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    Morrigan/Lilith by LMorrigan

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/22/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 15:02:19 -0700
    m   m  oooo rrrr rrrr I gggg aaaa n  n     l    i l    i tttt h  h  
    mm mm  o  o r  r r  r I g    a  a nn n     l    i l    i  t   h  h         
    m m m  o  o rrrr rrrr I g    aaaa n nn     l    i l    i  t   hhhh        
    m   m  o  o r r  r r  I g  g a  a n  n  &  l    i l    i  t   h  h               
    m   m  oooo r  r r  r I gggg a  a n  n     llll i llll i  t   h  h
    FAQ Version 1.1
    By Lilith Morrigan                                                                                                
    Version 1.1:
       Added some more Onslaught and vs. strategies and more info on supers on 
       how and when to use them.  More detailed descriptions of special moves 
       and added some stuff on the background & Misc. info.
    Version 1.0:
       First draft of the FAQ (It's not labelled as Version 1.0...I forgot to ^_^)
    2)Background Info
    3)Misc. Info
    5)Morrigan: a)Regular Moves
                b)Special Moves
                c)Super Moves
    6)Lilith: a)Code
              b)Regular Moves
              c)Special Moves
              d)Super Moves
    9)Differences between Lilith and Morrigan
    11)Team Super
    12)Duo Team Attack	 
    13)Best Helpers
    15)Fighting Onslaught
    16)Acknowledgement & Thanx
    18)Contact Me
    Welcome to my Morrigan and Lilith FAQ!  In here you will find everything you 
    need to know about the succubus "sisters".  In my opinion they are the dream 
    team because you can easily master both of them at the same time ( besides, 
    they are "sisters"!  They are meant to be together like Megaman and Roll. ).  
    My grammar is horrible so please don't complain to me about it ^_^.
    Morrigan Aensland was born in Scotland, 1678.  She was the heiress of her 
    kingdom.  She was so powerful that her father, Berial, feared that her power 
    would lead to her self-destruction.  So he sealed half of Morrigan's power in a 
    coffin.  Later the power formed a body which called itself Lilith.  In the 
    game Morrigan absorbs Lilith into herself before the fight.
    Morrigan's name means 'phantom queen', while Lilith's name means 'belonging 
    to the night'.  Lilith was the first wife of Adam.  She was also a female 
    demon who lived in deserted area and steals children's souls.  I guess this 
    is why Capcom choose these names.  
    NOTE: The real Lilith looks younger than Morrigan and she had short hair. ( 
    She can be seen when Morrigan taunts ).  The playable Lilith in the game has 
    the name Morrigan and she is actually Morrigan in Lilith's clothes and hair 
    3)MISC. INFO:
    Morrigan: Green Hair or Blonde Hair
    Lilith: Light Purple Hair or Light Blonde Hair
    Starting Pose: Morrigan raises her arms, calls "Lilith!" and as Lilith 
    absorbs into her she says "ee goo a yoi" .  Same for Lilith, but colours 
    Victory Poses ( same for both Morrigan and Lilith ): Dancing with bats, 
    sitting on bats ( like her taunt but without Lilith ), changing clothes 
    ( either a red top and skirt, a white shirt and black pants or a chinese 
    dress with a hairstyle like Chun-Li . [colors are different for Lilith.] )
    Time over: ( same for both ) Win - she crosses her arms while the 2 bats 
    from her head flies above her.  Lose - she covers her face with her cape.  
    Taunt : Morrigan will sit on bats, signals to opponentand says "Ao lyn" while 
    Lilith pops up from the ground and lean next to her.  ( same for Lilith 
    except she says "A gi a my yo". )
    Button Layout:
    Jab(LP)        Strong(MP)      Fierce(HP)	
       ( )           ( )              ( )
    Short(LK)      Forward(MK)     Roundhouse(HK)
       ( )           ( )             ( )
    U = up ( jump )
    UF = up forward
    F = forward
    DF = down forward 
    D = down ( crouch )
    DB = down back ( crouching block )
    B = back ( block )
    UB = up back ( air block )
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    Jab        : Morrigan's hair flies out horizontally
    Strong     : Morrigan's hand turns to a drill
    Fierce     : Morrigan's bat cape sticks out   D+Fierce is her lanucher.  
                 F+Fierce is her throw
    Short      : Morrigan's leg kicks out 
    Forward    : Morrigan's leg kicks in a 90 degree angle.  F+Forward will hops 
                 toward her opponent, and it can hit up to four times. 
    Roundhouse : Morrigan flips and kicks out.  D+Roundhouse will knock your 
                 opponent down.  F+Roundhouse is her other throw.
    Dash       : F,F
    Air Dash   : (air) FF ( dashes forward )
                       UFUF ( dashes in a upward curve )
                       DFDF ( dashes in a downward curve ) 
    Soul Fist		D, DF, F + P
    Morrigan yells "Soul Fist!" and throws a bat ( or is it a skull? ) surrounded 
    by flame.  This is her projectile and it reaches all the way across the 
    screen on all 3 versions.  The jab version has slightly less recovery time 
    but the Fierce stuns your opponent for a second if connected.  While in air 
    it travels in an angle and it also pushes Morrigan back up a little.  A great 
    keep-away move.
    Shadow Blade	F, D, DF + P
    Morrigan yells "Shadow Blade!" and her bat cape opens as she do a dragon 
    punch.  It can hit up to 4 or 5 times and it has great horizontal and 
    vertical range.  She can do this in air too.  Great for defense, but be 
    careful if you miss.
    Shell Kick	(air) D+MK
    Morrigan's legs turns to a drill and it hits horizontally.  It can be use to 
    hit opponents in air because it beats out most air attacks.  Another good 
    air defense move.
    Shell Pierce 	(air) D+HK
    Morrigan's legs turns to a drill and it hits vertically down.  This comes 
    out pretty fast and you can surprise oppenents on ground.  Be careful though 
    if you land next to your opponent.
    Vector Drain	F, DF, D, DB, B + P
    Morrigan grabs her opponent and flies to the sky with him/her.  She then 
    spins, yells "Hoi J-cho!" and slams the opponent to the ground.  This move 
    does a lot of damage but it can be blocked.  If Morrigan miss her opponent 
    she will try to regain her balance by flapping her wings which will leave 
    her vulnerable.  Treat it as the same as Zangief's special throws.
    Soul Eraser	D, DF, F + 2P ( Level one, ground only )
    Morrigan throws a bunch of bats out, yells "Tai ju hoi" and they form a 
    big laser gun for Morrigan and two little ones that rotates around her.  It 
    does a LOT of damage, bur it takes a second for the bat gun to form so it 
    cannot be combo.  However, because of its size and range and lack of recovery 
    time Morrigan is pretty safe when doing this.  You can usually use this after 
    any helper attack and after a missed move by your opponent.  If you're good 
    at timing then use it after you kill the first opponent.  Time it so when 
    your other opponent jumps in the beam will hit him/her at the exact second 
    when he/she touches the ground.  He/she won't be able to block but your 
    timing has to be dead-on.  Might be kind of cheap, though :)
    Silhouette Blade	F, D, DF + 2P  ( Level One, ground only )
    Morrigan raises her arms, yells "Lilith!" as 5 images of Lilith appears.  
    This is a very fast wave super and it is Morrigan's only super that can be 
    combo.  However, it does not do as much damage as her other supers, and it 
    doesn't reach full-screen.  Combo it with a crouching forward or her launcher.  
    Darkness Illusion	   D, DF, F + 2K  ( Level One, ground and air )
    Morrigan dashes to her opponent, says "Ochi Ochi" and if it connects, an 
    image of Morrigan will appear across from Morrigan and they will beat up 
    the opponent together.  This move does 33 hits on ground and 35 hits in air.  It does 
    more damage than the Soul Eraser ( actually it depends if you slam all the 
    buttons during the Soul Eraser ) and it is Morrigan's only super that can 
    be done in air.  It OTGs but only for one hit, which is pretty useless.  I 
    was told that if you skip a few buttons of the zigzag combo series in air 
    it will combo at the end, but I haven't tried it yet.
    Eternal Slumber	LP, MK, B, MP, HK  ( Level Three. ground only )
    Morrigan and Lilith flies to the sky and sits on a bat carpet or something.  
    Then they blow a heart towards their opponent.  The heart moves slowly 
    but it cannot be blocked.  Once connected a curtain will cover the screen 
    and you can see Morrigan's silhouette throwing her opponent around.  When 
    the curtain rises Morrigan stands over her opponent while licking her 
    fingers.  However the heart can be neutralize by a projectile and if her 
    opponents use a beam super they will catch Morrigan in her stun animation.  
    Also since it takes 3 levels of supers you can pull out three Soul Eraser or 
    Darkness Illusion and it does even more damage than the Eternal Slumber, so 
    only use this move to show off or to kill an opponent that has only a little 
    life left.  You can use it after killing your first opponent because the 
    second opponent that jumps in will not be able to escape.  Also, you can 
    launch your opponent, dash to the other side and use the Eternal Slumber 
    behind them, but this would be hard.
    To get Lilith you must enter the following code at the character selection 
    Start at Zangief, go L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, D, D, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, 
    R, L, D, D, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, D.
    Hard to remember, huh.  Well remember this: ( the selection screen is 3 
    (width) by 5 (height) )
    Start at Zangief ( top right hand corner ), draw the number 9, go clockwise 
    to Ryu (middle of first row), then go counter clockwise 1 round.  After you 
    reach back to Ryu go counter clockwise down to War Machine (middle of last 
    row ), then press down.  Lilith's box will appear under War Machine.
    Visualize and you will understand.
    Lilith's regular moves are the same as Morrigan.
    Soul Flash	D, DF, F + P
    Lilith cries and throws a heart that travels about 2/3 of the screen.  It's 
    hard to use for keep away but it does more damage than Morrigan's Soul Fist.  
    While in air it travels in an angle and it also pushes Lilith back up a 
    ittle.  Good for finishing air combos.
    Shadow Blade	F, D, DF + P
    Lilith yells "Shadow Blade!" and opens her bat cape as she do a dragon punch.  
    It can hit up to 4 or 5 times and it has great horizontal and vertical range.  
    She can't do this in air though, so it can't be use as an air defense.
    Shell Kick	(air) D+MK
    Lilith's legs turns to a drill and it hits horizontally.  It can be use 
    attack opponents in air.  Use it for air defense since it has good priority.
    Shell Pierce 	(air) D+HK
    Lilith's legs turns to a drill and it hits vertically down.  This comes out 
    pretty fast and you can surprise oppenents on ground.  Be careful though if 
    you land next to your opponent.
    Vector Drain	F, DF, D, DB, B + P
    Lilith grabs her opponent and flies to the sky with him/her.  She then spins,
    yells "Hoi J-cho!" and slams the opponent to the ground.  This move does a 
    lot of damage but it can be blocked.  If Lilith miss her opponent she will 
    try to regain her balance by flapping her wings which will leave her 
    vulnerable.  Treat it like a Zangief special throw.
    Brilliant Shower	D, DF, F, + 2P  ( Level One, ground only )
    Lilith floats backward a bit, says "O la chi" and a bunch of purple glowing 
    bats flies out from her body.  It takes a second for her to start it up and 
    she is not invincible while doing it ( sometimes a fireball can hit her ).  
    She has no recovery delay afterward and it can hit up to 16 times ( usually 
    15 ).  It does good damage but it's harder to connect than the Soul Eraser.  
    Helpers should set this super up but not charging helpers, since they pushes 
    your opponent across the screen.  Good chipping damage if you want to kill 
    a low-energy opponent.
    Splendor Love	F, D, FD + 2P ( Level One, ground only )
    Lilith flies to the sky while holding "Morrigan" in her arms with their bat 
    wings extended.  This move has okay horizontal range and it can be combo 
    with her launcher but you have to be really quick.  It can hit up to 10 
    times and it can be use as an anti-air attack .   
    Luminous Illusion   D, DF, F + 2K  ( Level One, ground and air )
    Lilit dashes to her opponent, says "Ochi Ochi" and if it connects, an 
    image of Lilith will appear across from Lilith and they will beat up 
    the opponent together.  This move does 33 hits on ground and 35 hits in air.  It does 
    It is Lilith's most powerful super and it is the only one that can be 
    done in air.  It OTGs but only for one hit, which is pretty useless.  I 
    was told that if you skip a few buttons of the zigzag combo series in air 
    it will combo at the end, but I haven't tried it yet.
    - Morrigan's and Lilith's projectile throws them back up in the air a bit.  
      This allows them to stay in air for a period of time by throwing 
      projectiles.  You can confuse your opponent because they will not know 
      when are you going to land.  If your opponent is waiting for you on ground 
      to combo you, give them a Shell Pierce.
    - Morrigan has great keep away skills.  Lilith doesn't, but she can keep 
      people from dashing in on her with her projectile.  She can also do a 
      bunch of them in mid-air just to charge up her super-meter ^_^
    - Morrigan and Lilith both have great fighting skills.  They are quick and 
      their air dash can be used to get near their opponent for a combo.
    - Their keep away skills and fighting skills lets you change strategies from 
      time to time. 
    - Morrigan and Lilith take hits badly.  Be careful not to take too much 
    - They don't have a lot of attack power.  Takes them a while to kill 
      opponents like Hulk.
    - A missed Shadow Blade, like any other dragon punch gives your opponent a 
      chance to combo you or pull out a beam super.
    - If your opponent knows how to roll, they can roll to Morrigan after she 
      finishes the Soul Eraser and give her an air combo.  ( Computer does this 
      all the time so get ready to block. )
    - All of Lilith's and most of Morrigan's supers have startup delays.
    - Morrigan's projectile reaches all the way across the screen.  Lilith's 
      projectile only reaches 2/3, but hers is more powerful.
    - Lilith's Shadow Blade is faster and has more range than Morrigan, but she 
      cannot do it in air.
    - Most of Lilith's Super Moves does not have as much damage as Morrigan's.
    - Lilith does not have the Eternal Slumber.
    - Lilith's regular combos are more easier to do than Morrigan.
    Morrigan and Lilith's magic series for ground, air, and super jump combo is 
    zigzag.  This means that if you hit the buttons in a zigzag order it would 
    be chained into a combo.
    You can finish Morrigan's ground combos off with the Silhouette Blade, 
    Shadow Blade or Soul Fist.  For air combos you can use the Shadow Blade and 
    Soul Fist.  Also for a easy combo you can use the Soul Eraser after a 
    helper attack.  Combo the Shiloutte Blade with a C+MK or C+HP
    For Lilith there is no supers that she can use for combo, and she cannot 
    combo her Shadow Blade in air, so the only special move she can use in air 
    is Soul Flash. As stated earlier she can combo Splendor Love after her 
    launcher but you have to activate it right away. 
    11)TEAM SUPER 
    D, DF, F + HK+HP ( Level Two )
    Morrigan will do the Soul Eraser while Lilith do the Brilliant Shower.  It's 
    a little bit tough to get it connect because both supers have startup delay.  If you want to use it you should start Morrigan and have Lilith as 
    the backup because the Soul Eraser reaches your opponent faster than the 
    Brilliant Shower.  Both supers will protect Lilith and Morrigan so it's 
    pretty safe to pull it off. I wouldn't recommend it if you are playing a 
    human opponent.  Computers are sometimes pretty dumb so you probably can 
    connect it if you're lucky :) Also, it's a safe way to switch.
    D, DB, B + HK+HP ( Level Two )
    This is where both Lilith and Morrigan comes out and attack their opponent.  
    It is tough to control two players at the same time, but you get unlimited 
    This is an 81-hit combo from Morrigan's MVC Moves Guide
    For this to work Lilith and Morrigan must be opposite of each other.  Lilith 
    starts with the Brilliant Shower first.  If it connects then have Morrigan 
    do the Darkness Illusion after the Brilliant Shower ends.  When Morrigan 
    launch her opponent up and is finishing her Darkness Illusion, have Lilith 
    stand under them.  Jump when Morrigan is just about finish and once Morrigan 
    throws the opponent down start an air Luminous Illusion.  This combo 
    requires accurate timing but if it connects it could kill an opponent 
    easily.  The trick is to get the Brilliant Shower to connect, which may be 
    kind of hard.
    It was suggested that if you have 3 levels of super you can use Soul Eraser 
    after Lilith is done with the Luminous Illusion.  The Duo Team attack will 
    not last long enough so you need that extra level of meter.
    You have to hold on to the selection codes + start for helpers before the 
    helpers selection menu pops up. 
    Any charging helper is good for Morrigan to set up her Soul Eraser.  However 
    it is hard to set up Brilliant Shower for Lilith.  You can try dashing in 
    but it's pretty hard.  
    Charging Helpers can also help you get out of corners.
    Charging Helpers:
    Colossus (LP+MP+MK), Psylocke (MK), Juggernaut (LP+MK), US Agent(MK+HP)
    , Sentinel(MP+MK+HP)
    Saki ( HP+start ), Thor ( LK+MP+start) - If their electricity/lighting 
    connect they will leave their opponent stunned so you can follow it up with 
    Darkness/Luminous Illusion, or the Soul Eraser/Brillant Shower.
    Rogue (LP+MP+HP+LK+start) - If you time it right, she will knock her 
    opponent up. For Morrigan follow it up with the Soul Eraser.  For Lilith, 
    go under your opponent and use Splendor Love, or Brillant Shower.
    Michelle Heart (LP+LK+start) , Magneto ( LK+HP+start ), Too Pooh 
    (LP+HP+start) - great for fighting the second form of Onslaught.
    Chun Li:
    Don't ever jump in on Chun Li.  She can launch you and give you one of her 
    painful air combos or a rising bird kick super - and trust me, it hurts. 
    Hit her with the Shadow Blade or launch her if she tries to jump in ( for 
    Lilith you can use Splendor Love and for Morrigan you can use Silhouette 
    Blade but you have to be quick ) .  Hit her with Soul Fists/Soul Flash if 
    she tries to dash in.  For Morrigan you can play keep away but be careful 
    because she can triple jump and get close to you.  If her Lighting Kick 
    Super misses you, give her an air combo or hit her with the 
    Darkness/Luminous Illusion.  For Morrigan you can attack her with the Soul 
    Eraser after a missed Kikosho.  For Lilith, use Splendor Love under Chun Li 
    after a missed Rising Bird Kick super.
    Neutralize his fireballs.  Watch for those missed Dragon Punch and attack 
    him once you see an opportunity.  Don't try to stop his dash-ins with Soul 
    Fists/Soul Flash because he is very fast.  You can try playing keep away by 
    throwing projectiles in air and use air dash to run away from him.  You can 
    also use air dash to get close to him.  For Morrigan, try to catch him in 
    his animation stun with Soul Eraser when he throws a fireball.  
    Even Lilith can play keep away with him all day, especially with Mega 
    Zangief because he is so slow!  Sweep him whenever he does the Spinning 
    Clothesline, but be careful if your opponent knows how to roll well 'cause 
    he'll go behind you and grab you with a special throw.  Use Shadow Blades 
    if he tries to jump in.  If he is about 1/3 of the screen away and he tries 
    to grab you, give him a Soul Eraser or Brilliant Shower.  Air dash away from 
    him if he gets too close.  For Mega Zangief just keep him away with 
    projectiles ( he is SLOW!!! ), then attack him with the Soul Eraser or 
    Brilliant Showers ( keep in mind that Darkness/Luminous Illusion doesn't work 
    on him, he can't be launch or tripped, but he can't block ).  You can air 
    dash to the other side and continue playing keep away if he comes too close.  
    One golden rule though when you fight Zangief - don't get trap in corners!  
    If you do, you're dead!
    Try to get close to her using the air dash when she's throwing out 
    projectiles.  Attack her with Supers or combos after a missed Vector Drain 
    or Shadow Blade.  Be careful if she tries to get near you with the air dash 
    ( hit her with the Shadow Blade ).  
    Captain Commando:
    Jump over or air dash when he does the Captain fire because he has a slight 
    recovery delay and you can take advantage of that.  Block his Captain Kick 
    and attack him. Don't use jump in attacks because he has the Captain Corridor 
    and it'll knock you away.  You can jump in, block the Corridor and counter.  
    Hit him with a super or a combo if his Captain Storm misses.
    Give him a combo after a missed Mega Upper ( or use Splendor Love or 
    Silhouette Blade if you want ).  Don't bother with playing keep away with 
    him 'cause he got that Mega Buster. Megaman loves to play keep away so jump 
    over ( or air dash )his Mega Buster and brawl with him!( but be careful when 
    his Mega Buster is charged. ).  Hit him with the Soul Eraser, Brilliant 
    Shower, Darkness/Luminous Illusion or a combo after a missed super because 
    he has to transform back and it leaves him vulnerable.
    Strider Hiryu:
    For Morrigan, as soon as you see him do the Wall Cling, use the Soul Eraser 
    if he is low enough to be hit. ( he takes hit like a sissy so it is really 
    damaging for him. ).  Brilliant Shower takes too long to reach so he might be 
    able to block it ( you can do it if you're close enough ).  When he activate 
    the Ouroburos super jump and throw a lot of projectiles until it wears off.  
    You can play keep away with Morrigan.  If he avoids your ground fireballs 
    with the Wall Cling then hit him with air fireballs since he can't block. 
    Use Shadow Blade ( or Silhouette Blade for Morrigan and Splendor Love for 
    Lilith ) when he tries to jump in. As soon as you see him using Legion, use 
    a Soul Eraser - it will beat him out.  Most of his Special Attacks have 
    delays so use this to your advantage.
    Spiderman loves to jump in, so get ready to use the Shadow Blade.  You can 
    jump over his web balls and attack.  Don't rely on projectiles to stop his 
    dash-ins because he's pretty fast.  If he misses you with his Super Moves, 
    attack him with a Super Move ( of your choice ) because he has recovery 
    delays. You can play keep away but don't count on it too much.  Instead, 
    try jumping and air dashing in and hit him with combos.
    All of Jin's moves have recovery delay.  Use that to your advantage.  Get 
    in there and give him quick combos.  For Morrigan you can play keep away in 
    air if you're desperate because he doesn't have a dragon punch move 
    therefore it's hard for him to attack you. (you can use this method for 
    Lilith to charge up your super meter if you don't mind people calling you 
    cheap ^_^).  Be careful of his Tornado Drill because it will hit you if you 
    don't block low.  Watch your lifebar because Jin's attacks are almost as 
    powerful as Hulk.  If you want to jump in, you have to block and counter 
    because he will likely use a Saotome Dynamite, and the recovery delay will 
    give you a chance to attack.
    Captain America:
    Watch for one of his slow recovery moves like charging stars and stars and 
    stripes.  Block it and counter - hit with with a super move or combo.  If he 
    lost his shield you can stand on it and keep throwing projectiles so he 
    can't get to it.  When he does the cartwheel, throw him at once. But keep 
    in mind that without his shield CapA has better combo skills, so watch out 
    what kind of player are you playing against.  Usually the computer don't 
    take advantage of his combo skills, but if you're playing a opponent that 
    is killing you with combos, let him have his shield back.
    You should try to get close to him by air dashing because he has attacks 
    that will prevent you from jumping in or dashing in.  He's a really big 
    target, which you can take advantage of and give him a big combo.  If he 
    misses you with the Venom Rush, attack him with a super.
    Hulk/Orange Hulk:
    Hulk's big weakness is that all of his moves have recovery delay so you can 
    hit him with supers and combos after a missed attack.  Don't try to rush 
    things when playing Hulk, just block and counter.  Don't bother using jab or 
    short on him 'cause he has the super armor. Use fierce and roundhouse 
    instead.  Watch your lifebar occasionally 'cause his attacks are really 
    powerful.  You have to watch Orange Hulk because he's much faster but he 
    doesn't have the super armor so you can use any combos you want.  When he 
    does the Gamma Quake, you can use Soul Eraser or Brilliant Shower if you're 
    on the other edge of the screen 'cause the boulders won't reach you.  
    The Soul Eraser/Brilliant Shower will go through the boulders and catch Hulk 
    in his stunt animation.
    Most of his moves will tell you what he's going to do so you can usually 
    block it and counter.  If he misses you with the Royal Flush attack him with 
    a Soul Eraser for Morrigan ( Brilliant Shower takes too long to reach ).  
    You can play keep away but don't do it too often.
    War Machine:
    Attack him with a Soul Eraser or Brilliant Shower when his misses you with 
    the Repulsor Blast, Proton Cannon or Smart Bomb.  When he flies, hit him 
    with a Soul Eraser.  Jump and air dash through his Shoulder Cannon and 
    attack him with a combo.  Don't play keep away with him 'cause his Shoulder 
    Cannon will usually beat you out.
    You can play keep away against Wolverine, but watch out if he gets close to 
    you or constantly using the Berserker Slash.  Playing keep away in air is 
    more safe than on ground.  Block his slow-recovery moves (Berserker Barrage 
    X, Tornado Claw, etc. ) and counter. 
    1st form:
    The easiest way is to wait for him to corner you first.  Once he does the 
    Mega Optic Blast, do a DF+Fierce , DF+Roundhouse combo. Hit him with a LP, 
    LK, MP, MK combo after he finishes the Shockwave or Headcrush.  If you can't 
    reach him then throw a projectile.  Super jump over his Hyper Gravs or you 
    can throw projectiles to neutralize it.  If you want to finish him real fast 
    then in the corner, send out a charging helper, follow it with a MP,MK combo 
    and repeat - he usually end up too stunned to do anything.  The easy part a
    bout that is you can fight him without leaving the two buttons, and it 
    usually takes more than half of his energy!  Don't waste your Super Meter 
    for the 1st form - save it for the 2nd.  If he switches out, kill his partner 
    with a Super once you see a chance - don't waste your time and energy and 
    don't let him to recover too much.
    2nd form:
    If you didn't use any super moves for the first form your meter should be 
    charged to 3 levels.  For Morrigan use Soul Eraser when he's flying low.  
    Since only the orbiting bat guns hit him, the most hits you can get is only 
    about 17 hits if you jammed all the buttons and he's flying at his lowest 
    height.  You can also use Silhouette Blade, but it does really less damage.  
    For Lilith go under him and use Splendor Love.  The best time to do this is 
    when he's forming the Hyper Gravs ( you have to be fast though ).  Splendor 
    Love will go through the Hyper Gravs and catch Onslaught in his stun 
    animation. He should be almost dead after 3 doses.  Just jump on him and hit 
    him with a fierce or roundhouse.  Once your meter is charged do a super move 
    again - he should be dead by then.  Don't get hit by one of his eye beams - 
    3 of them will kill a full-energy Morrigan/Lilith.  Also don't get caught in 
    a Hyper Gravs - he usually does the eye beam if you get caught.  Super jump 
    or neutralize it.  When he does his "Behold my mighty hand" jump and throw 
    projectiles to avoid chipping damages.  Don't super jump too much because he 
    will fly up and it'll be hard to hit him with anything.
    Migs <squatter@iconn.com.ph> - webmaster of the Marvel vs Capcom site 
    I learned how to play MvsC by studying his site so I owe basically 
    everything to him.  Without his site this FAQ would not be written and I 
    probably will not know how to play MvsC.  Head over to his site if you want 
    to learn more about the game.
    Kei <yosenkai@bellatlantic.net> - webmaster of WaveWorld 
    He gave me the strategies on fighting Onslaught.  I probably would not be 
    able to finish the game without his help.
    Miguel Raya <foreignermiguel@hotmail.com>
    The first person that sent me an email regarding this FAQ!  Gave me some 
    vs strategies and tips on connecting some Morrigan supers. 
    Silver Queen <queen_silver@hotmail.com> - webmistress of the Silver Queen's 
    Hive <http://arturo.ml.org/sq/>
    The other cool Succubus player :)  Took some info from her website on some 
    general strategies.
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