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"A little dissapointing.... but still a fine game nevertheless"

Well, I was expecting quite a lot from NHL 2K, but not too much. One one hand, it was the latest game in the top qualoty Sega Sports 2K games. On the other hands, a different developing company (Radical or Black Box, I believe) was prodcuing the game, and usually when a company takes a series made by a different company it usually turns into utter tosh. (Twisted Metal, anyone?) So what was my judgement of NHL 2K after about 3 hours of game time? Well, my prediction was pretty much confirmed: The game is a very good game and other hockey titles will have a hard time beating it. On the other hand, several nagging flaws hamper the game and keep it from attaining the level of greatness that the other games in the Sega Sports 2K series attained.

Graphics (9.1/10)The graphics in the game are very good, the player designs are very well done. The smooth ring surface of the ice makes NHL 2000 for the Playstation look like a old PSX game. The graphics are very good.

Music/Sound (8.0/10): The commentary is pretty good but sometimes can get very annoying.

Gameplay/Control (6.8/10): Kudos to the developers for trying something new for a hockey game, improved player AI. Unfortunately, the goalies are a little TOO good and therefore it is very hard to score on them. Expect a lot of low-scoring games. This dimishes the overall fun of the game although it is realistic since NHL games are usually pretty low scoring affairs. Feature wise, NHL 2K has it all but the exception of one thing: Tracking league leaders. The game felt incomplete without this stat tracking because Im so used to this feature being implemented into sports games.

Replay Value (5.8/10): id rather play NHl 2000

Challenge (9.9/10): The goalies are as good as the real ones

Overall (6.8/10): Sega suceeds in making a hockey game, I cant wait till NHL 2K1

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/29/00, Updated 07/16/01

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