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"Power to the Power Stone!!!"

Hey there kiddies, Funk Punk at it again with another Dreamcast review (and already soon) and the name of the game is Power Stone 2. While it first one did pretty good a lot of people and magazines complain that the fun was over too quickly and the game started to get repeativie. Capcom thought so too, so they went back to the drawing board made themseleves one heck of a masterpiece. Everyone give it up for Power Stone 2.

Eye-Candy/10: Very Impressive, the bacground are more colorful and look almost realistic and the character models are a work of art. Bravo Capcom!!!

Noise/10: Muisc is very cool and memerable, you'll have songs stuck in your head for weeks. And the sound is even more amazing.

Skinny/8: A mysterious castle suddenly appers out of nowhere and the Power Stone heroes are transported there in a blink of an eye. Now they must find out what going on and get out in one piece. Well, it orignal but very confusing.

Core/10: Next to MvC2, the game is the best in it gene. Fighting has never been so fun. Everything is interactive so you can grab almost anything and pummel your oppenets with. And the stages, man, they don't get any livier than this. For instance, say your fighting on a airship and everything is normal (in fighting sense). When all of a sudden, parts of the ship start to fall off. Pretty soon you find yourself continuing the battle free-falling. Talk about wicked. Plus, you also have a item shop where you can buy weapons, costumes and more. This the fighting game of the century...or maybe of 2000.

Bottom Line: Power Stone 2 is one rock-em-sock-em game everybody just has to play. If you havn't played it, you don't know what your missing. But if you get you hands on it. Get ready for a surprise. Funk Punk signing out, see ya.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/16/00, Updated 08/16/00

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