Review by KillaIntent

Reviewed: 07/07/06

Welcome to Power Stone 2

Capcom's Power Stone has been a smash hit. Power Stone 2 over the top action with multiplayer. Here is my Review of Power Stone 2.

The best feature that sets power stone apart from other typical fighters is the ability to interact with the environments. Power Stone 2 has some insane huge multi-level stages that bring Power Stone gameplay at its best. There's the iceberg ,dark castle, blue sky, tomb, and space station. These have all kinds of chaos and are unique in their own way. The iceberg stage sets you in a submarines. There are three different Subs. A Blue sub that has gun turrets, a green sub that lets you ride these bombs dropping planes, and a yellow sub that has buttons that when hit them, missiles will come out of the sub and home in on the nearest player. The Tomb stage has all kind of traps. Spikes coming from the ground, falling rocks. flame coming from the walls. After about a minute, the ground colapses and you're being chased by a giant boulder. This would remind you of indiana joes. You next end up in a room with a lion statue and slot on a wall the left side of sid In the Blue Sky stage, you start out fighting on a giant airship. There are three gun turrets available for use. An eagle flies by and drops a item for you to use and you can even grab on to the eagle. After this will be a fight for the umbrellas. once the airship has fallen apart you then fight for your life. there two umbrellas and food items appear. grab and maintain keeping an umbrella and try to get health from the food items. The space station stage is the best. You must take an elevator to get the top where an alien is waiting for you. Dark Castle is where you fight to get the castle. You start out in a area with a large pond, poles and items to throw. Flame arrows come out of nowhere and the area cathes fire. You now must jump up on to the castle. Inside the castle is a giant bell, ghosts that appear occasionally and trap doors next to the bell.

There are over 120 weapons that will bring your opponents to their knees. There are variations Swords, Bombs, traps ,and vehicles to play around with to make. In item shop, you buy, sell, and mix items in order to get new items. Getting all the items would take many hours of playing and making the good fun out of playing power stone. You can register up to 5 weapons to VMU once you create an item book in your VMU. Your Favorite items will appear occasionally on a VMU that appears in the game. Pretty Cool idea I think.

Four characters make their debut to join the orignal roster. Accel- a cowboy ,Pete- a doll brought to life, Julia- girl from a royal family , Gourmand- funny looking chef, join in the fight. Plus two hidden characters(spoilers) Pride- Falcons Father, and Mel- Item Shop lady are also available after beating arcade with all the characters. Power Stone 2 would have new characters added. Its too bad that Valgas and Kraken from the first aren't in this sequel. Oh well. Gourmand transforms into a blue dinosaur with fire breath, Accel transforms into a robot with guns as fingers, julia transforms into a unusual maid, pete transforms into a giant toy robot that shoots electric beams. Their power fusions are pretty cool looking but gourmand's shooting out pigs from a giant pot is pretty funny and comical. These Characters are pretty awsome especially Accel. Maybe a good rival for Falcon.

Great graphics and sound- The stages themselves are just unbelieveable. Nothing like the sound of exploding bombs and Sword slashes.

Power Stones transform your character into a raging super being. The special power drive and power fusion moves are beautiful and awsome looking. Power Stone help even the odds in your favor.

Boss battles are pretty challenging- The Pharoah walker and Dr. Erode are pretty tough bosses. Too bad the Alien in the Space Station stage wasnt a boss. It looked like it meant business.

There are few flaws in the game, but that shouldn't stop you from having so much fun with Power Stone 2.

I give Power Stone 2 a ten out ten. Welcome to the Power Stone World!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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