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    FAQ by LTill

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                                             By Lee Till 
                                              Version 1
                                       Created 28/2/99 Updated: 28/2/99
    This faq is intended to help people come to grips with POWER STONE, the newest fighting game 
    from Capcom. No money should be involved in the distribution of this guide, if this guide is put
    on to any website be sure to credit me and anyone who helped make it.
    Copyright is owned by leetill since 28/2/99 any trouble or questions etc, please email me at:
    1:Menu translation
    2:Battle techniques
    3:weapon translations
    5:VMS Games Translation
                       As soon as you start the game you will be shown to a menu screen here 
                       are what the are:
    a. ARCADE (The main game choose character and fight)
    b. VS (Fight against human opponent, will not be highlighted unless pads 1 and 2 are in place)
    c. Options- DIFFICULTY:        indicated in stars (More stars= harder opponents)
                TIME LIMIT:        how much time per round.
                ROUNDS:            how many rounds per fight.  
                ATTACK STRENGTH:   how much energy attacks take away. (More stars= stronger attacks)
                SOUND:             stereo or mono (default is stereo)
                VIBRATION:         You need the rumble pak accessory for this to work.
                PAD CONFIGURATION: configure the pad buttons
                RESET OPTIONS:     resets your game settings (shown in blue text)
                (after configuration press START to go back to main menu.)
    d.Extra options- (NOTE: This is only available after completing the game)
                     POWER STONES PER ROUND: changes the amount of power stones available for collection 
                                             from 3-5 makes it easier to collect power stones.
                     POWER DRIVE GAUGE:      display or hide the drive gauge. (default is on)
                     EXTRA ITEMS:            Lets you use the extra weapons collected from completing 
                                             the game and also food etc. (Default is off)
                     COMBO DAMAGE:           Allows you to change whether or not combinations do more
                                             damage. (Default is on)      
                     ROUND DISPLAY:          Changes the round display to either on or off.
                     ATTACK DAMAGE:          Changes the strength of normal attacks.
                     SPECIAL ATTACK DAMAGE:  Changes the strength of special attacks.
                     RESET OPTIONS:          resets these game settings (shown in blue text)
                     (after configuration press START to go back to the main menu.)
    e. SAVE/LOAD- saves or loads you game settings.
                  save (left) 
                  Load (right)
    f. POWER STONE COLLECTION- Lets you view any extra weapons, endings and VMS Games that you 
                               may have recieved through completion of the game.
    2: Battle techniques.
    Buttons and uses:
        (A)= Jump.some people have double jumps too and can also jump off walls)
        (B)= Grab. basically lets you pick up weapons, throw enemies (good in air) and also use
             arena to you advantage, such as hanging from ladders, posts and the ceiling.
             You can also attack off a wall by pressing b when next to it.
             Hold (B) down and move and you will sometimes evde enemies when next to them.
        (X)= Punch/Throw/Shoot Weapon/push boxes/special attack in drive mode
        (Y)= Kick/kick boxes/special attack in drive mode
        (L)= Punch+Jump (when in power drive also lets you use final attack)
        (R)= Kick+Jump (when in power drive also lets you use final attack)          
    Fighting: You run around various arenas attacking enemies with 
              anything you can get you hands onto. Each character starts off with 1 powerstone. 
              to stand a chance in succesfully winning the bout you will want to get all three 
              powerstones (the other one off your opponent and then collect the third yellow one 
              which beams down a few seconds into the bout.) 
              Once all three have been collected you character will become stronger
              and will change into a super being. With this you will have a power drive gauge at the
              bottom of the screen which empties when you use your attacks (by the use of punch and kick)
              When you have used up all of you drive energy then you will lose the powerstones and
              turn back to normal, then it starts again until one of you is dead.
              Each character has two final attacks which use up all the drive gauge(via L and R buttons)
              You are best to use these when you have little drive energy left to get the most power 
              out of this super state. (there is a bar on the screen to show you which stones you and your
              opponent have in posession. there is also a radar showing you where abouts stones are 
              on the battle arena)
              Your energy bars are the daimond shaped boxes on the top. every time they are emptied
              they dissapear and when they are gone, you're dead. (when the bars have blue in them, 
              this is energy that can slowly come back if you have enough time to recharge it.)
              When you are trying to collect power stones from other characters you are best to use
              flying kicks because these will easily knock the gems out of your opponent quickly.
              When a character uses this technique on you, pick up items and then when they kick,
              throw it at them to get their stone. hehehe.
              All items and attacks usually auto aim for your opponent so always attack when they 
              are running away or coming forward because other wise you'll miss(except for the bazooka)
              Beefy guys can pull trees and posts from the ground and use them as weapons.
              Never let enemies get all three power stones, if they do you're in trouble.
    3: Battle items. when picking up weapons you character will usually slow down so when you dont 
                     need them any more press (B) to throw them away. If you get hit when you have a 
                     weapon in possesion you will lose it. guns usually have a gauge beside them 
                     telling you how much fuel it has left. some have bullets beside them instead.
    Petrol bomb: Pick it up and throw it at enemies, causes multiple hits but is hard to aim.
    Bomb: Has a timer which when depleted, will blow up hitting anything thats near it. Slows you down
          but blast radius is affective. (try playing volleyball with it with a mate for a laugh)
    Bazooka: what a beaut, slows you down like a friggin snail but has a blast radius of an atom bomb
             Very powerful and just the thing for collecting power stones.
    Sword: Very strong and increases you attack range but slows you down a little.
    Bar: Same kind of thing as the sword.
    Handgun: shoots six bullets which are hard to aim and it slows you down, although very strong 
             and can aim long distance.
    Flame thrower: Shoots flames that hurt enemies bad. medium range, it does slow you down 
    EXTRA ITEMS: these are only found after successful completion of the game.
    Bow: A Long staff that stretches across the screen and attacks powerfully
         a good weapon that lasts long.
    Ray gun: shoots rays that spread out giving it a large radius. although medium range.
    Sheild: Use this to protect your self when the opponent has transformed. The only 
            guard you have in the game.
    Mini gun: very power ful rapid fire gun that slows you down but spreads bullets like mad.
              another winner.
    Food: Recharge you health during battle.
              When you complete the game with each character you can view their endings via the
              power stone collection. 
              complete the game with all characters to get the secret character KRAKEN!
              Complete the game with Kraken and you'll get 3rd person mode and Valgas!
              Complete the game with Valgas to get a split screen 2 player 3rd person mode.
              complete the game perfectly with Valgas and you'll recieve the character Final Valgas.
              Get 1000 coins on the vms games to recieve a music gallery in the collection.
              Get 2000 coins on the vms games to recieve a art gallery in the collection
              Completion of the game will also grant you the secret weapons, VMS games
              and also the extra options.
    5:VMS Translation: One you have completed the game you may recieve a VMS game in the power stone 
                       collection, download these onto a VMS and you can play the games on it.
    Push A+B to get it started
    here is the translation- 
                            GAMES- Fokker's      - Go!
                                   Ayami's         Info
                                   Gun rock's
                            Hi scores- Fokker's
                            Options- Sound
                                     No sound
    Fokkers game is a flying game avoid rock etc and collect stones to boost A= accelerate B=brake
    Ayami's game is a shooting gallery, hit the targets collect stones for super attacks A= shoot 
    B= Special.
    Gun rocks game is a slot machine match three in a row to win money. when you put down more 
    money you get more directions in which to win from and if you win you gety the chance to double
    or quit.
    Note: winning 2000 coins gets you the Gallery mode in the power stone collection.
    6: HISTORY.
                 3/2/99: Updated secrets.
                28/2/99: finally finished game and finished beta version of faq.
    7: Thanks.
             Thanks to Gamestation Leicester for getting me the game cheap!!!
             Thanks to Alex Schleiss for extra info on secrets.
             Thanks to Jason Stevens for all the other great info.

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