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"A forgotten classic"

Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a game that attempts to put together a few different genres into one game.(First Person Shooting, Fighting ala Tekken, A dash of RPG, and the meat of the game 3rd person exploring) And does well in some of those areas and not as well in others. The story starts off with your first playable character asking after being attacked by a demon to help him by transferring your soul into his body. Of course you accept and the game goes on from there.

Game play - 7/10

Omikron's controls are great in the normal exploring mode. In the other modes the controls are not exactly flawless. Most noticeable are the first person shooting sections of the game where aiming while strafing and still being able to hit your opponent can be impossible. Fortunately there is a in game shooting gallery where you can practice these needed skills.

The fighting sequences, akin to the first Tekken are a fun diversion. Although to me they seemed a bit slower than they should be. Not enough to distract you but you do notice it from time to time. Like the shooting galleries there are also places where you can practice your fighting skills. Either against a hologram inside your home or in a secret underground fight club where you can earn Sekets which is the currency of Omikron.

Graphics - 7/10

Omikron is a huge dark city full of citizens walking and driving around. Usually this all happens at 60 FPS but in busy sections of the game this can slow down to around 35. The cities are beautiful and beg to be explored. The only downfall to these graphics are some clipping, and the somewhat long loading times when entering new areas.

Sound - 9/10

Mr. David Bowie did a awesome job providing the music for this game. In addition He is also motion captured for several secret concerts in the game. (Preformed by the in game band ''The Dreamers'') The voice acting is rather well done and fit's nicely to the character who's speaking.

Replay Value 6/10

There are around 30 playable characters you can posses and play as. Many of which are well hidden. Many of which have their apartment keys on them which let's you see their humble abodes.

Over all this game is definitely worth searching your local bargain bin for and playing through. You'll regret not giving this game a go before.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/05/03, Updated 07/05/03

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