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"Has nothing over the other extreme sport games, a let down."

MTV Sports Skateboarding contains 14 pro skaters including Andy Mcdonald. Like all new skateboarding games MTV has to go up against the popular Tony Hawk’s series. It tries that and fails miserably, but it is an okay game to play. It has more levels than Tony Hawk’s but hardly has any tricks to pull off the level design is only average.

Graphics: 7/10
Visuals are nasty looking, the skaters, levels while well drawn contain no detail and have bright contrasting colours that make the game look horrible. Textures for metal are totally flat and are just designed into the surface to make it look 3d. None of the scenery is smooth and everything has a jagged look, most probably due to the game appearing on the PSone as well. Indoor arenas usually look better than their outdoor counterparts. Animation for the skaters is good, their tricks look realistic but this doesn’t excuse anything.

Sound: 6/10
Has all the effects you would expect to find in a skateboarding game, a screech as your trucks slide across some jagged metal, or the smash as your skater’s jaw hits the concrete after falling off spectacularly. But these are nothing special and other extreme sports games do the effects better. MTV has a wide line up of music to skate to including songs from Cypress Hill, Deftones and OPM. More tracks could have been included but I have no problems with this.

Gameplay: 6/10
Just like Tony Hawk’s but it feels morel mechanical, and less fluid. Tricks are harder to pull off and the controls feel less responsive than they should. Grinding is bearable, but stringing combos together is impossible because you can’t get high enough up, plus the response after pressing a button slows the whole game down. There is a vast range of modes for you to choose from. An improvement from Tony Hawk is the four-player split screen mode. It’s great to see it implemented but it suffers from slowdown because the Dreamcast isn’t powerful enough to process four players racking up points and doing wacky tricks. When playing you will notice a higher level of realism, due to the fact that it is easy to fall off. One last thing to mention is that there are a few A.I. controlled skaters milling about, they don’t do much but this was the first step towards the more advanced A.I skaters seen in the recent Tony Hawk’s pro skater 4.

Overall: 6/10
It adds a few minor things to the extreme sports genre but does everything else worse. The game looks sloppy when compared to the Tony’s series but would rank second in the different skating games there are. Luckily for MTV there aren’t that many good skating games.

Rent or Buy?
Neither, the game is nothing compared to Tony Hawk’s. If someone on the street shoved this game into your hands then you could play on it for an hour or so, but then you would get bored and just leave it on a shelf.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/09/02, Updated 12/09/02

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