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When the Dreamcast was launched back in 1999, It had a few good games for it's launch, Unlike the Playstation 2. They was games like Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, Toy Commander and.... Power Stone. Power Stone, the joint first Beat-them-up game for Dreamcast offered fun, and brilliant 3d environment’s and levels, which the Playstation game, Poy Poy and Poy Poy 2 failed.

There is a huge variety of fighter's, Each with their own individual personalities, moves and home countries. Falcon, A Young Englishman from London who resembles Ken from the all famous, Street Fighter. Now there is Wang Tang, a Ryu based character who is Falcon's rival. This Japanese boy, who looks like Tenchi from the series of the same name is cool looking and packs quite a punch, despite been a moron at heart. There are other characters, each with different personalities and moves, strengths and weakness'.

Okay, So what’s the point in a 3D fighting game called Power Stone got what stuff like Soul Calibur and Poy Poy doesn't? The first is Power Stones . Power Stones are gems which appear on the stage once after awhile, which you to race against each other to get, or beat up each other for them. Once you have gotten at least three, Your character will change in to a Power Ranger style super hero. These super heroes are very powerful, and can kill their opponent’s in a matter of seconds. This is the fun of Power Stone, especially in Multi-Player mode.

The levels them self are massive, and have obstacles in them, like fire or just normal, everyday things like lampposts. Many things are interactive, and you can use things like the poles to swing around, jump or hit opponents with, GENIUS!. What is also around the levels are items, like guns, swords or bomb's. You can use these items to whack, shoot or throw at your enemies, to cause heavy damage.

Each level has it's own music, as do character's and their fit in with the atmosphere of the levels perfectly. The sound effects are also brilliant, with everything been sound shattering, It will sound like the cinema when you have the volume very loud.

The characters and the levels are in so much detail, that I have not found any glitches at all. They are brilliant, and proper Arcade style structures.


Graphics : 10/10
Sound : 9/10
Music : 8/10
Gameplay : 10/10
Challenge : 6/10
Ending : 7/10
Overall : 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/13/01, Updated 10/13/01

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