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PSP has it now, but this'll always be one of the titles that just say Dreamcast - June 16 2007

Dreamcast made its debut with a good batch of launch titles, but, in my opinion, the cream of that launch crop was a Capcom Vs. fighter that wasn't 2D: Power Stone (duh!). "Welcome to Power Stone World," the in-game announcer says. Thanks!

After pressing the DC's bulky Start button to see your options, you'll come across the two main pieces of meat: Arcade and Versus modes.

In Arcade Mode you have a roster of eight initial characters to pick from and 2 secret characters for when you unlock later. Once you pick a character, you're off to fight seven foes, a sub-boss, and two forms of an end-game Boss after which you'll get your character ending and an unlockable in the game's "Game Collection" (15 unlockables in all, ranging from extra gadgets and vmu games, to extra characters, modes, and galleries). For now, let's go down to the arenas...

3, 2, 1, Fight!

Where am I? What am I supposed to do? Why is this game called Power Stone?

Let's see. You're in one of 11 squared game arenas littered with objects and scenery you can interact with. You're supposed to finish off your foe by punching (X), kicking (Y), and utilizing your surroundings and arsenal of weapons and other gadgets that pop around the arena to deal out damage (grab stuff with O), and through the most important mean: collecting !Power Stones!

Defaults on, you're supposed to collect three Power Stones of Blue, Red, and Yellow colors in order to unleash your character's Power Mode. You start off with one gem, and your opponent starts with another, and the Yellow will spawn on the map eventually. You have to beat the stone(s) out of your opponent before he collects the three of them--and so that you would be the one dishing out major damage with your Power Drives and Power Fusions! A good move for stealing Power Stones off your opponent is the jump kick (A to jump then Y): it's really the most effective mean of scoring in a hit that will knock the stone off him.

Now, once you've transformed, your X and Y are no longer a meager punch and kick, but are buffed-up moves called Power Drives. The L and R are no longer useless, but they're your two Power Fusions, the ultimate moves in the game. Once you use one of your two Power Fusions, your Power Mode gauge at the bottom of the screen will be depleted and you'll unleash a spectacular move that will munch through your foes' health bar. If your foe is still alive and your gauge is depleted, you'll be back to your original character and the stones will be scattered (and the yellow will vanish and will respawn later). Add weapons, gadgets, poles you can grab onto (to unleash moves off) or just unplant off the ground and slam your opponent with it in a 180 arc (if you have a buff character), jars and boxes you can grab and fling at your opponents, scenery you can utilize to your advantage including a fire pit and revolving spike machina, and you have one hell of a sweet hectic fight.

Some of the weapons and gadgets you'll be able to pick are flamethrowers, hammers, gatling guns, and my fave, an extending stick that can reach your opponent almost anywhere.

Your eight initial characters are as follows (thank God I'm not reviewing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2):

Falcon: The game's Ryu. A balanced character with tough moves and Power Mode.

Ayame: A girl dressed in Japanese garments and fast as a feather. You should only pick her if you intend to utilize her speed to snatch the Power Stones quickly and use her Power Mode.

Wangtang: WANGTANG!! YAY! Another balanced character leaning more towards being a lightweight.

Gunrock: The largest character in the game, and so the slowest. When he transforms, he looks like the boulder guy from the fantastic four, and can fling boulders about and if you press L, becomes a huge boulder that you roll around to beat the crap out of your foe. One of my faves.

Galuda: An Indian fighter that I thought nothing special of.

Jack (the Slayer): One of the weirdest characters in any fighter ever. He gives me a sort-of Voldo impression (of Soul Calibur fame) in creepiness. He crawls on all fours around the map, is really fast, and has a sweet Power Mode. Another one of my faves.

Rogue: The second female fighter and my preferred one too. She's fast, nimble, tough, and has a sweet fiery Power Mode.

Ryoma: He's sorta similar to Wangtang in stature but carries a sword, which makes him more of a preference than Wangtang to me.

The two secret characters are <spoilers> the sub-boss and end-boss. The final form of the end-boss can also be unlocked in Versus mode. Valgas (the first form of the final boss) is, imo, the toughest character in the whole games. His moves can eat up health bars in matter of seconds.

As I've said previously, there are plenty of unlockables up for grabbing, but once you have them all (or most of them since you need a VMU to unlock everything, a move I didn't particularly like), it's down to Versus mode: do you have someone to beat the crap out of on constant basis? If yes, the game will last you a good while, that is, until you get your mitts on Power Stone 2.

The graphics are clean and crispy even in 2007. The characters look good, there transmutations look sweet, and their Power Fusions just look awesome. I'm not sure about the fps the game runs at, but it's really speedy with nay a slowdown.

Audio is not something I really focus on, but it keeps things running smoothly.

GET IT! And once you do, run for those Power Stones and unleash your character's might!


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+ Great hectic game-play.
+ Has that "just one more go" aura going on for it
+ Sweet crispy graphics
+ Great fun for two
+ Wangtang!
+ Power Fusions!

Cons - barely affect the score

- You need a VMU to unlock everything.
- Can get tiring and boring if you play it on your own.
- Some characters feel useless compared to others.
- Low on game modes and variations

Story - 6

Visuals - 9

Flashy graphics that run with nay a slowdown

Audio - 8

Gameplay - 10
-Fun Factor - A
-Controls - A
-Difficulty - Average

Back when this was launched, it was a fresh take in the fighting genre. It's still fresh even today.

Lifespan - 8

If you've got someone to play this with, it'll last you a good while.

Overall - 9

If you haven't got a DC yet and if you do procure one soon, this and its sequel are ones of the first titles you should be getting for your white dove.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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