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"Capcom delivers a 3D smash hit with Power Stone."

Power Stone is an arcade fighter from Capcom. I have never played the arcade form of the game. It is a Capcom's attempt to update for the 00's and come into the 3D Fighting world (Street Fighter EX doesn't count). The game is a great and a load of fun.

Graphics - 9
The graphics are great. The animation is well done. The characters do have a low polygon, but they are well rendered, even though the game moves at fast speeds.

Sound - 9
The sound is clear. The characters have good voices along with the announcers. None of the characters speak in English, but that's okay. The background music is up to Capcom quality. The one point was taken because the characters names are almost impossible to hear at the match up screen.

Gameplay - 10
Thus is the most original and unique fighting game in a long time. Control is tight and accurate. This game is truly 3D. Characters can move in any direction at any time. They can pick up objects, throw them, swing off support beams, pick up weapons and bounce off walls. The gameplay is finely tuned, but sometimes becomes a scramble for the power stones. Special moves can only be done while in the characters' super form. The characters are very good. Although there are only 8 characters to start, each one is very unique. The game is fast, fun and frantic. Yet, it still requires skill.

Replay Value - 7
This is the game's weakest point. After only a little bit of time it is easy to beat the game on the hardest setting. The Power Stone collections add some cool weapons. The new options make the game worth playing again. The Virtual battle bonus isn't very good. The VMU games are fun. There are basically no that many extra modes and a few extra characters. The Power Stone collections add some replay value and the multiplayer is very fun.

Final Score - 9
Power Stone is a picture of the future of fighting games. It is not too complicated with many moves to remember (both good and bad). It could have uses some more depth (more combos, attacks, blocking, more special moves. Overall it is one of the best games for the Dreamcast. Buy or Rent? Buy, this is a great fighting game that is fun to play alone or with friends and brings the arcade experience home. I look forward to seeing Power Stone 2 in arcades, Spring 2000. Expect Capcom to refine and add to this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/00, Updated 02/09/00

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