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""Alright! Make Your Way to the Top and Climb Yourself to Victory!""

Many gamers (hardcore and casual alike) believe that Super Smash Brothers, and its watered down sequels are the best party games to ever grace the planet. How wrong they are. Power Stone and its sequel, Power Stone 2, are actually the best party games ever. Why? Because the games are fresh, unlike anything else you have ever played. Yes its frantic, yes its nuts, but Power Stone 2 is actually a very good game too. Game play will start it off.

Game play: 10/10

Power Stone 2 is a great pick up and play game, very easy to play, and to get into. Mainly, the game involves you walking around, and beating the snot out of your opponents. Its a lot fun to do so, and in Power Stone, anything is fair game weapon-wise. Either a piece of the level, or something out of a chest, truly anything is a weapon. Each character has 2 specials, and a variety of punching and kicking combos, in addition to air and jumping attacks. Much deeper than a simple punch and kick game though, Power Stone 2 also has the money system in the adventure mode. This adds a huge element to the game play, as certain weapons will give you more money when used than others, as well as how quickly you complete a level. With this money, you can buy more items and weapons, and this in turn sets up the most unique bit of the game play; item mixing. In Power Stone 2, the items you acquire via buying or via in game, are able to be mixed, and new items will be made from the mixes. But not every item can be mixed with anything, only select items can be mixed with one another. Another big element of the game play is the multi-player. 4 people going at it on one of the ever changing levels... there is nothing like it. The story is just as good as the game play.

Story: 9/10

All of the Power Stone characters are trapped in a castle, overseen by the evil Doctor Erode, and his sidekick, the Pharoah Walker. To escape, you must go on and defeat all of the opposing characters, and the two bosses, otherwise you will be stuck in the castle forever! Graphics will be next.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics in Power Stone 2 are simply amazing, although it isn't among the top ten Dreamcast games in this area. The environments have a great cartoon-ish feel to them, as well as the characters. Each character is highly unique, and some are dressed in a rather bizzare way. The menus and the interface have a great look to them, and the item shop has an inherent charm, that really is optional. Sounds are even better.

Sounds: 10/10

Along with the great character voices, the music in Power Stone two is fantastic. Each level theme suits the level just perfectly, and each is unique (an upbeat, "soaring," theme for the flying stage, and an eerie theme for the elevator stage). Back to the character voices, each character is unique, and has their own lines for certain specials, power ups, etc. There is quite a bit of voice work in-game, and one can tell that Capcom didn't skimp on the voices. Is the game replay-able?

Replay ability: 10/10

This is Power Stone 2's best attribute, as one can spend literally months playing this game, as there is so much to do, and the item mixing segment really helps this along too. There are 4 modes, plus the item mixing mode, and these must be played in order to acquire certain items, character and the like. Not to mention that this game will be the highlight of the party, as it is simply an awesome party game.

Buy or rent?

With the longevity and lasting appeal that this game has, you would be wise to buy (though it can rack up a hefty coin on ebay. Be wary...).

Turning into the Rock Monster as Gunrock, or cooking animals and then sending them to attack as Gourmand displays just how unique and fun Power Stone 2 really is. My friends and I have always had a whale of a time playing this game, and we will continue to have a whale of a time so long as my Dreamcast doesn't die out! "What's going on here? I don't like the look of this!"

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/02/09

Game Release: Power Stone 2 (US, 08/23/00)

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