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"Not as crappy as Shenmue."

Omikron: The Nomad Soul, although I gave it only an slightly above average score I still found myself quite addicted to this odd and flawed game. In fact, I never even saw a review for this game in any gaming magazine. Oh well, I don't feel too ripped off though, as I only spent $2.00 to buy it from my friend. So I suppose I got what I paid for...

Game Play

I'm actually giving game play some slack although it gets a mere 4 out of 10. If only because as I mentioned before, I was simply addicted. But that would pretty much be all the good I can say about it. Running throughout the enormous cities can be tiresome and boring, especially when you are given little to no hints as to where you need to be headed. And with a city as incredibly huge as these are, That is a major problem. Luckily you can hail little floating taxi cabs to take you to many of your destinations. Combat is a very sore spot in this game, I can't even begin to describe the unbelievable horrible controls that go into the shooting and fighting areas of this game. While there are lots of moves to learn in the game, you really can only pull off about 3 or 4 during an actual fight which kind of sucks. Luckily fighting and shooting scenes are few and far between. The part I liked most about this game is the investigation part of being a detective. You get to inspect many homes, shops, strip clubs, hidden passages, and even the police station at which you are employed. This part of the game is where I was hooked. You will spend dozens of hours exploring every nook and crannie of the massive worlds, inside and out.


Yet again I have to cut some slack, this time towards the graphics. While they aren't the most attractive on the Dreamcast, they are rather cool and somewhat mysterious. And as I said before, this game is HUGE! If you think that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was big then you have yet to truly experience a truly massive play environment. This would explain why there isn't too much detail, as you can only fit so much on just a single 1.5 gigabyte disc. Not only are they gigantic, but there are multiple cities. And you can go inside of pretty much any building that you can see, as opposed to the 5 or 6 of Vice City. Not only can you go inside of these places, but you can interact with much of the items inside of these abodes. Mess with things in peoples drawers and closets. Steal them if you want even. You can watch rather crude and pointless television programs which also feature some rather funny commercials, all of them are voice acted of course. The only low point I can really give to the graphics are that the animations for character movements are terrible, also the on-screen text is very very small and hard too read. But all in all the visuals aren't too shabby. Normally I wouldn't have such a large paragraph for something as unimportant as graphics, it's just that there are so many things in the game.

Sound FX/ Music

Much of the dialogue in Omikron is voice acted, and done so pretty well. Much more so than Shenmue at least. The sound effects however are extremely generic and muffled a bit. There is always some sort of odd futuristic music playing, and mostly every shop or club you walk into has a different tune playing. Hell, there is even a club that you can go into sometimes where you can sit down and watch a digitized version of David Bowie and his band play all original music that he recorded for the game. I was very impressed by that. Good work...

Overall Score

If you have a few extra dollars and have a chance to pick up a copy of this game, I really do recommend it. While it doesn't get the highest score it is still a very entertaining (if odd) title well worth the $4.00 or $5.00 it will cost you. Not bad at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/26/03, Updated 06/26/03

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