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    FAQ by Brent K.

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *for the Sega@Dreamcast*
    Version 1.0  created April 29,1999
    FAQ written by Brent K.   email address: konsmo19@idt.net
    1. Question and Answer
    2. Controls
    3. Real team and player names
    SECTION 1.
    Question and Answer
    Q: What is Monaco Grand Prix 2?
    A: MGP2 is a Formula One racing game by UBI Soft company.  It contains 22 
    drivers, 11 teams and 17 different official tracks.  The game also contains 
    Arcade mode, Simulation mode and Retro mode (where you can race old school 
    formula one cars from decades ago.)
    Q: Does MGP2 have official teams and official drivers?
    A: No. See section 3.
    Q: What Dreamcast peripherals does MGP2 support?
    A: The Dreamcast steering wheel, Puru Puru pack and the VMS.
    Q: How many save blocks does MGP2 take up?
    A: 4 blocks each for the following: Championship season, Menu options, Edited 
    names of teams and drivers.
    Q: Is there a VMS mini-game for MGP2?
    A: No
    Q: Can you play MGP2 online with the dreamcast modem?
    A: No, the japanese version was not programmed to play online.
    Q: How many car viewpoints are there?
    A: 5 standard viewpoints: cockpit view, front fender view, low behind car view, 
    medium behind car view and high behind car view.  There's also 15 other obscure 
    viewpoints that arent very beneficial if you want to see what's ahead of you :)  
    One or two of the angles are good to see where your opponent is behind you.  The 
    rest of the views are basically TV camera angles of your race car that look 
    really cool but are impossible to use without crashing.
    SECTION 2.
    Default controls for the DC pad:
    Right Trigger= GAS
    Left Trigger= Brakes
    X button= Change standard viewpoints
    Y button= Change tv-camera style viewpoints
    A button= Downshift gears (if using manual shifting)
    B button= Up-Shift gears  (if using manual shifting)
    SECTION 3.
    Real Team and Player Names
    Unfortunately, UBI Soft (developer of MGP2) was unable to get the official FIA 
    license for the game.  Thus, they resorted to assigning teams by numbers and 
    fake driver names that resembled the real-life counterpart name.  However, the 
    programmers have given you the option to edit both the team names and the driver 
    The default fake names are on the left and the real-life counterpart name is on 
    the right hand side. 
    The programmers based the game off of the 1997 Grand Prix Season.
    D.Hughes= D.Hill
    P.Dazaro= P.Diniz
    J.Vouellete= J.Villeneuve 
    H.Fieldman= H.H. Frentzen
    M.Schmidtke= M.Schumacher
    E.Ismith= E.Irvine
    J.Antonin= J.Alesi
    G.Brauwner= G.Berger
    M.Howen= M.Hakkinen
    D.Chambers= D.Coulthard
    R.Schmidtke= R.Schumacher
    G.Finesta= G.Fisichella
    O.Perret= O.Panis
    S.Notaki= S.Nakano
    J.Hamon= J.Hebert
    G.Mambiti= G.Morbidelli
    J.Van OOsten= J.Verstappen
    M.Sakai= M.Salo
    U.Katsuoka= U.Katayama
    T.Menasques= T.Marques
    R.Bonibrasco= R.Barrichello
    J.Matassen= J.Magnussen
    Team1= Arrows Yamaha
    Team2= Williams Renault
    Team3= Ferrari
    Team4= Benetton Renault
    Team5= Mclaren Mercedes
    Team6= Jordan Peugeot
    Team7= Prost Grand Prix
    Team8= Sauber Petronas
    Team9= Tyrell Ford
    Team10= Minardi Hart
    Team11= Stewart Ford
    End of Faq----------------------------------------------------------------------
    More information on Formula One racing can be found at:  www.formula1.com and 
    Special thanks to Ed from www.gamebros.com who supplied me with MGP2 for a great 
    ***This document Copyright 1999 by Brent Konsmo***

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