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"The game that made the DC worth buying.(kinda)"

Power Stone is perhaps the only game that is worth buying for the DC (other then Power Stone 2). This is the first time Capcom has done a type of game like this and I can say they did a pretty good job on it. This game is something like Super Smash Bros except it is a 3-D roam-around type of game. Also the items is not childish like Super Smash Bros. The story line is this: You must pick a hero and get the all powerful power stone from the evil Kracken and Valgas.

Game play: The game (as mentioned above) is like Super Smash Bros where you pick you items and attack your opponent. Also mentioned above is that this game is a 3-D roam around game. There are eight starting characters and 3 extra unlock able characters. The characters names are: Wangtang, Falcon, Rogue, Jack, Gun Rock, Ayame, Ryoma, and Galuda. There also way more items in this get then in Super Smash Bros. Also there are crystals called "power stones" that let your character transform in to his or her super form. Each character has a different super form. On each stage you can use the boxes, poles and etc to attack you opponent too. There are about ten different stages that you can play on and have mayhem. Now for the part of what each person transform in to. Ayame transforms into a pink bunny suit with a big ninja star on her back. Galuda transforms into a Indian chief. Ryoma transforms into a silver samurai. Wangtang transforms into a Dragon Ball Z character. Gun Rock transforms into a big rock monster. Falcon transforms into jet fighter pilot. Rogue transforms into a Arabian dancer. Jack transforms into a dead pharaoh. Kracken transforms into a pirate with a mask on and last Valgas transforms into a grey person with horns on his head.

Controls: The controls for the game are: the A button is for jumping.The X button is for attacking. The b button is for picking things up and using them. The D-pad or the analog stick is for moving. The two buttons on the back are for special moves that you can do when you collect all three power stones and transform to your super form.

Music/ sound: The game has mostly Japanese tunes or happy tunes to it. Only the two last levels have gloomy music to it. The sound is very good. nothing is blurry and the announcer voice is pretty clear. The game characters speak Japanese but that o.k. because since it doesn't really do anything to the game. If you want to know what the characters are saying there is translation faq on the Power stone 2 place.

Replay value: The game has replay value to it since you can unlock three new characters (technically two but Valgas has a second form that is unlock able) and many new options like new items and mini games that you can play on your Dreamcast memory card.

Overall this game pretty good for the Dreamcast. If you like SSB or SSb Melee then this game is definitely for you. However here is an advice of warning: since the Dreamcast is not doing well in America Power Stone might be hard to find.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/05

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