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"Not quite on par with Tony Hawk 2, but pretty good in its own right."

Control-7- Playing Tony Hawk 1 or 2, you should know the simple controls used. Anyone could play it easily. MTV Skateboarding uses basically the same scheme with a little changes throughout. Special tricks are lacking and there are more moves to choose from normally. It is also a lot harder to play at first especially if you played Tony Hawk. Grinding is much harder to pull huge combos in than in Tony Hawk so it has no point in being done.
Bottom Line- It was a good effort but the controls aren't where they should be for a game like this.

Sound-9- We all know the soundtrack from both Tony Hawk games. They were awesome. MTV Skateboarding's is a lot better. It has rock, punk, rap, and everything in between. In my opinion its the best part of the game. Pennywise, OPM, No Use For a Name, Cyprus Hill, and Goldfinger are just some of the great bands on the soundtrack. The sound effects are few and most of it is the skateboard rolling along-not cool.
Bottom Line- Amazing soundtrack, annoying sound effects-turn off sound effects and the game is great-for the ears.

Graphics-7- Not nearly close to Tony Hawk 2. Not bad though and I can still tell what my skater is wearing and all that. The skate parks are very different and nice looking but none of them are large enough to explore and just have fun.
Bottom Line- Should have been a lot better.

Difficulty-8- The game has plenty of modes with difficulties that slowly incline as the game progresses. The game isn't that hard once you get the hang of it so it begins to be worth playing. The Stunt Mode was a nice addition but the Vert Madness was too hard for my tastes.
Bottom Line- Game has great difficulty levels-if only it wasn't so hard to play.

Fun Factor-7- This entire category depends on how much fun you have playing the game. People that don't play it don't like it so no multiplayer. And if they do you can't hear the awesome soundtrack. Its still fun when you have objectives to fulfill and stuff to do. Otherwise just play it for the sound track.

The Bottom Line- Tony Hawk 2 owns this game. However, if you love skateboarding-like I do-there is no reason you shouldn't play this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/15/01, Updated 08/15/01

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