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"This game is fun for the first couple of hours but then it just gets boring."

Power stone was first out in the Arcade I liked it cause it was one of those free roaming 3-D fighters like Ehrgeiz,Bushindo Blade,and Tobal NO1.But is this game just as fun as the others?

Graphics 8/10
The games levels are great they have lots of objects in them that look preety real. Like when you go to London on the game you can pick up stuff like charis tables or even bozuckas.And the characters all look cool also.But one character I dont like in the game is that big guy who turns into a goleden rock when hes not in that form he wearing some stupid looking pants were you can see his ass?uh?Why in the hell would some guy at Capcom put a guy in the game showing his butt off?If it was a girl I would understand...

Gameplay 7/10
The gameplay is basic.First off you can fight in your first form as a human and do those annyoing tap tap combos but then some stones (altho it would be better if they called them crystals)and when you get all three you turn into YOUR SUPER FORM !!!!DA DA DAAAAAAA...but only for a limited a time.And then the stones go off somewere else so your oppenent can have a chance a fighting.Also there are only two buttons to fight with punch and kick wow.And also when your in you second form by pressing a certain button combination(I dont know probably Ryu"s Hadoken the one combination move which almost every company has copied)you can do a super move but it will waste all of your power to stay in your second form.

Control 7/10
Well since there are only two buttons to fight unlike Marvel VS Capom which had six it pretty easy to play.

Replay 6/10
All you really have to do is get the secreat character and poof your done.This game should have more stuff in it to me cause it just gets boring after a few hours of the same gameplay.

Overall 7/10
Power Stone is fun for awhile but justs gets boring and repeative.Buy or Rent: Rent there are other fighting games on the Dreamcast.(But dont get a game like MK4 Gold)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/01/02

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