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"Capcom's 3d Fighter is very original... but is that a good thing?"

Capcom may be known best for its 2d fighters, such as Street Fighter and Darkstalker series, but games like Power Stone will definitly help get them established as one of the top 3d fighter developers. To imagine Power Stone in your head is near impossible, you simply have to play the game.

Unfourtunatly, Capcom's new formula does have several severe flaws. First and foremost is the battle system most definitly won't appeal to everyone. While I personally liked it, I have numerous friends who absolutely hated it. There are no special moves you initiate with motions, no complicated comboes, and most of the other stuff you'd normally asscociate with any fighting game, 2d or 3d. In this game, you run around in a 360 degree field(similar to Destrega) punching and kicking until you collect three gems and transform into a more powerful version of yourself, then you proceed to do massive damage in your transformed state with this game's version of special moves, which are done with a single button press. This can very monotanous.

Matches tend to be extremely fast paced and can often be over pretty quickly. This is both good and bad, depending on you personal standpoint on it.

Another of the game's weak points is the lack of characters. Since there is little variations with moves and attacks, more characters would have definitly helped a lot. About 10 just isn't enough! Also, the character balance isn't really that good. Since speed is so essential to the game, the faster characters are just too powerful compared to the slower characters.I have never met someone who can beat a good Ayame(fast character) player, but even first time players can win against a Gunrock(slow character) player if they manage to get past his one or two good moves.

Now to the game's good... level/background interaction. This is awesome. You can do almost anything you want with the background, from swinging around posts, picking up tables and chairs and throwing them, and even throwing you opponent against the wall knocking down a shelf which will drop pots on their head! This is by far the best interaction with a game's stages in any fighting game, ever.

Graphically this game is also great. Being on the Dreamcast(and Arcade), it is garunteed you haven't seen anything that looks this good on the Playstation or Saturn. Polygons are smooth, both characters and levels are very well detailed, and even the anime still frames seem to somehow be higher quality than most you would see in a game.

A good game, but there are things about it that could use some refining or complete reworking. This is the kind of game a properly done sequel to will be absolutely spectacular!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/01/02

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