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Reviewed: 03/30/02 | Updated: 03/30/02

Another reason why MTV should DIE

When I first picked up this game, I thought to myself, ''Wow, this looks like a fun skateboarding game. I've heard a lot of good about it.'' It goes to show that you can't believe everything you hear. I threw the CD into my Dreamcast and turned it on, seeing a quite impressive introduction movie. Of course, Andy McDonald's beautiful grinds, manuals, and flips only served to raise my expectations enough to bring them down to earth even harder.

First of all, the level design is pathetic. If the control system had been anywhere in the ballpark of games like Tony Hawk, then they might have been interesting to play. Sadly, the play control is so terrible that all the cool grinds and gaps that the programmers designed are almost impossible to land. No secret areas are anywhere to be found. Tricks are nearly impossible to pull off, and even harder to land. The physics engine is so glitchy and unrealistic; no matter how much speed you build up, you always seem to launch the same distance off the ramp. When shooting vert gaps, you never seem to have enough time to pull off more than one trick.

The graphics are pretty decent. Sega's Dreamcast is a wonderful machine with a lot of potential that the producers of this game obviously exploited. The characters look fairly realistic, as do the surrounding in each level.

But the soundtrack is where this game really shines. Thanks to the evil corporation of MTV, gamers are treated to songs from rather famous bands such as System of a Down, Cypress Hill, Goldfinger, No Use For A Name, and Pennywise. That's where the coolativity stops, though. Once you select a song, it plays the same damn song on loop during the level. So if you want to freeskate and just have some fun, you'll be hearing the same damn song over and over and over again. This ruins otherwise good songs.

Another bad thing about this game is the trick modes that you can play in, where your character will start at the top of a hill, skate down, and (for example) try to launch over a number of cars lined up, monster truck style. Sounds interesting? Think again. It's challenging to the point where you will get sick and tired of restarting when you crash, all while hearing the same damn song over and over and over again.

Buy or rent? Rent, definitely. I'd say it worth a shot... but only one. You're in for a surprise if you're expecting another Tony Hawk.

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