Review by primary weapon

"Fairly good in Street... but this game dies in Vert."

First off, I'd like to say that I had become very disappointed in this game after a few hours of playing it... so i took it off and played Thrasher: Skate and Destroy.

Gameplay (5/10)
The controls of this game are very weak and you'll need to press the buttons THREE SECONDS early to do stunts, rail grind, or jump over objects. Street is good in this game, but vert makes this game pathetic when it comes to Tony Hawk. Sometimes right before you take off from a vert ramp, you crash and fall. Also, when I tried to go from one vert to the other, before I reached it... I crashed for no good reason. (I was equal with the two verts so I couldn't have tripped) This game is not for the people who gets frustrated easily, so I don't recommend this game for the types who get mad very quickly.

Graphics (8/10)
Graphics Wise... this game actually looks good (It looks better than PS2 graphics I can say the least). Seeing things from far away make it easy to find what type of trick you want. Simple things from the cracks in the walls, to the shadows make it a preferably good game for the visionistic (whatever that means) person.

Audio (5/10)
Not the best or the worst. This game stays in the middle of the good and the bad. I wasn't able to hear board sounds when you stop, crash, or land on a vert ramp. The people are just annoying also, in my opinion, they should have used the space needed for the audience sounds for something else... thats what makes this game unrealistic, since people in real life won't really boo you... unless they are fools and can't do it themselves but just wanna make someone feel bad about his or herself so the booie can feel better about him or her self. Music is pretty good... rock and rap music give this game a good variety of music so that people won't get annoyed with listening to bad line ups (like Tony Hawk 3... just my opinion though).

Story (5/10)
Pretty simple story, MTV hosting a skating competition with some of the best skaters in the country (Don't get me wrong, Tony Hawk has some of the best skaters also... I'm just talking about my review). Competitions such as trying to make it across urban land, doing tricks, and doing jumps give this game more variety than other skater games.

Replayability (7/10)
Not the best from what I can say... single player lacks in many things but multiplayer makes up for it with several game types for playing with buddies.

Rent or buy?
I'd recommend that you rent this game if your not a hardcore fan and that you do not have much patience. When I played this game... I was thankful that I didn't own it... I borrowed it from a friend.

Tricks (9/10)
With a greater variety of tricks than the Tony Hawk Series, the Street Sk8ter series, or Thrasher... it makes up for some of the flaws of this game. Although this game lacks in specials and original signiture moves that only one player can do, it is still very good.

Over all (5/10)
Pretty simple game with a simple story... lacks in handling, sensitivity, and good sounds, but makes up for it with fair street tricks, good graphics, and good music.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/14/02, Updated 12/14/02

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