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Reviewed: 07/10/00 | Updated: 01/13/01

More multiplayer fun, yet traditional 1-on-1 gameplay suffers.

Let me start off first by saying I review games very harshly, and that I have never encountered a game that has gotten a rating of 10. Although many of you will criticize my review, there are many others that agree with my reviews and viewpoints on games.

Power Stone was arguably the best 'free roaming' fighter available on the market when it first came out. The graphics were very nicely done, the characters were all very large and vibrant, and the battle felt so personal, like a cartoon or comic book. Whenever someone played Power Stone, they really felt the power of Wang-Tang's fusion attacks (especially the spirit-bomb look-alike)! The action was all very fun, if simple.

Fast forward to Power Stone 2, a 'free roaming, free-for-all' battle supporting 4 players. When my brother heard of this game, he had the instant desire to play. He got me hyped to play it, and we both wanted it very much. Eventually, I got my hands on a Japanese version of the game, and couldn't wait to pop it into my DC.

The game felt very different. The fighters were all very small in size (especially with 4 players), and there was so much action on the screen, you could barely even see what was going on with your character! The battles didn't feel very intimate or significant - you were just another fish in the pond. The fusion attacks really used to be spectacular - now, however, they are insignificant and the screen doesn't pause and zoom into your character when he/she is activated with 3 power stones.

The game has good points. The item shop increases replay value, and the 4 player mode is good for a group of people to play. The level designs are also very good, and it is absolutely a blast to have to be chased by a rolling ball, and having 3 of your buddies screaming and arguing at the same time. Marvelous, I'd say, it's so creative.

Power Stone 2 is a good game - yet it could've been so much better. If the developers had spent more time on zooming in or making different camera techniques to zoom in on characters (making battles more intimate), and making the fusion attacks more spectacular, I would've given this game an 8 or 9. If you loved Power Stone, you may not love Power Stone 2. See for yourself!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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