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Reviewed: 11/12/07 | Updated: 11/10/08

In A Word: Incredible

March 28th of this year, after reading many reviews and opinions, I decided to buy the game Ooga Booga, in order to have some fun with my buddies. The seller on ebay was also selling MDK2, factory sealed. I thought, "well hey how can I go wrong with combined shipping?" The reviews and opinions on MDK2 weren't too bad either. Once I got the game and popped it in my Dreamcast, it got much more play time than Ooga Booga ever will. MDK2 is a game, like Fur Fighters, that is just so unique, and so much fun to play, while being an absolutely excellent game (not to mention, ironically, having the same control scheme). That isn't more true then when you look at game play.

Game play: 9/10

Also, like Fur Fighters, many people have turned to the different control scheme of MDK2 as the reason why this game is difficult. The problem is, if you cannot adjust to a certain game's control scheme within the first hour of play or less, you aren't a good gamer, nor are you a smart gamer. Regardless, MDK's control system uses the Dreamcast's A, B, X, Y buttons to move, and the triggers to fire and jump. Once you look past the controls however, you realize that the MDK2 world is a fascinating one, and it is super fun to play. You play as Kurt Hectic, the hero from the first MDK, (his emphasis on game play is sniping) and then subsequently switch to Kurt's, "boss," Dr. Fluke Hawkins (his emphasis on game play is puzzle and problem solving), and Fluke's self created, six-legged dog, Max (his emphasis on game play is shooting the hell out of things... hehehe). The level design is also one of the best and most interesting level designs I have ever seen, with a lot of platforming sections, as well as exploration, and hidden areas. Furthermore, with dozens of weapons, and many different enemies, this is one good game for game play. As it is for story.

Story: 9/10

Aliens came and terrorized Earth in MDK, and Kurt Hectic, the reluctant janitor of Dr. Fluke Hawkins, saved the world. This time around though, the aliens are back, led by the giant Schwang Schwing. The story gets even better as the game goes on. Graphics are next.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics in MDK2 are a little different from most games (a lot of different colours, shapes, etc.) but they still look phenomenal, another one of the Dreamcast's better games. The character design is truly unique, and each character looks nothing like the other, as well as looking, well, very good. The level design though is quite amazing though, as each level looks incredibly detailed, as well as looking very nice. Very few games can boast level graphics that MDK2 has. Now we will move on to sounds, which should be another ten...

Sounds: 10/10

Perfect sounds, be it the sound effects, or the music. The sound effects are unique to this game, and each has a varying degree of hilarity, or realism. Also, none of these sounds ever gets annoying, which is great considering that many other games get quite annoying with their sound effects. The voice acting is brilliant, with the voice talent being some of the best voice talent I have ever heard. The music though is where the sound department truly shines. Much of the regular music (made for Fluke), and during dialogue scenes was done by Bioware, the development team behind MDK2. The level music for Kurt and Max though, was done by famous Danish composer, Jesper Kyd. The music is mainly drum and bass, however it is great to listen to, even outside of the game. The final section; can the game be replayed?

Replay ability: 10/10

This game will take you a minimum of 40 hours to complete your first time around (give or take a few hours), and that is a fact. Not to mention that countless frustrating hours you will go through when trying to find a certain exit, or completing mazes etc. Bottom line, this game takes a while to play... and a half!

Buy or rent?

Being a Dreamcast title, it cannot be rented, however you are absolutely foolish if you don't buy this game. And people say that the Dreamcast doesn't have quality shooters...

I started this game the second week of April. I didn't complete it until the end of September. The time spent playing this game in between those two dates, I'd never ask for it back. This game was a fantastic trip, one that almost every gamer should take, its just that good. "Yes, you just spent 60 dollars on a video game that ended... a long time ago. Fool! Sucker!... ... This message brought to you by Bioware."

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: MDK2 (US, 03/31/00)

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