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Reviewed: 01/30/01 | Updated: 01/30/01

A very underated game that deserves a chance.

Omikron, a sci-fi adventure developed by the euro-guys at Quantic Dream, it's a port of a PC tittle which isn't that supprising on the Dreamcast but what is suprising is that it's actually an interesting (and enjoyable) game.

Graphics: 7/10
The world of Omikron is REALLY big, with lots of little shops, stores and other neat places to visit(yes they even have sex shops for all you little perv weirdos out there). Every thing looks really nice with a very Blade Runner feel to the town (well the first one anyway)There's lots of people around town doing stuff, giving it a very populated feel and lots of different background scenery to gawk at. The total package looks very full an rich. The character 3D models are kind of simplistc but there are a lot of them running around, however the animation on most charatcers are as stiff as cardboard even the main character(s) suffer from Gumby-itis. My biggest gripe on the tech front though is the erratic frame rate. While around town it's sort of consistant but other times (going in and out of buildings for instance)it goes bazooey slowing down a lot and then going into overdrive for no reason (I suspect programmers at fault here not the Dreamcast)also the loading time can be brutal. Visually nice but it's some got big flaws.

Sound: 9/10

Very good in all aspects! My goodness hell must have frozen over because a lot of the voices in this game are actually well acted! I've played so many games where my paitence was tested by carpy voice acting and bad dialouge, its not that this is the most important thing in a game but it adds to the experience and is over looked by too many companies *cough cough* (CapcomResidentEvil) *cough cough* . The music fits the mood incredibly well with choice tracks from David Bowie (performed by the in game band The Dreamers) the game music goes from ambient background stuff to harder industrial to rock. Good stuff (can anybody tell me where I can buy the sound track to this game?) The sound effects work well and get the job done but well... they weren't exactly my main focus(but hey come on I don't remember the last time any game had sound effects that jumped out and moved me.)

Gameplay: 8/10 (4/10)*FPS parts

Split into 3 sections adventure exploration, one on one combat, and FPS sequences. The fist two are what you want to play, these are the parts of the game you'll want to remember the game by, the FPS sections however, oh man what a pile I don't think we should even go there. I'm probably exagerateing a little and to thier credit they do look good but they are really aggrivating and I'd enjoy the game more without them.

Control: 6/10

It takes a little getting used but its not that bad. While running around town I had little trouble getting to where I wanted to go or doing what I wanted to do (the cabs also helped a lot), and the same goes for the one on one fighting bits it wasn't Street Fighter (it plays more like a toned down Virtua Fighter actually) by any strech of the imagination but it got the job done. BUT and I mean but.. in the first person shooter bits that's a diffrent story! for some odd reason your character loses the ability to run and he (or she) doesn't respond to commands as well (like turning) which can be really grateing when you're trying to lay waste to the baddies but you're getting your head pounded in because you can't move fast enough to dodge shot's and keep up with the bad guys. It's so bad that I wish I could bypass the shooter bits some how -sigh-

Story: 7.5/10

Well it goes like this, A police officer named Kayl has opened a portal between his world and yours (yours being a parallel dimension to his, or something like that) He then tells you that his world is in danger and that he requires your help but to bring you back to his world you have to insert your soul into his body. So off you go into a strange new world with a borrowed body and a couple of clues. You find out about some stuff concerning demons and an evil dictator but I'll leave that for you to discover. The main idea is that your ''character'' is your soul, bodies (or hosts) you reside in are only temperary, you can't die (unless you get killed by a demon then you lose your soul)
if you body dies you merely posess the next poor sap that touches your old host. hence the name Nomad Soul. I thought this was a neat idea and for the most part its handled well (the story does have some cheasey parts)

Fun: 8/10

I enjoyed my time with this tittle and while its got its share of problems I'm happy with this effort from Quantic Dreams. It's not a timeless classic and you won't be replaying it a bunch of times but I think it's worth a play through for Dreamcast owners. It's like Shen mue light. If you can stomach the load times, frame rate problems and FPS sections, you might like what you find here, just try to give it a little time and a fair chance

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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