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    FAQ/Move List by Kao Megura

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 05/21/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (Star Gladiator 2: Nightamre of Bilstein in Japan)
    for the Arcade and US Dreamcast versions
    Written by Chris MacDonald
     Unpublished work Copyright 1998-2001 Chris MacDonald
     This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
     Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
     be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
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     me, Chris MacDonald <kmegura (at) yahoo (dot) com>.  It can be found
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     and Prima Games.  Remember, plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by
     The Star Gladiator / Plasma Sword series is (c) Capcom Co., Ltd.
     1.  HOW TO PLAY
          - FAQ Notation
          - Basic Commands
          - Bilstein and Ghost Bilstein
          - Blood and Shaker
          - Gamof and Gantetsu
          - Gerelt and Claire
          - Gore and Luca
          - Hayato and Black Hayato
          - June and Ele
          - Saturn and Prince
          - Vector and Omega
          - Zelkin and Eagle
          - Rain
          - Byakko
          - Rai-On
          - Kaede
          - Play as Kaede or Rai-On
          - Fight Kaede or Rai-On
          - Play as SG1 2P Color Gamof
          - See Your Character's True Ending
          - The Life and Plasma Power Gauges
          - Types of Movement
          - Types of Throws
          - Attack and Defense
          - Fighting on the Ground
          - The Plasma Moves
          - Translations
     6.  AUTHOR'S NOTE
          - Special Thanks
          - Revision History
     This FAQ was written mostly based on my experience with the US Dreamcast
     version.  According to Ben Koh, this game was re-released in the arcades
     and was based on the Dreamcast version, so this FAQ should work fine
     with that game.  I don't know what differences there are from the first
     arcade release and the re-release, though.
     1.  HOW TO PLAY
     [ Controller Layout ]  -------------------------------------------------
     ub   u   uf      Jump Up-Back        Jump Up        Jump Up-Forward
        \ | /
     b -- n -- f      Walk Backward       Neutral         Walk Forward
        / | \
     db   d   df         Crouch           Crouch             Crouch
     Obviously, you'll need to reverse these commands if you're on the left
     side of the screen.
     [ Button Layout ]  -----------------------------------------------------
      A   B   B+K      Vertical Slash   Horizontal Slash   Plasma Field
      M   K   A+B         Movement            Kick            Throw
     You can change these buttons any way you like in the Options Menu.
     On a standard Dreamcast control, B+K is the right-hand trigger, and
     A+B is the left-hand trigger.  On Capcom's official joystick or an
     ASCII FT pad, "C" is B+K, and "Z" is A+B.
     [ FAQ Notation ]  ------------------------------------------------------
     qcf / hcf      Press (d,df,f) or (b,db,d,df,f) on your controller.
     qcb / hcb      Press (d,db,b) or (f,df,d,db,b) on your controller.
     ub~uf          Press ub or u or uf.
     (air)          The move can be done while on the ground or when jumping.
     AM / BM / KM   Press A+M / B+M / K+M buttons together at the same time.
     AB / BK / AK   Press A+B / B+K / A+K buttons together at the same time.
     ABK            Press A+B+K together at the same time.
     1 / 2          The move is only available to the 1st or 2nd character.
     Standing Guard                 Hold b when attacked
     Crouching Guard                Hold db when attacked
     Dash Backwards                 Tap b,b / b + M
     Dash Forwards                  Tap f,f / f + M
     Run Forward                    Tap f,f, hold f / f + M, hold f
     Dashing Jump                   Press uf while dashing or running
     Move into Background           Press M
     Move into Foreground           Press d + M
     Safe Fall                      Press any button when you hit the ground
     Throw / Crouching Throw        Press AB when standing or crouching
     Throw From Behind              Press AB when standing behind your enemy
     Get-Up and Flip Away           Press b when lying on the ground
     Get-Up and Roll Forward        Press u or f when lying on the ground
     Quick Get-Up                   Press d when lying on the ground
     Roll into Background           Press M when lying on the ground
     Roll into Foreground           Press d + M when lying on the ground
     Vertical Attack                Press A  (can't be blocked crouching)
     Horizontal Attack              Press B
     Kick Attack                    Press K
     Jumping Attack (Going Up)      Press u + A / B / K
     Jumping Attack (Going Down)    After apex of jump, press A / B / K
     Weak Pursuit Attack            Press u + K when enemy is downed
     Strong Pursuit Attack          Press u + A / B when enemy is downed
     Plasma Reverse: Revenge        Press AM          (costs 0.5 levels)
     Plasma Reverse: Reflect        Press BM          (costs 0.5 levels)
     Plasma Field                   Press BK          (costs 1 level)
     Plasma Strike                  qcf / qcb + AB    (costs 1 level)
     For more information on these moves, please see the Gameplay Notes
     The original Star Gladiator cast is listed alphabetically, with their
     "alternate" character listed along with them (since they share all the
     same moves, Plasma Combos, etc. except their Plasma Strikes).  The only
     exceptions are Byakko and Rai-On, and Rain and Kaede.  Although they
     use similar animations, they have unique movelists and Plasma Combos.
     Also, instead of listing the Plasma Combos in diagrams as they appear
     in the Training Mode, I've just listed all the combinations.  This is
     because, unlike the first Star Gladiators, most characters have very
     few Plasma Combos anyway.
     Blaze Sword                    f,d,df + A
     Double Blaze                   f,d,df + B
     Kieru                          b,d,db + K
     Dark Vortex                    qcf + A
     Hell Wind Sword                b,f + B  (direction depends on stance)
     Final Bilstein                 hcb + K
     Gigant Armored                 Tap d,d,d
     Fuyuu                          Press Provocation  (can then move b / f)
     Kuuchuu Yoku Idou              Hold G during Fuyuu  (can move in / out)
     Calamity Dive                  Press A / B / K during Fuyuu
     (step sword)                   b + A
     (stance change attack)         b + B  (turns enemy around)
     (low shin knock)               b + K
     (low pierce blade)             df + A
     Fear Rise Sword                Press A / B while dashing
     Slide Centipede                Press K while dashing
     1 Dark Vortex: End             qcf + AB
     1 Nightmare Blaze              qcb + AB
     1 Gigantic Explosion           d,d + AB  (requires 3 levels)
     2 Deadly Break                 qcf + AB
     2 Nightmare Blaze              qcb + AB
     2 Gigantic Explosion           d,d + AB  (requires 3 levels)
     Plasma Field - Infinity Power: Gauge Waza Tsukai Houdai
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A,A    B,A,A,A    K,K,K,A    A,A,B    A,B    df+B,A,A    df+B,B,B
      B,A,A,B    B,A,A,K    K,K,K,K    B,A,B    B,B    df+B,B,B    db+B,A,A
     - When you use the Kieru, you become invisible for a short period or
       until hit.  Only your sword can be seen.
     - The Final Bilstein is unblockable.
     - When you use the Gigant Armored, Bilstein gets his Super Bilstein
       color scheme from the original Star Gladiator.  For a short while
       he will not go into hit stun when attacked (this is known as 'super
       armor' in most games).  In other words, if you are starting to do
       the Dark Vortex and are attacked, instead of being knocked out of
       the move, you still take damage but will complete your attack.
     - During Bilstein's Plasma Field, you can use your Plasma Strikes
       (even the Gigantic Explosion) as many times as you want.
     Dark Surprise                  qcf + A, tap A rapidly
     Evil Storm                     qcf + K
     Teleportation                  qcf + M / qcb + M
     Kuuchuu Teleportation          f,d,df + M / b,d,db + M
     Fatal Edge                     f,d,df + A
     Fake Blade                     qcb + A
     Hell Wind Sword                b,f + B  (direction depends on stance)
     (flip throw)                   hcb + K  (hits when close)
     (stance change attack)         b + B
     (low shin knock)               b + K
     (low pierce blade)             df + A
     Fear Rise Sword                Press A / B while dashing
     Slide Centipede                Press K while dashing
     1 Rising Tornado               qcf + AB
     1 Bloody Blade                 qcb + AB
     2 Murderous Vulcan             qcf + AB
     2 Darkness Arm                 qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Time Stop: Jikan Teishi
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,B,B    A,B,B,B    B,B,B,B    A,A,A    db+B,A    d+K,d+K,d+K
      B,A,B,B    K,A,B,B    K,K,B,B    K,K,K    df+K,K
     - The Fake Blade isn't just useful as a fake out, but also because you
       cannot be hit until you appear for the sword slash, making this a
       useful counter against fireballs.
     - When using the Teleportation, qcf + M makes you appear in front of
       your opponent, while qcb + M makes you appear behind them.  The
       f,d,df + M and b,d,db + M teleports have the same effect, but you'll
       reappear in mid-air.
     - During the Time Stop, your opponent is frozen in place.  You can
       attack them all you want, and when the move ends, they'll take the
       culmulative damage.
     Gamo Tackle                    qcf + B
     Gamo Tornado                   qcb + B, tap B rapidly
     Gamo Screw                     hcb + K (hits when close)
     Gamo Giant Swing               hcb + K when foe's back is towards you
     Zenten                         qcf + M
     (roll and slash)               Press or hold B from Zenten
     (sit and smash)                Press or hold K from Zenten
     (stance change attack)         b + B  (turns enemy around)
     Gamo Kick                      b + K
     Gamo Head                      df + K
     Gamo Ride                      df + A
     Gamo Sliding                   Press A / B when dashing
     Gamo Running Kick              Press K when dashing
     Gamo Fall                      Press B during Gamo Running Kick
     1 Super Gamo Tornado           qcf + AB
     1 Plasma Giant Swing           qcb + AB
     2 10t Bakudan do Konjyou Nage  qcf + AB
     2 Flying Gantetsu Buster       qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Auto Throw: Jidou Nage Mode
     After connecting with Auto Throw (his Plasma Field ability):
       Gamo Swing                   Press A / B / K and miss
       Gamo Home Run                Press A / B / K with good timing
       Gamo Chip                    Press A / B / K with bad timing
     Plasma Combos:
      B,B,B,B    A,A,A    B,A,K    d+A,K    df+K,K    K,K
      B,A,B,B    A,A,K    K,A,K    b+K,K    df+A,A    d+A,f+A
     - The Gamo Tornado and Gamo Screw are unblockable, as are Gamof's Super
       Gamo Tornado and Gantetsu's Flying Gantetsu Buster.
     - During the Auto Throw plasma field, your character's hands grow big.
       They can grab someone at any time (even if being attacked).  If you
       manage to grab your opponent, there are several outcomes to this move
       once your foe is tossed into the air.  If you press A, B, or K right
       as your character starts to flash red, you get the Gamo Home Run.
       Otherwise, you get the Gamo Chip.  If you totally miss, you get the
       Gamo Swing (aka nothing happens and they fall to the floor).
     Andelucia Storm                qcf + A, tap A rapidly
     Andelucia Crawl                Press B during Andelucia Storm
     Andelucia Arrow                Press K during Andelucia Storm
     Flying Matador                 qcb + A
     Bloody Flamenco                qcb + K
     Naname Zenten                  qcf + M
     Spanish Dance                  b,f + A
     Rapid Elbow (to knock kick)    f,f + K
     Secret Combo                   df + A, then press A,B,K, tap K rapidly
     1 (endless taunt)              Tap Provocation rapidly
     Just Stab                      b + A
     (stance change attack)         b + B
     Black Heaven                   df + A
     Sharp Crawl                    df + B
     Killing Bull                   db + A
     (rapid elbow)                  A / B while dashing
     Dead Slide                     Press K while dashing
     Kick del Sol                   Press KM while dashing
     1 Spiral End                   qcf + AB
     1 Final Ecstasy                qcb + AB, tap A rapidly
     2 Thousand Burst               qcf + AB
     2 Scarlet Del Sol              qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Burst Mode: Kougeki Riki Up
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A,A,A    B,A,A    K,A,B    K,K,K    B,B
      A,A,A,B,A    B,A,B    K,A,K    d+K,K    d+A,A,A
     - To perform the Secret Combo, input df + A, then press A,B,K rapidly
       (don't wait for the hits to come out), and start tapping K.  Your
       character will clap their hands as long as you keep tapping K.
     - During the Burst Mode plasma field, any A or B attack you make comes
       out as a multi-hit attack.
     GORE and LUCA
     Baku'en Tousha                 qcf + A
     Sosei Henkan                   qcf + B
     Kyakubu Kaiten                 qcb + K
     Enshin Bunri                   qcf + K when enemy is floored
     Katsu Tou'nyuu                 d,d + K when enemy is floored
     Shukushou                      d,d,f,b + Provocation
     (return to normal size)        d,d,f,b + Provocation when small
     Zettai Ansei                   Tap d,d,d, then do any move listed below
       Shin Dash                    Tap b,b / f,f
       (lying down movement)        Press b / f
       Shindou Ryouhou              Press AB  (hits when close)
       Okiru                        Press M
       Temae-shin Idou              Press d + M
       Ou-shin Idou                 Press u + M
       Okiagari Kougeki             Press K
       Okiagari Gedan Kougeki       Press d + K
       Okiagari Taikuu Kougeki      Press d,u + K
       (get up jump attack)         Press u + A / f + A
       (get up leap slide)          Press f + K
       Atama Kyodaika               Press and hold Provocation
     Hiyaku Youkyoku                b + A
     (staff attack)                 b + B
     Kou Kaiten Shuu                b + K
     Tsubo Shiatsu-zuki             df + A
     Kaiten Keizan                  df + B
     Haikotsu Shinchou              df + K  (then hold d for Zettai Ansei)
     Kinou Shinshuu                 Press A / B while dashing
     Kacchi-men Shuu                Press K while dashing
     1 Ryuusei Shourai              qcf + AB  (hold Provocation for big head)
     1 Ankoku Kyuuin                qcb + AB  (hold Provocation for big head)
     2 Ganseki Houraku              qcf + AB
     2 Goku'en Shoukyaku            qcb + AB, direct d / u
     Plasma Field - Giant Attack: Kyodaika
     After connecting with Giant Attack (his Plasma Field ability):
       Ara-ryouji                   qcf + A
       Naizou Appaku                Press K,K,K
       (spinaround throw)           Press AB while standing
     Plasma Combos:
      A,B,B,B    B,A,B,B    A,A,A    B,A,K    df+K,f+A    K,K   
      B,B,B,B    d+A,K,B    A,A,K    K,A,K    b+K,df+K    df+K,b+K,df+K
     - The Sosei Henkan petrifies an opponent, giving you a chance to attack
       them as they break out of their stone casing.
     - When you use the Shukushou, your character shrinks, and stays this
       way until you're hit or use your Plasma Field.  When shrunken, you
       do less damage, and all your attacks are shrunk as well (such as
       your Plasma Strikes).  Also, you cannot use any throw moves when
       small, nor can you use the Enshin Bunri.
     - You can make your head increase in size while standing still, or
       when lying down (during the Zettai Ansei).  This even applies during
       your Plasma Field.  Gore can also increase his head size during his
       Plasma Strikes).
     - When Gore uses the Ankoku Kyuuin, his opponent is drawn towards a
       black hole.  If they're not blocking, they're sucked inside.
     - The code to make Gore or Luca small is listed at Capcom of Japan's
       page (and elsewhere!) as d,d,f,f,b,b + Start, but this doesn't work.
       Anyone know if this code has some other effect?
     Shiden                         qcf + B
     Shiden: Kai                    qcb + B
     Byakko Hou                     f,b + K  (hits when close)
     Guren                          f,d,df + A / B
     Ashura                         Tap d,d,d
     Tsuki Kage                     df + A
     Jajin                          df + B
     Jatai                          df + K
     Hien                           b + A
     (stance change attack)         b + B
     Hayagake-Zuki                  Press A while dashing
     Shippuu Geki Kyaku             Press K while dashing
     Dokuryuu                       Press B while dashing
     Souryuu                        Press B,B while dashing
     1 Engetsu                      qcf + AB
     1 Rasetsu Zan                  qcb + AB
     2 Guren Tenpa                  qcf + AB
     2 Kegon                        qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Plasma Sword: Tsurugi Kyodaika
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A,A   K,A,A,B    B,A,B   K,K,B   A,B   df+K,A,A  
      B,A,A,B   d+K,f+K    K,A,B   K,K,K   B,B   K,K,d+K,K
     - When Hayato uses the Ashura, his sword increases in length for a
       short period of time.  The same applies after using the Engetsu.
       It's possible to get a very long sword by using the Engetsu, then
       performing the Ashura once you recover.
     JUNE and ELE
     Starlight Shoot                qcf + A
     Air Starlight Shoot            In air, qcf + A / B
     North Star Combo               b,f + B,K
     Sokuten                        qcb + G
     Comet Kick                     qcb + K
     Shine Dream (Somersault)       qcf + K
     Shine Dream (Command Attack)   Press A Shine Dream (Somersault)
     Moonsault Kick                 Press K when facing away
     Moonshine Kick                 Press KG during Moonsault Kick
     Camel Clutch                   Press AB  (enemy face down, legs towards)
     (stance change attack)         b + B  (turns enemy around)
     Turn Shot                      f + B  (direction depends on stance)
     Shine Dream                    df + A
     Stardust Shot                  df + B
     Scream Flash                   df + K
     Ground Gyro Shoot              db + K
     Prominent Kick                 Press A while dashing
     Cosmo Stream                   Press K while dashing
     1 Big Bang                     qcf + AB 
     1 Happy Black Hole             qcb + AB  (changes when used as anti-air)
     2 Shooting Star                qcf + AB
     2 Meteor Step                  qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Ring Thrower: Ring Nage
     Plasma Combos:
      K,K,K,K   K,K,K,d+K   A,A,A   A,K,K   B,B,A   K,B,B     A,A,d+K,K
      K,B,d+B   d+K,K,K,K   A,A,K   B,K,K   B,B,B   b+K,K,K   d+K,f+K,K
      K,K,f+K   d+B,B,B,B   A,K,A   B,K,A   K,B,A   B,B,d+B   f,f+B,K,K,K
     - During the Ring Thrower, pressing any button makes you toss a ring.
       You can juggle your opponent easily with multiple ring tosses.
     - To use the Camel Clutch, your opponent must be lying on the ground
       face down, with their legs pointing towards you.
     - When June uses the Happy Black Hole and hits an airborne opponent
       with the initial somersault, she does a multi-somersault combo
       instead of grappling her foe and butt-checking them.
     Inu no Sambo                   qcf + A,A
     Firecracker                    qcf + K  (air)
     Tapping Attack                 b,f + B  (direction depends on stance)
     Acrobat Combo                  qcb + B, tap B rapidly
     (stance change attack)         b + B  (turns enemy around)
     Sendout Sky                    df + A
     Roll Slash                     df + B
     Sailing Hit                    df + K
     Firecracker                    Press A / B while dashing
     Ground Rush                    Press K while dashing
     1 Infinity Yo-yo               qcf + AB
     1 Dance With Me                qcb + AB
     2 Trick Superball              qcf + AB
     2 Rolling My Way               qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Doll Bomb: Ningyou Bakudan Hassha
     Plasma Combos:
      B,B,B,B    K,A,B,B    A,A,A    B,A,K    b+B,B    d+K,f+K,K    K,K
      B,A,B,B    d+B,B,A    B,B,K    K,A,K    d+K,K    df+K,A,B   
     - There's a mistake in Saturn and Prince's plasma combo chart (the one
       that appears in Training Mode).  The combo that reads "d+K - K" is
       actually performed as "d+K - f+K".
     - During the Doll Bomb Plasma Field, pressing any button makes you send
       out a Saturn doll (even if you're Prince) that explodes when they get
       close to their opponent).
     Beam Bazooka                   qcf + A  (qcf + Provocation to fake)
     Lower Beam Bazooka             qcb + A  (qcb + Provocation to fake)
     Horizontal Laser               qcf + B
     Lower Horizontal Laser         qcb + B
     Mad Blit                       f,d,df + K, move b / f at apex of jump
     Flying Drill                   d + K during Mad Blit
     Last Shooting                  Press A after throwing foe from behind
     Vertical Laser                 Press K when facing away  (unblockable)
     Back Roller Dash               Tap b,b, hold b
     (lower attack)                 df + A
     Leg Cut                        df + B 
     Drill Kick                     df + K
     Death Express                  Press A / B while dashing
     Sliding Drill                  Press K while dashing
     1 Mega Horizontal Laser        qcf + AB
     1 Satellite Shoot              qcb + AB
     2 Omega Shockwave              qcf + AB
     2 Mad Spin Burst               qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Auto Fire: Beam Nagi Harai Mode
     Plasma Combos:
      A,B,B,B    A,A,K,K    B,B,K,K    K,K,K,K     B,A,K    A,A,A
      B,B,B,B    A,B,K,K    K,A,B,B    df+K,K,A    K,A,K
     - The Horizontal Lasers are blockable now, unlike as in the first Star
       Gladiator.  Because they cover a large radius, they can hit people
       who try to sidestep out of the way, though.
     - Vector can do a lot of damage by doing the Satellite Shoot, juggling
       his opponent with another Satellite Shoot, then doing a Mega
       Horizontal Laser or Plasma Field against his falling opponent.
     - During the Auto Fire, pressing any button makes you fire a beam of
       light from your face that can be directed up or down.
     - If you taunt with Vector and hold down the button, he keeps spinning
       and will earn continuous Plasma Power that way.  For Omega, holding
       the button has no effect, although taunting with him does give you
       a little bit of Plasma Power.
     Rising Blade                   f,d,df + A, tap A rapidly
     Sky Destruction                qcf + K
     Thunder Blade                  b,f + B  (depends on flip stance)
     Thunder Wheel Combo            b,f + B,K, tap K rapidly
     Sky Javelin                    Press in any direction + AK x2 (air)
     Blue Storm (Taunt)             Press and hold Provocation
     Super Jump                     Tap d,ub~uf
     Kuuchuu Nage                   Press AB when in air
     Kuuchuu Fuyuu                  Tap ub~uf when in air
     Kuuchuu Yoko Idou              Press G during Kuuchuu Fuyuu
     Kuuchuu Dash                   Tap f,f / f + M
     Kyuu Rakka                     Press d after Kuuchuu Fuyuu
     Sky Snipe                      b + A
     (sword swipe)                  b + B
     Rising Blade                   df + A
     Sliding Blade                  df + B
     Hammer Kick                    df + K
     Dash Thunder Blade             Press A / B while dashing
     Spring Missile                 Press K while dashing
     1 Crimson Phoenix              qcf + AB  (air)
     1 Blue Storm                   qcb + AB  (air)
     2 Kaiser Sky Destruction       qcf + AB  (air)
     2 Judgment Phaser              qcb + AB  (air)
     Plasma Field - Transformation: Hikou Mode ni Henkei
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,K,A,A   K,K,B,A   A,A,A   K,B   B,K,A    K,K,f+K    d+K,d+K,d+K,d+K
      B,K,K,A,A   K,K,K,K   A,K,A   B,B   df+A,A   df+B,K,K   
     - The Sky Destruction is unblockable, but only hits standing opponents.
     - You can do the Sky Javelin twice in the air, in any direction you want
       (on the ground, you cannot fly in any of the downward directions).
     - When you use the Blue Storm (the taunt, not the Plasma Strike), you
       will blow your enemy backward with gusts of wind.
     - The Kuuchuu Nage is like a ground throw, but it works against
       an airborne opponent.
     - When you use the Kyuu Rakka, you will not drop down until after
       the Kuuchuu Fuyuu ends.
     - During the Transformation, your character does repeated Sky Javelins.
       You can direct them with the control pad, but the buttons have no
       effect (just the opposite of SG1)!
     Spinning Scythe                qcb + A
     Vertical Sword                 qcf + A / B / K
     Charge Scythe Alpha            Hold A and release
     Charge Scythe Beta             Hold B and release
     (thrusting spin)               b + B
     (upper knock)                  b + K
     (chop staff)                   df + A
     (sweep staff)                  df + B
     (knockaway staff)              While dashing, press A / B
     (staff end hit)                While dashing, press K
     1 Destroy Spear                qcf + AB
     1 Galactica Storm              qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Freeze Blade: Reitou Kougeki
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A    A,A,K    A,B,B    A,B,K    B,B,B    B,B,K    B,A,K
      K,A,K    B,A,B    K,A,B    K,K      d+B,B    d+K,K    d+K,B
     - When you use the Vertical Sword, the button pressed determines where
       the blade comes up.  A is closest, K is furthest away.
     - It doesn't matter how long you hold A or B for the Charge Scythes;
       they still do the same amount of damage.
     - The Destroy Spear will freeze an enemy if done up close.
     - During the Freeze Blade, any attack you make freezes your enemy,
       leaving them open to attack.
     Kessou Jin                     qcb + A
     Shippuu Zan                    qcf + B
     Byakko Hou                     qcb + M, then press A / B / K
     Byakko Hou: Manji              qcf + M, then press A / B / K
     Jinrai Shuu                    After apex of jump, d + K
     Shikkuu Sou                    In air, tap f,f / f + M
     Nidan Chouyaku                 In air, press ub~uf
     (spin slash)                   b + B
     (flip kick)                    b + K
     (slash swing)                  df + A
     (spread claw)                  df + B
     (slide)                        df + K
     (leaping kick)                 While dashing, press A / B
     (spinning attack)              Press A / B after Leaping Kick
     (sliding kick)                 While dashing, press K
     1 Oboro Tsmuji                 qcf + AB
     1 Kekka Soujin                 qcb + AB
     Plasma Field - Great Haste: Speed Up
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A,A    K,K,B,K    b+B,B,B       A,A,B    K,K,K
      A,A,A,K    B,A,B,B    d+K,K,K       B,A,A    A,B
      K,K,B,B    B,A,B,K    b+B,B,df+B    K,A,A    B,B
     - After doing the Byakko Hou or Manji, the button you press changes
       how you attack.  A is a 2-hit slash attack, B is a Shippuu Zan,
       and K makes Byakko jump forward and do an unblockable throw.
     - During the Great Haste, you turn invisible when not attacking, and
       move faster and jump higher.  Not only do your attacks come out
       quickly, but you can do mid-air combos by tapping A, B, or K while
       jumping (you can do up to 5 hits, and can mix up the buttons any
       way you like).  However, you cannot use _any_ moves aside from your
       normal A,B,K attacks and the Kessou Jin or Shippuu Zan.
     Tenshin Raigeki                qcf + A / B / K
     Raion Shou                     qcb + K
     Hougeki                        qcb + M, then press A / B / K
     Hougeki: Manji                 qcf + M, then press A / B / K
     Jinrai Shuu                    After apex of jump, d + K
     Shikkuu Sou                    In air, tap f,f / f + M
     Nidan Chouyaku                 In air, press ub~uf
     Purazuma Tako                  Hold M after Nidan Chouyaku, move b / f
     (spin slash)                   b + B
     (flip kick)                    b + K
     (slash swing)                  df + A
     (spread claw)                  df + B
     (slide)                        df + K
     (leaping kick)                 While dashing, press A / B
     (spinning attack)              Press A / B after Leaping Kick
     (sliding kick)                 While dashing, press K
     1 Dai Shippuu Zan              qcf + AB, direct d  (or u in air)
     1 Ura Shungoku                 qcb + AB  (unblockable)
     Plasma Field - Great Haste: Speed Up
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A,A    A,B,B,A    K,K,K,K    u+A,A,K,d+K
      A,B,B,B    B,B,B,B    d+K,K,K
     - When you perform the Tenshin Raigeki, the button used determines your
       flight path.  A is straight forward, B is an arc, and C is a very
       steep arc.
     - The Raion Shou stuns an opponent briefly.
     - After doing the Hougeki or Manji, the button you press changes
       how you attack.  A is a 2-hit slash attack, B is a Shippuu Zan,
       and K makes Rai-On jump forward and do an unblockable throw.
     - On the ground, you can fly into the air during the Dai Shippuu Zan
       by pressing up.  If you do this move in the air, you can fly up or
       down by pressing in those directions.
     - The Ura Shungoku is unblockable.  When you do this move, Rai-On
       will jump at his opponent, which means he'll jump forward if they're
       in front of him or he'll jump backwards if they're behind him.
     - During the Great Haste, you turn invisible when not attacking, and
       move faster and jump higher.  Not only do your attacks come out
       quickly, but you can do mid-air combos by tapping A, B, or K while
       jumping (you can do up to 5 hits, and can mix up the buttons any
       way you like).  However, you cannot use _any_ moves aside from your
       normal A,B,K attacks and the Tenshin Raigeki.
     Ichi no Jutsu: Kage Hou        qcf + A
     Ni no Jutsu: Hasai Kourin      qcf + B
     San no Jutsu: Kaen Kyaku       qcf + K
     Yon no Jutsu: Sou Kan'ei       qcb + A
     (bopper staff)                 df + A
     (sweeper staff)                df + B
     (slider staff)                 df + K
     (dashing sweep)                Press A / B while dashing
     (dashing knock)                Press K while dashing
     (chin rub)                     Press and hold Provocation
     1 Ougi: Hyouryuu Shourai       qcf + AB  (air)
     1 Ougi: Enryuu Shourai         qcb + AB  (air)
     Plasma Field - Mysterious Force: Mogura Tataki
     Plasma Combos:
      A,A,A    A,A,K    A,B,B    A,B,K    B,B,B    B,B,K    B,A,K
      K,A,K    B,A,B    K,A,B    K,K      d+B,B    d+K,K    d+K,B
     - The Kage Hou will stun an opponent.
     - You can follow the Sou Kan'ei with an attack, like the Kaen Kyaku.
     - The Bopper Staff flattens an enemy.
     - During Kaede's Mysterious Force, pressing A, B, or K makes her swing
       her hammer at the appropriate hole.  If you can hit your opponent
       when they pop out of a hole, they are damaged.  The more times you
       hit them before the move ends, the more damage they take once the
       Plasma Field has ended.
     To play as Kaede, put the cursor on Rain, then input this command:
      - down, down, left, left, up
     To play as Rai-On, pu the cursor on Byakko, then input this command:
      - up, down, left, left, right, left, up
     You have to re-enter the codes to enable them every time you play a
     game in a new mode, unless you've fought them in Arcade mode (by
     doing the trick listed below).
     To fight Kaede or Rai-On, you must do the following:
            - Finish at least 2 rounds with Perfect wins.
            - Finish at least 3 rounds with a Plasma Final win.
            - Finish at least 1 round with a Plasma Field win.
            - Don't get any Time Out finishes.
            - Don't continue (you can still lose a round, though)
     If you did it corretly, you'll randomly fight Kaede or Rai-On as your
     fourth round opponent.  Once you beat the character (you don't even
     have to go on and beat the game), they are saved to memory, so once you
     enter the code to play as one of them, they are permanently available.
     Remember that since this game doesn't have an autoload or autosave
     feature, you'll need to save your game after enabling them (you can
     just hit ABXY + Start to reset, then go to the Option menu), and that
     when you start a new game, you'll have to load your file or they
     won't appear.
     Put the cursor on Gamof, hold Start, and press any button.  The only
     differences are in appearance--he plays just like the normal Gamof.
     This version of Gamof just so happens to be the boss of Gamof's true
     To see your character's real ending, you have to have amassed a certain
     amount of Battle Abiliy points by the time you clear Stage 8.  When
     playing on 1-round settings, you need 70,000 points.  On 3-round
     settings, you need 95,000 points, and on 5-round settings, you need
     110,000 points.  It's okay if you die and have to continue--as long as
     you get enough points, you'll get to see your character's true ending.
     All of the true endings work in a similar fashion; where the real ending
     would have left off, you instead are challenged by a CPU boss.  If you
     beat the boss, the rest of the ending is revealed.  If you lose, you can
     still continue and fight them, but you won't be able to change
     You start off each round with a full life gauge that can is reduced
     when you're damaged by attacks, or if you block special moves or Plasma
     Strikes.  Once your gauge is empty, you are knocked out and you lose the
     round (lose two rounds and the battle is over).
     The Plasma Power gauge, on the other hand, starts off with only one
     level of power but can hold three at the most.  Plasma power is earned
     when you are damaged, when you damage your enemy, or when you perform
     a special move (whether it hits or misses).  Plasma power can be
     expended on Plasma Reflects and Plasma Revenges (these cost 0.5 levels),
     and Plasma Strikes or Plasma Fields (these costs 1 level a piece).  For
     more info., read the sections below.
     Every character can inch back or forward by holding in those directions,
     but they can also dash forward or backward by tapping f,f or b,b.  While
     dashing forward, you can hold f in order to keep running towards your
     enemy.  It's also possible to dash by pressing f + M or b + M.
     Other types of movement involve the Movement button.  Pressing G makes
     you move into the background, while pressing d + G makes you move into
     the foreground.  These movements can be used to avoid attacks, although
     some attacks hit both to the sides as well as the front.
     Throws are unblockable attacks that miss unless they're performed from
     up close (when done from afar, your character simply reaches out without
     grabbing anything).  Everyone can throw by pressing AB while standing,
     and all characters can throw a crouching opponent by pressing AB when
     standing or crouching.  You can throw someone from behind, too, but you
     can't crouch throw them (it will come out as the normal behind throw
     instead).  However, because characters automatically turn around when
     you are behind them, it's a lot harder to land behind throws now.
     June also has a throw that only comes out if her opponent is lying on
     the ground face down, with his or her legs towards you and their head
     pointing away from you.  The easiest way to get them in such a position
     is to do a dashing K slide, or to turn them around with b + B, then
     knock them down with a df + K jumping knee.  Afterwards, just get close
     and press AB.
     Throws cannot be defended against, and Vertical Attacks can only be
     blocked by standing; if you crouch, they will still hit you.  On the
     other hand, most Horizontal Attacks will miss a crouching opponent, so
     it's sort of a trade-off.  Of course, you can crouch-guard against any
     kind of crouching attack.
     Another kind of attack is the turn-around attack, which is done by
     pressing b + B.  This move's most obvious effect is that a hit opponent
     is knocked around so that their back is towards you.  Not all characters
     have this ability though, but those who do have the note (turns enemy
     around) in their movelists.
     Some characters b + B attacks (whether or not they turn a hit opponent
     around) also make them switch stances.  So, if they were standing with
     their front towards the screen, they're now standing with their back
     towards the screen.  What does this mean?  Well, for any move that makes
     your character step to the side before attacking, they now step in the
     opposite direction.  For example, Bilstein's Hell Wind Sword normally
     has him moving into the background while swinging his sword.  If you
     do b + B (even if it misses), he'll change his stance, and doing the
     Hell Wind Sword makes him move into the foreground while attacking.
     Finally, there are the jumping attacks.  There are two types; one if
     you press an attack button right as you jump (or for some characters,
     before you reach the apex of your jump), and another type of attack
     comes out if you press a button after the apex of your jump.  Obviously,
     the ones done right as you jump are better for anti-air attacks than
     the ones done as you're falling, which are better for attacking people
     on the ground.
     When you knock an opponent to the ground, several new options become
     available to you and them.  Before they get up, you can always attack
     them with any low attack (like a crouching kick, or some standing
     Vertical attacks), or you can use a Pursuit Attack, which is done by
     pressing u + A / B / K.  The K version does less damage, but comes out
     faster, while the A / B version does more damage, but takes a while to
     hit and gives your opponent more time to get out of the way.
     However, you're not helpless when lying on the ground.  After a moment,
     your character will flip over so that they face up, then they'll get
     up.  You can also press back when lying on the ground to get up
     and flip backward, or press up or forward to get up and do a short roll
     forward.  If you press down, you won't move around, but you will get
     up faster.  Another option is to press M when lying on the ground,
     which will make you roll into the background or d + M to make you roll
     into the foreground.
     Another option is to press any button before you even hit the ground.
     If you timed it right, you'll land on your feet instead of on your
     back or stomach.
     The two moves you'll definitely want to master are the Plasma Reverses.
     The first type, the Plasma Reflect, is done by pressing A+M.  When
     used, you lose half a level of Plasma Power, and a hemisphere of
     energy surrounds you.  If your opponent attacks the energy shield
     during this time, they are surrounded by electricity and are
     momentarily stunned, allowing you to attack them without worry.
     The other type of Plasma Reverse is the Plasma Revenge, which is done
     by pressing B + M.  Like the reflect, an energy field will surround
     you momentarily, but if you are attacked during this time, you
     automatically counterattack.  Unlike as in the first Star Gladiator,
     both moves will counter horizontal and vertical slashes, not to mention
     certain special moves.
     Next up are the Plasma Strikes.  In SG1, these were 'finishing' moves
     done at the end of combos.  Now they have been changed and are more
     like the Super Combos of the SF series.  To do a Plasma Strike, input
     qcf + AB or qcb + AB when you have at least one level of Plasma Power
     (The Bilsteins also have a Plasma Strike done by inputting d,d + AB,
     but it requires 3 levels of Plasma Power).  Plasma Strikes generally
     have higher priority and do much more damgae than other moves.
     Finally, there are the Plasma Fields.  These also cost 1 level of
     Plasma Power to perform, and are done by pressing B+K.  When you do
     this, a field of energy surrounds your character.  If the field hits
     your opponent (and yes, it can be blocked), then the playing field
     changes to a box-like enclosure, and your character gains a new ability
     for a certain amount of time (you can see how much time you have left
     by keeping an eye on the gauge that replaces your Plasma Power meter).
     Note that Plasma Fields can be performed in air.  If you do them after
     reaching the apex of your jump, then you fall down afterwards should
     the field miss.  If you attempt one before reaching the apex of your
     jump and it misses, you will continue to rise up (so no, it's not a
     double jump or anything like that, although it looks like it).
     [ BILSTEIN and GHOST BILSTEIN ]  ---------------------------------------
     Kieru                          Erasure
     Fuyuu                          Floating
     Kuuchuu Yoku Idou              Mid-Air Horizontal Movement
     Gauge Waza Tsukai Houdai       Gauge Skill Usage
     [ BLOOD and SHAKER ]  --------------------------------------------------
     Kuuchuu Teleportation          Mid-Air Teleportation
     Jikan Teishi                   Time Stop
     [ GAMOF and GANTETSU ]  ------------------------------------------------
     Zenten                         Forward Roll
     10t Bakudan do Konjyou Nage    10 Ton Bomb Tenacious Throw
     Jidou Nage Mode                Automatic Throw Mode
     [ GERELT and CLAIRE ]  -------------------------------------------------
     Naname Zenten                  Diagonal-Forward Roll
     Kick del Sol                   Kick of the Sun
     Scarlet del Sol                Red Sun
     Kougeki Riki Up                Attack Power Up
     [ GORE and LUCA ]  -----------------------------------------------------
     Baku'en Tousha                 Exploding Fire Projection
     Sosei Henkan                   Composition Conversion
     Kyakubu Kaiten                 Spinning Leg
     Enshin Bunri                   Centrifuge Separation 
     Katsu Tou'nyuu                 Scolding Throw
     Shukushou                      Become Reduced in Size
     Zettai Ansei                   Absolute Rest
     Shin Dash                      Lying Down Dash
     Shindou Ryouhou                Vibration Treatment
     Okiru                          Getting Up
     Temae-shin Idou                Lying Down Movement (to the background)
     Ou-shin Idou                   Lying Down Movement (to the foreground)
     Okiagari Kougeki               Getting Up Attack
     Okiagari Gedan Kougeki         Getting Up Lower Attack
     Okiagari Taikuu Kougeki        Getting Up Anti-Air Attack
     Atama Kyodaika                 Giant-Sized Head Transformation
     Hiyaku Youkyou                 Leaping Middle Spin
     Kou Kaiten Shuu                Backward Spinning Kick
     Tsubo Shiatsu-zuki             "Touching a Pressure Point" (tsubo)
     Kaiten Keizan                  Spinning Leg Slash
     Haikotsu Shinchou              Spine Stretching
     Kinou Shinshuu                 Recollection Quaking Kick
     Kacchi-men Shuu                Slippery Surface Kick  
     Ryuusei Shourai                Meteor Summon
     Ankoku Kyuuin                  Dark Absorption
     Ganseki Houraku                Boulder-Demolishing Drop
     Goku'en Shoukyaku              Hellfire Incineration
     Kyodaika                       Giant Size Transformation
     Ara-ryouji                     Wild Recovery
     Naizou Appaku                  Internal Pressure 
     [ HAYATO and BLACK HAYATO ]  -------------------------------------------
     Shiden                         Violet Electricity
     Shiden: Kai                    Modified Violet Electricity
     Byakko Hou                     White Tiger Cannon
     Guren                          Crimson Lotus
     Ashura                         (demonic warrior)
     Tsuki Kage                     Moon Silhouette
     Jajin                          Serpent Blade
     Jatai                          Serpent Thigh
     Hien                           Flying Swallow
     Hayagake-Zuki                  Rapid Dash Thrust
     Shippuu Geki Kyaku             Gale Attack Kick
     Dokuryuu                       Lone Dragon
     Souryuu                        Double Dragon
     Engetsu                        Full Moon
     Rasetsu Zan                    Justice Slash
     Guren Tenpa                    Red Lotus Heaven Render
     Kegon                          Stern Flower
     Tsurugi Kyodaika               Giant Sword Transformation
     [ JUNE and ELE ]  ------------------------------------------------------
     Sokuten                        Side Spin
     Ring Nage                      Ring Throw
     [ SATURN and PRINCE ]  -------------------------------------------------
     Inu no Sambo                   Dog's Sambo
     Ningyou Bakudan Hassha         Doll Bomb Discharge
     [ VECTOR and OMEGA ]  --------------------------------------------------
     Beam Nagi Harai Mode           Sweeping Beam Mow Down Mode
     [ ZELKIN and EAGLE ]  --------------------------------------------------
     Kuuchuu Nage                   Mid-Air Throw
     Kuuchuu Fuyuu                  Mid-Air Floating
     Kuuchuu Yoko Idou              Mid-Air Horizontal Movement
     Kuuchuu Dash                   Mid-Air Dash
     Kyuu Rakka                     Sudden Dive Underneath
     Hikou Mode ni Henkei           Transformation into Aviation Mode
     [ RAIN ]  --------------------------------------------------------------
     Reitou Kougeki                 Freezing Attack
     [ BYAKKO ]  ------------------------------------------------------------
     Kessou Jin                     Bloody Claw Dance
     Shippuu Zan                    Gale Slash
     Byakko Hou                     White Tiger Cannon
     Byakko Hou: Manji              White Tiger Cannon: Gammidion
     Jinrai Shuu                    Swift Lightning Attack
     Shikkuu Sou                    Quick Air Run
     Nidan Chouyaku                 Two Level Leap
     Oboro Tsmuji                   Gloom Whirlwind
     Kekka Soujin                   Bloody Petal Claw Dance
     - As a mid-boss, Gantetsu's comment on the 'Four Saint Beasts' is
       referring to the legendary animals Genbu (turtle), Seiryuu (dragon),
       Byakko (tiger), and Suzaku (phoenix).  These are the same guys that
       show up in Rai-On's ending.
     [ RAI-ON ]  ------------------------------------------------------------
     Tenshin Raigeki                Rolling Lightning Attack
     Raion Shou                     Sound of Thunder Thrust
     Hougeki                        Demolishing Attack
     Hougeki: Manji                 Demolishing Attack: Gammadion
     Jinrai Shuu                    Swift Lightning Attack
     Shikkuu Sou                    Quick Air Run
     Nidan Chouyaku                 Two Level Leap
     Purazuma Tako                  'Plasma' Kite
     Dai Shippuu Zan                Great Gale Slash
     Ura Shungoku                   Reverse Imprisoning Flash
     - Rai-On is a real name (lit. "resentful thunder"), but it's also a
       play on words, since "raion" is the romaji for "lion".
     - The kanji used to spell "Purazuma" are nonsensical--the idea here is
       that the spellings match the romaji spelling of "plasma", which is
     [ KAEDE ]  -------------------------------------------------------------
     Ichi no Jutsu: Kage Hou        First Technique: Shadow Stich
     Ni no Jutsu: Hasai Kourin      Second Technique: Smashing Light Ring
     San no Jutsu: Kaen Kyaku       Third Technique: Summer Salt Kick
     Yon no Jutsu: Sou Kan'ei       Fourth Technique: Paired Shadow Gods
     Ougi: Hyouryuu Shourai         Concealed Technique: Ice Dragon Summon
     Ougi: Enryuu Shourai           Concealed Technique: Flame Dragon Summon
     Mogura Tataki                  Earth Dragon Binding World
     - The idea that 'kaen' is translated as 'summer salt' is not a mistake
       but a play on words, since Kaede somersaults during this move. ;)
     - The kanji used for Mogura Tataki don't really spell out that way.
       Although the translation is taken from the kanji, 'mogura' means
       'mole', and 'tataki' means 'to attack'.  You know, as in the mole
       bopping-game that Kaede's Plasma Field is based upon. ;)
     6.  AUTHOR'S NOTE
     I could have never written this FAQ without the help of the following
     Trako and Li Y. Jimmy
      - Trako told me some info told to him by Jimmy (who in turn got it
        from the Magic Box <http://the-magicbox.com>), about fighting and
        saving Kaede and Rai-On to memory.
     Capcom of Japan                                       <www.capcom.co.jp>
      - Some movenames and other move spellings, as well as info. on
        Bilstein's Gigantic Explosion and how to get people's true endings,
        were taken from their website and FAX page.
     Ben Koh
      - For the huge amounts of info. and the move descriptions that were
        found in v0.5, and for answering some of my questions on this game.
        I owe this guy a huge debt of gratitude, here.
      - For more info. on Bilstein and other misc. info.
     Shlomo Abraham
      - For some corrections on Rain's moveslist, and for explaning Kaede's
        'Mysterious Force' to me.
     Doug Earley
      - For some information on Bilstein.
     Version 0.6  (May 21, 2000)
      - Now that I have the US Dreamcast version of this game, I've been able
        to rewrite the entire FAQ with all-new and corrected info.  It only
        took what, two years? ;)  Hey, blame Capcom's poor distribution of
        arcade games, not me ;)
     v0.5 - Various corrections, additions, and move explanations by Ben.
     v0.4 - More additions, especially. to the Misc. section.
     v0.3 - Added a move for Bilstein and corrected Rain's moves.
     v0.2 - Added Kaede and Rai-On's moves and codes.
     v0.1 - Initial release.
     Have any questions not answered in the FAQ?  Comments or complaints?
     Then drop me a line at <kmegura@yahoo.com>.  If you would like to
     contribute some information to the FAQ, that would be great, as there
     is zero official info out there on the Net (which is surprising
     considering how much info was out there when I wrote my Star Gladiator
     Unpublished work Copyright 1998-2001 Chris MacDonald

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