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"Almost perfect game? Almost..."

Presentation - 8
The introduction movie looks really babyish and stupid. They could've done something a bit more creative and exciting, though you won't care after a while since you'll see it only once.
Other than that, I have to say that the game is easy, you can just pick up the controller and start playing right away even if you've never played it before.

Graphics - 8.2
The graphics have an outstanding detail and is pretty fluid. Though I have to say that Power Stone 1 was more fast and action-paced with combos and more cool looking. Power Stone 2 has also smaller characters and sometimes when you use a special attack it becomes a total mess and you don't understand a thing of what's going on the screen. It's also happened to me that sometimes you experience a frame drop when you use a special, this is minimal though.

Sound - 8.9
The music fits pretty well with the stages. The sound and voice effects are really good. The only thing that stops me from giving it a 10 is that at the intro or during the tunnels in Arcade mode, there's that irritating voice which really sucks.

Fun Factor- 9
This game is really fun to play because you can use the various items that are found around the stage, do tons of things and when you play in a lot of people its really fun hitting your buddy or killing him and saying, ''take that! HAHAHAHA!''. You can even use the items that you create or pick up! I'm not sure if you actually can master this game, the thing is that you can only master a character, not the game.
The downfalls are that when you play in one player in Arcade mode it's really boring and it's impossible to beat difficulty 8.

Lasting Appeal - 8.9
Now this is a part of the game that rocks! Since I play the game in one player, you can do the adventure mode to get items and money and in the item shop you can create new items, buy items, play the roulette, etc. The one bad thing about this is that if you get all the items then there's nothing else to do.

P.S. Since I couldn't use fractions I would've give this game an 8.7.
P.P.S. I said all that stuff about Power Stone, but in reality I don't have the game, I've only seen it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/22/00, Updated 11/22/00

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