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    Chun-Li by AaronTKH

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    Marvel Vs Capcom 
    MVC Chun-li             
    FAQ written by          
    Aaron TKH   
    E-Mail :kokhair@hotmail.com          
    1. Intro
    2.Why should I Choose Chun-li
    3.Chun-li Moves
    4.Combos and Combo Inf
    5.VS Opponents
    6.Now Introducing :Chunli The Fat @$$ Slayer a.k.a How To kill the Fat 
    7.Credits and thanks
    Hello ! This is the first FAQ I am writing (typing) so please bear with 
    me as I still have a lot to learn, and maybe you too ,about Chun-li. 
    About Chun-li’s background, I dunno !Where she came from ? What she 
    does, I dunno !  Anyway , let’s get on with the rest of the FAQ .
    Why should you use Chun-li ? Well , for one thing she has an excellent 
    launcher (either she’ll knock the enemy out of the air then you’ll 
    proceed by
    ......or you’ll trade hits) unless of course its Hulk or spidey you’re 
    fighting against .She has an excellent air super (takes about half a 
    life) excellent supers that are all linkable and she has a continuous 
    combo !
    Button Layout :
       ()		      ()		()
    1,jab,LP         2,strong,MP        3,Fierce,HP
       ()		      ()		()
    4,short,LK	 5,forward,MK     6,roundhouse,HK
    I have put James Chen Combo FAQ legend here this is only for Combos
    Combo Notations:
    -> means use Magic Series to reach next move listed
    XX indicates Special Move cancellation
    /\ indicates that you cancel the last move with a Super Jump or that you   
       do a Double Jump 
    \/ indicates that you land after the last move and continue on the 
     , indicates that no special combo method is needed in between the two  
     S. stands for standing
     C. stands for crouching
    OC. stands for offensive crouching
    DN. stands for holding down on the controller while attacking during a 
    UP. stands for holding up on the controller while attacking during a 
     T. stands for holding towards on the controller (direction you are 
     J. stands for Regular Jumping
    SJ. stands for Super Jumping
    DJ. stands for Double Jumping
     D. stands for Dashing before performing the move
    (OTG) means this will hit opponent off the ground
    (FS) means that the move you just did initiated the Flying Screen
    Chun-li Moves
    [Kikoken QCF+P
    [Description : She bends back 
    [then front and lets out a fire-
    [Thousand Burst Kicks Press Kick rapidly
    [Description : Chun-li raises 
    [her leg and does a lotta kicks
    [does good block damage but
    [has a slow recovery because
    [of her ending pose
    [Rising Bird Kick DP+K
    [Description : picture a 6-hit sho-ryu-ken
    [done with kicks canbe linked from her launcher
    Senretsu-kyaku QCF+2K
    Description : Something like TBK only that
    it moves forward.Slow recovery ,can be linked
    after D+HP
    Kikoken QCF+2P
    Description : a gigantic ball of energy surrounds 
    Chun-li .Unsure whether it can be linked does 
    good block damage.
    Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku QCF+2K in air
    Description : She rushes forward in the air 
    and does a MK following which 5 chinese
    charcters appear in the background linked 
    after Lp ,Lk takes half a life does no block 
    Super Rising Bird kick DP+2K
    Description : like the rising bird kick but does about 12
    can be linked after launcher.
    Combos and Combo Information 
    Chun-li's Magic series
    Ground Magic series       : ZigZag
    Jumping Magic series      : ZigZag
    Super Jumping Magic series: ZigZag
    Launchers                 : Standing Roundhouse
    Jump in Combo : DN.MK->HK
    I will use James Chen's format for Combos
    Beginner :
    1.D.S ->LP->MP->HP
    5.C.HK->TAP K
    6.C.LP->MK->HP, Senretsu-Kyaku 
    1.D.S LP->HK /\ LP->MP->DN.MK->DN. TAP MK
    2.D.S LP->HK /\ LP->MP->DN.MK->HK
    3. D.S LP->HK /\ LP->MP->HP
       D.S. LP->HK /\ LP->MP->DN.MK->LP->LK->MP->DN.MK->LP->LK             
       -> MP->DN.MK ........
    Beware of the cpu’s hit, hit, hit, Senretsu kyaku, combo.  Whenever you 
    get tripped , always roll because there’s a 80% chance she’ll do her 
    SRK.  Keep jumping towards her and block . She’ll most prob do her 
    launcher you can then land and do any combo.
    Try to super jump in with a DN.MK ->HK combo then land and continue any 
    VS RYU
    WHAT ! You need me to teach you to kill RYU ?!?!?!
    always jump or super jump in at this fella but remember to block (he 
    should do his spinning lariat/clothesline)you can then either attack 
    with DN.MK->HK or land then do the combo you like .
    Always shoot fireballs and do Kikosho’s as far away as possible from 
    him. In you want to play offensive , jump in with the jump-in combo but 
    keep tapping the kick button to push him away with the TBK
    As usual , try super jumping/jumping in on this lady .If on the ground , 
    try blocking low to avoid being launched. But also , beware her vector 
    drain when blocking you can’t tech out of it .Her supers come out 
    relatively slowly so you can always block them and GO COMBO !
    Super jump straight up when he does his captain fire and try to aim your 
    landing position near to this guy. NO!  You must not go forward in the 
    air instantly when you super jump. But instead, you must try to jump in 
    to land in sorta like a 45% angle .but always remember to BLOCK ! 
    (Because....) He’ll then do his captain collider /corrider? Which 
    usually has a long-enough recovery time (if you jumped in as I told you) 
    for you to combo him to captain heaven when you land. Don’t try to  
    dash-in to him because his captain fire is very fast and can knock you 
    and take away a lot of health b4 you have time to block.  His Captain 
    storm super has long recovery time .and should not be feared, but 
    THIS little robot is a very Cheap @$$ .whenever he kicks you , he’ll 
    usually do an 8 hit combo at least . So then again , BLOCK. He’ll try to 
    keep you away by doing his cheap little fireball’s and his tornado holds 
    (which usually miss ) so Super-Jump !
    but block while you’re landing cause he’ll do his jab tornado holds 
    which will blast you to the sky, or the more potent Hyper Megaman Which 
    is like the faster version of the proton cannon. His pattern is :
    Shoot a few fireballs , tornado hold .Repeat.
    So counter it .He’ll usually throw in a few beat planes and rush frills 
    in the mean time but unless he does a combo first , CPU will usually 
    miss the combo and just let you take block damage (if you block)
     Dont ever let this Bus3rd do his ground combo on you he usually does 
    about 6-7 hits which can take away a lot of health (slightly more than 
    1/4) .The Cpu’s Strider is usually smart enough not to do his ragnorok 
    (did I spell it correctly?) super .But the cpu will usually do the 
    “LEGION” instead of the uroburos .unfortunately (fot the cpu that s ) 
    LEGION has such a slow starting lag time , you usually have enough time 
    to jump away first.(Because it does great block damage )and land in 
    front of his face and combo him. 
    However if you want to do a jump-in combo beware his air slam which has 
    excellent range (ans so-so damage) but is very irritating.  Remember, 
    Chun-Li has a triple jump which enables her to stay in the air for a 
    VERY long time.
    This guy can be killed just like strider and is complete wuzz when used 
    by the computer . Just don’t get hit by his 8-9 hit combo which takes 
    away quite a bit .And remember to roll after he kicks you down (he might 
    do his crawler assault)
    VS  JIN 
    WHOAAA! This damned shit does a lotta damage with every of his supers. 
    Don’t ever super jump on him .He’ll most prob do his Great Cyclone (or 
    something) and you wont be able to block it .However along with  
    strength comes his horrible lag time for all his supers.  Which lets you 
    be able to kill him relatively easily .Just don’t get hit by him or be 
    prepared to lose at least 1/8 of a life Waiting pays of against this @$$ 
    because he’ll usually do his diving kick from the air which leaves him 
    vulnerable (unless of course he does the thingy where he strips of all 
    his clothes ) 
    Run!Run!Run! Super-Jump-in don’t ever rest against him. And never end a 
    combo with S.HK because he’ll do his super power and and take your 
    health .You don’t want that ,do you ?so super jump in on this guy cause 
    he usually wont block (sucker) and if he does block your standing HK , 
    always end that combo with a TBK.
    Don’t worry about him . He’s really quite simple to kill .(QUITE STUPID 
    TOO !!!)
    Whenever he Webs you (the throw ) , he’ll usually do a few hits then do 
    a venom dive (is that the name?)But It DOESNOT COMBO ! So guess what ? 
    COMBO him! 
    When jumping in be careful. Cause he’ll do a standing HK following which 
    another venom dive which lets you land and attack .
    VS HULK 
    HaHaHaHaHaHa ! ! This stupid green vomit no laughing matter. He attacks 
    usually combo and take away lotsa health. However, be particularly 
    careful when jumping  in on this shit because he likes to Crush you , 
    Gamaa style ! So Keep jumping in and blocking immediately and watch as 
    he wastes his power !Au Contraire, he might also do a S.HK which has 
    quite good recovery time (not good enough though), but you can always 
    land dash in with C.MK->C.HP->SRK. Always block his attacks and wait for 
    a chance to strike unless you want to eat his feet and eat his gamma 
    charge !
    this @$$ likes to fly around the place and do kinetic cards . .Punish  
    him by doing your SRBK/RBK and teach him that jumpin donch  pay .And 
    Super-jump away from his Royal (Toilet) Flush because the recovery time 
    has now lessened and the block damage is quite good . Don’t push block 
    him (3P while blocking) because of the high chance of getting hit by his 
    cards .As Usual dont forget to roll away when he downs you because he’ll 
    royal Flush / Cajun Strike you .
    Super-jump-in on this guy but don’t forget to block the ever-lovin 
    repulsor blast (which by the way is ever-lovin because of the lag time 
    heheheheh) This guy has really powerful slams that can be OTG’ED. He 
    also likes likes to do his his supers.  (Super jump for the cannon and 
    run in front of him and block if its the war destroyer ) You’ll also 
    fing great joy in doing your infinite on him because he lets out a sound 
    of cracking metal when you hit him How Nice !
    Wolvie is a real wuss here . he usually does little comboes (such as 
    launch, lp->lk->drill claw) how dumb ! However his berserker Barrage X 
    still does a lot of damage so beware and be offensive ! 
    CHUN-LI THE FAT @$$ SLAYER ! ! ! ! ! 
    HOW TO KILL THE Fat F***ER     (better known as [FF after stage7 ])
    1st Form
    With Chunli , walk up to his face when the round begins and just hold 
    down and press MK->HK if his face turns and yells , just continue . if 
    it doesnt block he will (90% chance) charge towards you from then on 
    just keep repeating the Hold down Mk->HK.  he’ll never charge to you 
    again from the second time onwards at most he’ll just teleport away from 
    you ( HAHAHA futile attempt ) from there just dash forward and repeat 
    2nd Form 
    his ugly face will always appear yours (errr.... Chun-li’s face is not 
    ugly ) wait for him to call his sentinel bombs/sentinel to come in then 
    do your Kikosho your kikosho will “eat” his stuff and blast his ass. You 
    can follow up with yet another Kikosho after that and another just 
    remember to block after it lest your kikosho ate his toys .
    After eating 3 balls , Onslaught will be quite full (though his life bar 
    don’t be) however sometimes after eating the second ball sometimes 
    Onslaught might be too full and will escape to the corners of the stage 
    (maybe he went to the loo.  Who knows?)  And will come back with a big 
    hand of which, it’s a general rule to always super-jump when he 
    ...er.rrr goes to the loo.  By then, he’ll appear on the other side of 
    the screen  and you can let him eat another ball .his life should be 
    almost slightly more than a 1/4 by now  from then you’ll proceed to jump 
    up then keep tapping HK. (PS Remember to block or else it’ll be his turn 
    to feed you with beams) He should be dead by now.  
    Thanks to Capcom for creating all the fun games ever (other than SNK of 
     Yaozhong for giving me info on characters for so many games (Special 
    Onslaught for letting me kick his big fat errrr....... nevermind .
    James Chen for creating the easy way to write combos 
    Chen Wei yu (the fish ) for accompanying me to the arcade every time (I 
    meant this )
    To Lim Tian-Yi (Kung-fu master) For teaching me Strider and introducing 
    Superbowl (Thanxxx to you too )
    To Disi (The Arcade whizz )for teaching me many many infinite combos for 
    marvel and kicking my @$$ in every game I challenge him in (and for 
    reminding me to be humble)
    And finally to all the “care-lair-fair’s” out there for letting ME kick 
    your butt (and helping my winning streak go up hehehehe)
    OUTRO,(oppo of intro geddit ?) :
    Well we’ve (i‘ve) finally reached the end of my yuckky FAQ hope you’ve 
    enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed typing it out (now that my 
    fingers are all numb) 
    Let’s hope your Chun-li improves .Any comments( good,bad )criticisms , 
    complaints, please send them to kokhair@hotmail.com. 

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