Review by SSVegita71

"If you played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater expect to be disappointed with this"

Well, the graphics don't even compare to that of THPS. The characters in the PS version of THPS 2 look better than the characters depicted here.

If you have played THPS you will know the difference when you experience this game. I'm not disparaging this game because it's not a Tony Hawk game, but because it just doesn't seem cool when you are playing. Hey, I just tell it how I see it. For instance, when you do a Varial it does not look fluent as it is being executed by the character. It looks as though the game is missing the frames for the tricks. If you're a skater (which I am not) and you wanted to mimic the tricks by the characters in this game. Good luck! Nevertheless, it should be noted that there are several tricks compared to that of THPS. In addition, this game deserves credit for the variety of ground tricks.

Well, it takes a little getting used to. Going over a lip, for example, takes much more effort when executing The 900 in THPS. Tony Hawk's on the other hand can be picked up by a casual gamer and have no trouble whatsoever.

The sound is all right. Who would want to skate in the streets with lousy music tracks? There are only a few that sounds o.k., but all in all the company should have done better.

I recommend you rent this game first or purchase it somewhere where you can return it for your money back. I prefer the latter because I don't end up wasting money for this product. In short, for those of you who have the PS version of THPS 2 stick with it until THPS 3 comes. For those who own the DC just wait until 11-8-2000 for THPS 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/23/00, Updated 10/23/00

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