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"Whoa! Have you seen that huge beam thing that just finished kicking your ass?"

I don't dig fighting games all that much, but I like them anyways. Now, this game is a true breathing masterpiece. Probably one of my favorite fighting games ever. Power Stone is in one word... Powerful.

The major problem in most fighting games is while you do that huge command to release that fireball, some idiot just keeps kicking you blindly and he wins. Now, in Power Stone, both of you will be kicking. Yes, no big ass moves here. You don't have to do one full 360 on the joystick to release a decent attack. You just have to press a button. But it isn't as easy as it seems. You see, Power Stone has a 360 degree arena and it isn't partial 3d, like Virtua Fighter and other games where you have to press a button to sidestep once. You just go about anywhere. The jump is taken care with a button (Finally!!!) Also, the thing I hate THE MOST is characters that aren't creative. Ryu, Ken, Akuma... THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME FRIGGIN' MOVES! COME ON! (although the rest of the characters are very creative...) Sub Zero, Scorpion and Old Reptile, THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE! WHAT'S THE POINT? Not here. Power Stone only has 8 characters (The game's only problem) but they are 100% absolutely positively different. Also the big thing is blocking. Now, With Capcom's Street Fighter that is taken care of by pressing Back (great touch) But MK, you have to press a button. Come on! WE DON'T HAVE LIGHTNING QUICK REFLEXES! And the computer always manages to pull that cheesy block. Not here. You just have to run away. It works sometimes, but now the computer can't cheat as much.

Both of you (You and your opponent) start out with one Power Stone and another is randomly created on the arena. To get the Power Stone out of your opponent, you have to knock him down. Then when you get all three, you turn into a super thing person and you have HUGE moves. Until the timer reaches zero, of course... Another lovely thing about Power Stone are the interactive scenarios. Benches, pots, chairs, tables, barrels, pretty much anything can be used as a weapon.

Now Power Stone looks the 4th best dreamcast launch game (Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, House of the Dead 2 and Power Stone.) Not due to small polygons, not due to sickening blood, but because of animation. It is just awesome. They move so smoothly (Puts even Ready 2 Rumble on the dust) it looks better than real life. Also, the characters look very nice. Scenarios look beautiful.

Sound effects are very realistic and POW! and BANG! sounds are great. Another complaint is that it doesn't have outstanding music. It has some good ones, but I've seen Fighting games with better ones. The voices are very clear, although in japanese.

Overall, Power Stone is one of the top reasons to pick up a Dreamcast, and Capcom is going for a Sequel (PLEASE, put at least 15+ characters in it) and I hope it has some better music and more characters. Power Stone does right where many others have done wrong, but it does wrong what many recent fighting games does right (Number of characters)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/01/02

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