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"Power Stone? I thought that was a brand of pot."

Power Stone 2 is very underrated in my opinion. One of the few good 4-Player games the Dreamcast has to offer.
Release Date-2000

Game Play-

Everything about this game is fun. The arcade mode is you against three other people in five stages. The adventure mode is you against another person in 5 stages. The adventure mode is used so you can get money and new weapons. Definitely a fine touch. The item shop is by far the best feature in Power Stone 2. Kudos to Capcom for making another excellent Dreamcast game.

The versus mode is excellent. You can make it four player and just wreak havoc. And the secrets in Power Stone 2 are numerous. There are extra characters, extra stages, and over 100 new weapons for you to find and buy. You will not rest until you have obtained 99 of every weapon in power stone 2. There is just so much fun to be had in Power Stone 2. This is the game for playing with a couple of friends.


The control in this game is pretty easy to learn, but there’s not much to master. Capcom should’ve given the characters more moves. But the weapons make up for it.


Each track matches its stage almost perfectly. The best track in this game has to be the tomb level track. Another great track has to be the item shop track. The audio matches every character and weapon perfectly. The crack of the crate against an enemy is excellent. The money dropping against the ground is another of the many great sounds in Power Stone 2.


The graphics in Power Stone 2 are excellent. The characters are very detailed, they even have different costumes. Imagine that. None of the weapons look the same. All of the weapons each have their own distinction. Capcom sure put a lot of time into this game. And the levels and backgrounds are excellent. Not as excellent as Marvel Vs. Capcom 2's, but they are still excellent nonetheless.


You will want to play Power Stone 2 over and over again unlocking all the secrets. The secrets in Power Stone 2 are numerous. There are hidden characters, hidden stages, over 100 hidden items, and a hidden options menu. This game is jam packet full of secrets. Buy this game for the secrets and replay alone.

Score Rundown

Game Play-10/10 – Secrets galore and insane 4-Player fighting make this game a must buy.
Control-9/10 – Capcom should’ve put more moves in the game.
Audio-8/10 – Music is good.
Graphics-10/10 – Excellent graphics and detail make this game rule all.
Enjoyability-10/10 – The game will keep you busy for a long time.


Percentage of Gaming Goodness-94%


This game is worthy of the name ''Best Game On The Sega Dreamcast''. It rules so much. The replay, the multiplayer, the graphics, and the overall game is perfect. I would not change a thing. Buy Power Stone 2? Oh yeah. Buy a Dreamcast just for Power Stone 2? Oh yeah. Is it an improvement over its arcade counterpart? That is a silly question, yes.

Street Price-$49.99

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/00, Updated 05/20/02

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