Review by Dakr Gremmil

"I hate this game."

I'm sure that a lot of you people will be confused by the title in contrast with all the good things that I have to say about this game, but in my views, the bad outweighs the good. (in quality, not quantity) First off, I'll start with the good....

For one thing, there is actually a story this time. Most fighting games you just - fight - and the most story you'll get out of it is a character ending. This, you'll know from watching the opening sequence, that you'll have to fight your way out of the castle. Basic story but not bad.

A real plus side of this game is that's it's 4 player. I was beginning to think that the only party fighting game was Smash Brothers.

The control is like the first Power Stone. The auto-aim in the game is a blessing. Smooth sailing there. The graphics aren't bad - with 4 people, things get a bit small and indiscernible if you have a small TV to play on. (I won't hold that in bias though) Sound, once again.... all very good.

The added feature of being able to mix and match to create new weapons was a pleasant surprise to me. I do believe I have all but a few items, and there are over 120 of them.

Now, why do I hate this game? For the majority, it's one thing. This game is SOOOO cheap. Basically, the person that wins, wins because they fight the dirtiest. Very little about this game relies on skill.

A couple close friends of mine will play this game, and one friend often picks WangTang. As soon as he gets all 3 Power Stones (which everyone is bound to at least once a match), he jumps in the air, and pot shots everyone at a distance with that 3 shot attack of his till everyone is dead, or his gem meter is out (usually the first occurs). Where the auto-aim was once blessing, it is now a curse. You can't attack - you can't even run away. Nothing pisses me off more than getting killed by dead end means. (and especially if it's death by someone when all they do is hit ''X'' a whole bunch of times) I myself refuse to be cheap, and nice guys always finish last. (especially on this game)

Of course, I don't really blame my friend for taking this ''strategy''. If someone really wants to win bad enough to be cheap, I'll just set down the controller and let them finish in their own delusional glory, rather than fight and fail no matter my skill. The game schematics are so flawed, that random button pushers will dominate based on their spastic ability. There is a reason that fighting games disregarded the basics - so those with actual skill and dedication in a game will win based on their effort. Because of this, Power Stone 2 would have been best suited in the 8-bit era.

I think that's quite possible to make a 4 player fighting game that isn't cheap. Smash Brother's is an excellent example. You CAN be cheap on that game, but the game itself isn't cheap. You at least have a chance to get out of a cheap trap... and the better your skill, the better chance you have to get out of it. Simple as that.

Another thing that I don't like about Power Stone 2 (although it's not that big a deal) is the character balance. Here you've got WangTang who in his gem form CAN engulf the entire screen with his attacks by either a planet sized projectile, or a zig-zagging dragon. On the complete contrary, you've got Julia. Basically a Merry-go-round trap twice the size of her body is the best she can do. I don't know if it's just a CAPCOM thing, but most of their fighting games have several characters dominating over the rest of the game's cast.

Here I am, looking at the other reviews of this game by other people, and I see mostly very high scores. I don't doubt their credibility, but I do wonder how dirty those people fight in this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/22/01, Updated 01/22/01

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