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    Onslaught by swidly

    Updated: 11/10/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -By John Malone (swidly@hotmail.com)-
    Of the few secrets that Capcom put into their Marvel vs. Capcom game for 
    the Dreamcast, only one is really worthwhile. Playing as Onslaught, 
    baby! How do you do it? Well, read on.
    B, D, F, U - Back, Down, Forward, Up
    DF - Down and Forward
    DB - Down and Back
    + - at the same time
    P - Punch
    K - Kick
    F_ - Fierce 
    M_ - Medium
    Q_ - Quick
    ------How To Get Onslaught Mode-------------
    First of all, get a VMU so you can save your progress. In order to open 
    up the Onslaught mode, you have to go through Arcade Mode on any 
    difficulty and beat all the secret characters.
    There is a few special rules to get these special characters. They are:
    1-Never use a continue, and never lose either of your characters in each 
    2-In addition to the conditions of getting each specific character 
    (listed below), you must end each round with some kind of special 
    finish, like a Hyper Combo, a Two-on-One, etc.
    Here's the special finishes:
    Hyper Combo- different for each character; usually D, DF, F + 2P
    Double Hyper Combo- D, DF, F + FK + FP (uses 2 special bars)
    Two-on-One Finish- D, DB, B + FK + FP (uses 3 special bars)
    Now, to fight against Orange Hulk:
    1-Finish at least 4 rounds with a special finish
    To fight Gold War Machine:
    1-Finish at least 4 rounds with a Two-on-One Finish
    To fight Lilith-Style Morrigan:
    1-Finish at least 4 rounds with a special finish
    2-Use up all of your helper stocks (MP + MK) for at least 4 rounds
    To fight Roll:
    1-Finish at least 4 rounds with a Two-on-One Finish
    2-Use up all of your helper stocks (MP + MK) for at least 4 rounds
    To fight Red Venom:
    1-Finish at least 4 rounds with a Two-on-One Finish
    2-Get "First Attack" on every round
    To fight Shadow Lady:
    1-Finish at least 4 rounds with a Two-on-One Finish
    2-Get "First Attack" on every round
    3-Use up all of your helper stocks (MP + MK) for at least 4 rounds
    As you beat each character, you can select them in the regular character 
    select screen. Unlock all the characters, and you can play in Onslaught 
    -------Playing As Onslaught---------------------
    As you will discover, Onslaught actually has to use super bars when 
    performing some of his moves. When playing as either one, you cannot 
    block and mobility is pretty slow. Still though, he is so powerful it's 
    not even funny (or much fun).
    -First Form-
    You can only move back and forth in this form.
    Regular Moves-
    Sentinel Attack: P or K
    Pressing either button sends out two sentinels that fly over head and 
    bomb your opponent. Doing this move leaves Onslaught vulnerable for a 
    few seconds, but does pretty good damage.
    Sentinel Helper: MP + MK
    This is his helper, which Onslaught can use infinitely. I recommend 
    using it after a Sentinel Attack, while your opponent is getting bombed.
    Special Moves-
    Magnetic Tempest: D, DF, F + P
    Pieces of debris fly every which way, hitting a cornered enemy for lots 
    of chipping damage. Otherwise can be used to play keep away.
    Hyper-Grav: F, D, DF + P
    Sends out four unblockable, heat-seeking balls that will bring the enemy 
    to you and render him immobile. A damn cheap move.
    Onslaught Torpedo: D, DF, F + K
    This is where Onslaught flies forward like a living fireball. Very quick 
    and does lots of damage. Also, quick recovery.
    Teleport: D, DB, B + K
    Pressing a different kick button will teleport you to a different part 
    of the screen. Doesn't seem as useful as when the computer uses it. As 
    far as I know, you cannot teleport if you're trapped in someone elses 
    beam super, like the computer does.
    Super Moves-
    Hyper Eye Blast: D, DF, F + 2P
    Like Cyclop's old super move. A huge beam nearly the size of the whole 
    screen, with a small gap at the bottom. Does not seem to do as much 
    damage as when you fight against the computer.
    Magnetic Shockwave: B, DB, D, DF, F + 2K
    Like Magneto's old super move. Huge columns of energy will come forward, 
    hitting the opponent backwards to receive more damage. Works best if 
    you're backed into a corner.
    Summon Zombie Fighter: D, DB, B + 2K (requires 2 super bars)
    One of his cheapest moves. Onslaught teleports into the background and 
    heals his energy while a random character will pop out and attack the 
    opponent. He is controlled by the computer and has only about a quarter 
    of his life left, but it's still very effective. 
    -Second Form-
    You can move up, down, back, and forth with impunity. Only you're head 
    and hand (when extended) is vulnerable.
    Normal Moves-
    Claw Crush: P
    Onslaught's arm pops forward to punish the opponent. This simple attack 
    is quick and effective.
    Sentinel Attack: K
    The same as in his first form.
    Special Moves-
    Eye Blast: D, DF, F + P
    Shoots a quick laser blast to where the opponent is standing. VERY 
    Hyper-Grav: F, D, DF + P
    The same as in his first form. For some reason I can only get it to work 
    when using QP. 
    Behold My Mighty Hand: B, DB, D, DF, F + K
    Onslaught pulls back off the screen and then comes rushing forward with 
    his arm extended. Like Apocalypse's Drill move, but does less damage. 
    Nevertheless, very effective.
    Super Move-
    Multiple Eye Blast: D, DF, F + 2P
    Shoots out about 4 eye blasts that will cover most of the area 
    surrounding Onslaught. Can easily do up to 40% damage to your opponent.
    Well, those are the only moves I know about. If he has anymore, please 
    e-mail me and I will add it to this faq. 
    Hope you enjoyed reading this faq as much as I enjoyed writing it. And 
    shame on Capcom for so hastily rushing out this game! 
    -By <swidly@hotmail.com> John Malone. 
    -Info on how to get secret characters: Kao Megura (kmegura@hotmail.com) 
    and his mighty Mini-FAQ for Marvel vs. Capcom (arcade version). 
    -Marvel Vs. Capcom and all characters mentioned are a registered 
    trademark and property of Capcom and Marvel Comics, both of whom I hold 
    great respect for :D

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