Review by Ryuji Otogi

"I am happy to say this is the worst game I have ever played..."

Well another skating game comes to the Dreamcast one problem it sucks really hard. Unlike Tony Hawk this game will just make you want to grab Carson Daly and stick a boot up his crack and yes I am talking literally. I advise anybody that has a brain to run away as far away you can from this game and just stick to Tony Hawk.

Graphics 2/10- The graphics are the worst I've seen in a long time I know games on the original Nintendo that are better then this load of crud. Also the people look there made from little kids for petes sake if your going to make a game MTV at leats do it right! You could have at least spent a couple more months working on the graphics you owe that much to the people that bought this game....

Gameplay 1/10- Andy MacDonald your no Tony Hawk you bum and the gameplay of this game is the worst I've ever seen, the controls are the main core of this problem there so confusing probably Einstein couldn't even understand it. They have a lot of options but with all these horrible controls what does it matter the games still going to stink.

Music 5/10- The Music is not entirely all bad but it's nothing that MTV should be proud of it's still pretty bad. The Music kind of gets in the groove when you first hear it but after like 2 minutes it gets so annoying hey why am I telling you people this? You know that MTV's songs are annoying because of the songs they play on ''TRL'' like that annoying Avril Lavigne, Anyway this is the only score they'll get past 3 from me.

Tilt 2/10- The fancy options, and MTV's popularity might attract some people but the story mode in this game bites, in story mode your on your way to becomign the next Tony Hawk or something it's a common storyline that a infant could think up of somebody please get the sledgehammer I need to break this game.

Reaplayability 1/10- The game is boring, and it's pretty short in my view but the bad controls, and gameplay will make a person get frustrated having a hard time and they'll just pretty much forget about even playing this game, yes it's that BAD.

Conclusion- Stay away from Carson Daly, the only show I watch on MTV is Jackass not your stupid TLC. This game should never have been released I recommend you just leave this game along don't even rent it because it is a mistake you will regret. This game is rally a terroist weapon that is meant to kill you of bad graphics, horrible gameplay, and most of all annoyance. For people who bought the game I advise you to give it to the homeless, or throw it out the window if many of you that are reading this are under 16 I feel sorry for you, you could have driven over this game with a Black SS with the Navigation.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 11/30/02

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