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Reviewed: 04/10/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Not as fun as Blitz 2000, but the best choice for sim fans

When thinking of the top Dreamcast games, NFL 2K will probably show up on the list. While there are other more highlt rated games (Soul Calibur), but NFL 2K is one of the best Dreamcast launch games out there. While not as fun as Blitz 2000, sim fans will dig this game because of all the reality of football, including lots of plays to choose from and realistic gameplay.

GRAPHICS (10/10): The best graphics ever in a football game, bar none, which is to be expected, considering the power of the DReamcast. The stadiums are realistically designed, as are the players. THe detail in the realistic player models is outstanding. THe football even looks great, although it does travel too slowly while being thrown in the air. OVerall beautiful graphics and a good indicator of how great the DReamCast's graphical cabalities really are.

CONTROL (10/10): It is very easy to go through the different menus, and this is one of the few Dreamcast games that the controller works well for, unlike the sorry control in Soul Calibur, which in that game the regular control pad is impossile to use. GREAT control.

GAMEPLAY (10/10): There are lots of plays to choose from (far more than Blitz 2000), and the VMU is a great addition (you can use it to hide your play selection, otherwise a diagram of the play will show up on the screen). The gameplay is not as fun and more realistic than the gameplay in Blitz 2000 (where in that game fdeatured late hits and rampant "penalties"). In this game, there are the NFL teams to choose from, including the best team in the league, Tampa Bay (okay, maybe I am a little biased :) Overall, great and fun gameplay, although non-hardcore fans will be better off trying Blitz 2000 instead.

FUN FACTOR (10/10): This game is fun for hardcore football fans, although non fans of football will find the gameplay in Blitz 2000 more fun and overall rewarding. Regardelss, both games are outstanding. If you are a true football fan, you'll want to get both (like I did!)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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