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Reviewed: 06/13/01 | Updated: 06/13/01

I got da power.

Power Stone is another game that will go down as being revolutionary. Sure Energize did the same thing that Power Stone did but that game was only average even though it had a separate quest mode in the PSX version. Well as the story of Power Stone goes the game is set in the early 20th century(I know it says the 19th century in the intro but the main character Falcon rides on an airplane and they didn't exsist til 1907)and there is this stone that could grant anyones wish. So 10 people(Counting the two bosses)from across the world search for this stone by sigh fighting each other. Those characters are the British aviator Falcon who in the Japanese version was called Fokker,the samurai Ryoma who is like Hamorou from Samurai Shodown,Jack who looks like Mack the Knife from the game Captain Commando,and from China comes a kung fu fighter by the name of Wang Tang. This isn't the whole cast of characters but I decided to cut it short for today so that I could explain about the concept of Power Stone. Well in case you didn't know already PS is a fighting game where you can go move around anywhere in a 3D environment so it is a true 3D fighter unlike say Virtua Fighter or Tekken(Not that I have anything against those two franchises but they are not true 3D fighters). Yeb you can move around anywhere and you can also pick up objects like boxes,jars,and even a rocking hoarse and you probably already know that you could throw them at your opponent(Duh what else did you expect? Also big characters like Gunrock and Galuda can pick up and swing pillars). There are also some power stones scattered around the battle field and when you collect three you transform into a superhuman being that fits your character(Ryoma looks like Silver Samurai in his transformation and Gunrock looks like the Thing when he is transformed)and for limited time you can do double the damage on the opponent. Let us not forget about the weapons scattered around the stages like handguns,bazookas,and a hidden B movie type ray gun that also can be used toward your advantage. The two bosses are Kraken the pirate who although easy when used by the CPU was actually quite powerful in the hands of a human. The last boss Valgas is a freakin pain in the butt since he is very fast and likes to steal your power stones a lot and his transformation causes a lot of damage. After you defeat Valgus you think you would see your ending now right wrong because Valgus pulls a sucker punch by transforming into a big monster type thing kind of like Apocalypse or Onslaught from the Marvel games and he has these cheap homing missile type things. God that thing was a nightmare with the missiles that about did me in but now let us get to the review.

They really showed off what the Dreamcast was capable of doing with the great looking characters. Yes the characters look very detailed especially the mid boss Kraken who looked very how should I say this piratish. The backgrounds or should I say the battlefields are very nice looking too like Falcon's stage set in a town square near London,and Jack's stage where you go into two shops(By breaking the glass)and steal the items inside so you could can well use them to defeat your opponent what else? The only thing bad about the backgrounds were that some of them were too brownish like Galuda's which was mostly just brown and that kind of looked to dull. All the environments are very interactive like in Galuda's stage you can hang from the ceiling fans and in some stages you can actually crawl on the ceiling. Nice job on the graphics.

I liked the whole go anywhere and do anything type of gameplay in Power Stone and it felt a lot better then it did in Energize. The regular one player game is very fun indeed and it didn't get boring at all and the two player game is even more fun for well obvious reasons I can't explain. Also the concept of the anything on the battlefield is a weapon helped too since it just felt cool and it was pretty original too added to the fun as well. The one thing that brings this down a notch is the power up stones in the battlefield. Whenever someone gets all the stones they are almost next to unstoppable(Even for a limited time)and could take out one half of your life meter and at times the game tends to be just a race to see who gets all the stones first so they could transform. Other then that the gameplay was very good and it wasn't boring at all even for extended playing time. So I will just say that it is good.

Its easier to learn then it is in such other fighting games like Street Fighter or KOF. There is both a punch and kick button and there are some dial em type combos(Unlike the ones in MK3 the ones in PS are actually a little harder to pull off)so it is the standard control so far. There is no block button since you can just avoid attacks(There is a hidden shield you can get though)but there is a jump button and that wasn't too bad because it fits well into a go anywhere type fighting game like this. Moving around is also very easy even for someone that is new to the game so the control is done well.

The character voices sounded alright like Galuda's ''I'am number one'' and Wang Tang's ''Yahoo''. I think it would have been better if Kraken got a pirate voice like the one The Sea Captain has on the Simpsons because his voice just sounds like he has a frog in his throat. The music is also done very well too like Falcon's theme or Galuda's music that sounds very western. The announcer was okay too and was pretty involved with the fight since he responds to whenever someone gets or loses a power stone(He says ''yes'' if someone gets one and ''oh no'' when someone loses one). Again it is a nice job.

There is a lot of stuff to get in Power Stone like playable bosses,VMU mini games,and ending collection,extra weapons and such other extras(Also including a cool first person mode). There is a lot of stuff to unlock in PS and the fun just doesn't stop at all. Chances are that you will be playing this game over and over and over and well you get the idea.

Final Word
A very good fighting game and very good action game rolled into one great package for the family to enjoy. Even if it may not seem like your thing try Power Stone anyway because you may not be disappointed with the end result. This is also a good choice for those that have just bought a Dreamcast as well even though the sequel is already out but the original is still a must have. Hey this game has the power the only question is do you have it too?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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