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"Great game!! while it lasts..."

Graphics, 10
I'm a pretty big anime fan,So the charector design for these guy's is just great. Heck even Wang Tang turn's into a Super Saiyan (from the all too popular world of Dragon Ball) type charector. The charector's are so good looking that you can zoom in on them and they still look great upclose. Also which I really appreciate (after playing lot's of Street fighter)is the variety in charectors. No 2 charector's are the same..which is great when it comes to a fighter. Weapon and Super move graphics are no lauphing matter either. They are amazing to watch as they fill the screen with flashiness.

Sound,Music, 9
Great sound effect's, there is a huge use of weapons and super's in this game so sound's matter. Music doesn't really stick out though,It's great for what it is though. It's background music, and stay's in the back..

Controll's, 10
Nothing's better than having responsive controll's in a fighting game. You need to constantly run around and avoiding from getting smacked by some incomming object or some Supers. The buttons are perfect too, just don't be expecting to walk into the game throwing fire ball's and launching dragon uppercuts. Which is sort of what I tried to do when I picked this title up so many moon's ago. Little did I know this was going to be drastically differnt than any other capcom game.

Game Play, 6
This is where the game loses point's, No matter how good this game is going to be. You can easily loose intrest with in the matter of a week. Reason: once you quickly get hang of this title you can easily lose intrest I have had this game for a long while.. And only recently started playing it again and reliving the magic of Power Stone, I suggest the same for any who bought or plan to buy this game (play it till your sick, than later on try giving it another go)You'll appreciate the game just as much as you did the first time 'round.

Replayability, 8
I should give this a ten, but the fact that you can get so sick of it lowers the points here. There are a huge amount of secret's to be found here. Such as new weapon's, several vmu games, and art. Each found after beating the game. Which add's to getting bored of the game...

Value/Rent or Buy, BUY
Okay so you can get bored of this what? It's one hell of a game that all kind's of players will appreciate. Especially the charector design and fun factor of this title. And if you get bored of it..put it away, and pull it out at a later date.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/16/00, Updated 01/16/00

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