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"3D Just might be!!!"

This is a great fighting game. This game is sweet. You play as a character trying to beat your opponet up. This game is fun to play with your buddies! This is a faced paced game with great graphics. Nice level design and character design. This game is in 3D so it puts up quite a challenge trying to find your opponent. The graphics are very nice looking. Everything in this game is very detailed and looks real good. The games graphics are very smooth flowing and look great. The control of the game is very quick and responsive. The game functions perfect with the Dreamcast controller with no problems at all.


The game feels responsive and works great. You can shove stuff at your opponet. You can do almost anything. It is easy to pull moves off and special moves. Some times it feels like the game drags or freezes for a moment but all the game play feels good and that’s what it is all about. The game is very responsive to the controller and it works great with the game. All of the moves are very easy to pull off with no combos or anything to remember. Everything is smooth flowing with the Dreamcast controller.


The game had good sound and all of the characters had there own sounds for different types of moves or if you got hit. The game has a sound for almost anything you do. The music was detailed for both the music and for the voices of characters. Everything was done very good on this game. Its all detailed and sounds great. The characters voices are very detailed and sound great. The music in this game is very good and sounds great but it doesn’t seem to make you want to jump up and shout. The game is very good in this department.


This game is on the Dreamcast for cry'in out loud. Why wouldn't this game have awesome graphics? The graphics look great. The best graphics of all time. They look great and the characters look great as well. Nothing was skipped graphics wise on this game. Each character has his/her own level in which to fight in. The levels had good design that matched each characters capability. Theres no problems in this game its all good. The characters are very neat looking and are very detailed. The levels look great and are full of things to collect wether it be a gun or a pole to knock your opponent out. Almost everything in a level can be moved and used as a weapon which makes the game really exciting.


This game is kinda hard but once you get the hang of this it will get easier. This game is fun to play with a friend. This is only a 2-player game. It is also fun to mess around with the special features. The 2 player mode is a very nice feature that makes the game even better. The game is very fun to play but once you beat it you should be done with this game after all it’s a fighting game and the get boring sooner or later.


It all depends on what you have the computers skill set on. The game to me seams challenging even on the easiest setting. The game should put up quite a fight and it should keep you bust for quite some time. The games computer characters are very fast and sometimes are almost impossible to beat. Take your time on this game.


Rent this one first. This doesn't mean it’s a bad game it just might be for you. Read the review you decide. It’s a very good 3D fighter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/22/00, Updated 08/14/02

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