : 'Pixie Lord'
    MEGAMAN : 'Chipman', 'Rockman'
    MORRIGAN : 'Sexy Lady', 'Whore'
    SPIDER MAN : 'Spidey'
    GAMBIT : 'Gumbo', 'Mr. Cool'
    ZANGIEF : 'Zangy', 'Grief', 'Gief', 'Zangs', 'Zango', 'Giefie', 'Giefo', 'Giefs
    ', 'Zanga', 'Zang', 'Zing'
    CAPTAIN COMMANDO : 'CapCom', 'Mr. Corny Quotes', 'Faggot'
    WOLVERINE : 'Wolvie', 'Mr. Cheap'
    LILITH : 'The other whore'
    ROLL : 'Who's that girl?!"
    RED VENOM : 'Jolt Cola Posterboy'
    ONSLAUGHT : 'Big O', '*******', '************'
    CYCLOPS : 'Cyke', 'Mr. Optic Blast'
    JUGGERNAUT : 'Juggie'
    GAMBIT : G : "Now we finish dis, mon ami. I call your hand!"
             O : "You should have folded Gambit. Now you will pay!"
    MORRIGAN : M : "Are you one of Pyron's little friends?"
               O : "I'm not your savior. I bring only eternal night."
    STRIDER : S : "......"
              O : "Nothing to say? A silent scream will suffice......"
    CAPTAIN COMMANDO : C : "This demented dream ends here, Onslaught."
                       O : "Your comeback will be short-lived, Captain."
    RYU : R : "So you are the one I heard so much about."
          O : "The end of your journey is near, warrior!"
          O : "I'm your ultimate adversary, warrior. Are you ready?"
    MEGAMAN : M : "Wow! Dr. Willy has really outdone himself this time!"
              O : "I am not of your world, boy!"
    WOLVERINE : W : "Hang on, Chuck! I'll save ya!"
                O : "Xavier and I are one and the same, Logan!"
    HULK : H : "Hulk crush! Hulk destroy! HULK SMASH!"
           O : "I'm the true meaning of power, Hulk."
    JIN : J : "I must stop you for the good of the world."
          O : "You are nothing without your little mech, Jin."
    SPIDER MAN : S : "Woah! Hold that pose! It will be great in the papers!"
                 O : "Insignificant spider!! Prepare to be squashed!"
    CAPTAIN AMERICA : C : "Justice demands that I stop you."
                      O : "Justice? I define the term."
    VENOM : V : "You shall pay for harming the innocent."
            O : "It is you who shall pay, Venom."
    CHUN-LI : C : "You are finished, Onslaught."
              O : "Your bravado will not save you from death."
    ZANGIEF : Z : "No one can defeat the mighty Zangief!"
              O : "Your strength is no match for the power of my mind."
    ROLL : R : "Don't get mad at me...... I'm just a girl!"
           O : "You shall be the first to fall, little one."
    HYPER VENOM : V : "You corrupt the innocent. For that you must die."
                  O : "It is you who shall suffer, Venom."
    SHADOW LADY : same as Chun-Li
    'Master' <iaconis3@email.msn.com> for providing a total of 26 victory lines
    'Migs Rustia' <squatter@iconn.com.ph> for getting this list on the best M vs C
    website on the net! He also contributed 10 victory lines.
    'Donovan Baine' <iori@philippines.crosswinds.net> for 19, some of which were
    really rare ones.
    'Dark Nature' <TEMPCCC@cgcs2.caltex.com.sg> for countless number of rare VLs.
    This guy has virtually contributed about half of this list!
    'asskicker' <aantones@pacbell.net> for a bunch of VLs and nicks.
    'Robert DeLoura' <deloura@nwnexus.com> for 2.
    'Paolo Franco' <dsfranco@hotmail.com> for his contributions to Onslaught 
     section and a few nicks.
    'JWangSDC' <JWangSDC@@aol.com> for 7 Onsluaght conversations.
    'JC' <Kersplatch@aol.com> for 2, including one very rare Zangief's.
    'Novowels' <trpsprngr@hotmail.com> for Roll quotes.
    'Travis Peters' <t-dogz@rocketmail.com> for 1 Strider quote.
    'joe burdis' <jburdis1982@webtv.net> for 1 Wolverine quote, and thanks for
    letting me know that Strider did have that red mask on in NES version!
    'lisvnder' <lisvnder@jps.net> for a neat suggestion. (although I can't do it)
    'Miguel Raya' <foreignermiguel@hotmail.com> for 2 rare quotes.
    'Thomas Wilde' <wanderer@mvfc.gamedemo.com> for 2.
    'William Teixiera' <thx38@cwo.com> for a really rare Hulk quote.
    'bassplayer13@yahoo.com' for 1.
    'Makou' <thomas@catskill.net> for 1.
    'Dakon Solace' <dark_tide@juno.com> for 2 rare Big O lines.
    If anyone has any corrections, new victory lines or nicknames to submit, please
    email S.B. 'The Character Analyist' at <sbcho@ug.cs.usyd.edu.au>!
    I'll acknowledge every single one of your responses!

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