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"10 is an insult to the superb game"

Graphics – 10
Crisp, clear and in your face. This game has some of the best graphics for any fighting game on any system. The characters are flawless, with no signs of annoying pixelation. One great feature of this game is it’s unique 4-player option. Now, you may think, “OK, 4 players on the same screen, there is some slowdown right?” Nada, zip, no slow down what-so-ever. The only bad thing about having 4 players on the same screen is, if all 4 characters are at a considerable distance apart, the game attempts to show all 4 characters. The levels are extremely well done and fully interactive.

Concept – 10
Say, what’s that over there, way it’s a tank, let’s hope in. You have anything from boxes to through to gun tarots to really lay destruction down on a victim of your choice. As you progress through adventure mode, you unlock new weapons (over 100 total) and new stages to use in battle (3 additional stages). Adventure mode is rather boring after the first few times through. Adventure mode resembles Starfox 64 in a way, as you go through, you have a choice of what path to take. And just like Starfox, it is short; only five stages. For the first two stages, it’s you versus a computer character, third stage, a walking Sphinx (you know, that Egyptian thing, one of the seven wonders of the world). Fourth stage, you versus an AI character; fifth and final stage, the main boss who just can’t keep his lunch down (for some reason, when I see this guy, I’m reminded of Christopher Lloyd with green skin). As you gain new weapons or other items, you’re able to go to what’s called the item shop, here you can sell items, buy items or mix em together for new items. Like you can mix a bazooka and a sword to get ummm…. well, I’m not sure, but your guaranteed something. Even failures are good. If a mix fails, you get a coupon; three coupons will allow you to take a chance at the roulette table to win an item. Arcade mode is just like adventure mode except you and a friend can go head-to-head or co-op against two AI characters and the bosses. Or, if you don’t have any friends (L), it’s you versus three AI characters, you and another AI must win, then you and that AI proceed to the next stage. Original mode is where all the fun comes; here is where you can really kill time. You and up to three AI (or three friends if you got that many) go duke it out in any arena you choose.

Sound – 10
Great sound, even the stage intros are well done. The music is great and fits the stage well. In fact, as you progress in the game, you open up special features and one of them just happens to be a jukebox with all stage music, stage intros, character voices and sound effects.

Characters – 10
You got your original crew from Power Stone, plus two additional characters. Each character is beautifully detailed and even their power moves are nicely planned out. You know, I always find it amazing that you have a game that features characters from America, England, India and so on, yet, they all seem to speak Japanese. That’s just one of the many mysteries of life I guess.

Control – 9
Hard to get used to at first, but after you master it, it becomes second nature to you. Of course, if you find that the controls aren’t to your liking, you can always re-map the buttons

Replay – 10
Man, 10 is the highest I can dish out? That sucks. The best replay of any game I’ve ever seen short of an RPG. Of course, adventure mode kind of gets redundant, but get at least one friend over and you can kill hours on this. Sega is really making good use of it’s party system that’s for sure.

Overall – 10
This has got to be in anyone’s collection; Power Stone 2 is simply too sweet to pass up. On the GameFAQS scale of 1 to 10, I would give this a 17 if I had my way.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/07/00, Updated 10/07/00

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