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"Capcom strikes again by making a great sequel."

The original Power Stone was a good Dreamcast launch title and it took fighting games to a new world. Perhaps the reason why the original was good with many was to due to fact that you can interact with your environment and even use weapons scattered around the arena. The second one took these aspects and improved on them making the game even better. If you were still with during the intro then read on to my review.

Fantastic best describes it. PS2 has a lot of modes including the old one on one game,the arcade mode were you duke it out with 3 CPU controlled fighters(or just two if you and a friend are playing side by side),the original mode which is a vs. mode type game where you can four 1 to 4 players go against each other,and also the adventure mode where you collect weapons and the like while fighting single opponents(You can use those items in the item shop where you can combine them and get new ones). The environments are bigger this time and as the fighting goes on the battle plain will change in certain areas. I think I have said too much here so lets move onward.

Graphics are just outstanding they show the Dreamcast at its best. The stages show lots of detail and the characters themselves are done very well and look great. Great job on the graphics Capcom.

The character voices sound good and the announcer gives you hints about the stage you are on. The music is good too and it fits into the level you are on. There is nothing wrong with the sound.

Unlike the first game there is only an attack button as opposed to a punch and kick button so you may have to adjust to that. The other commands like jumping and picking up items are still the same so the control is good(Wow I'am running out of positive stuff to say).

Very high is the replay value. PS2's many modes of play means that you will be playing this game for a while and the multiplayer modes make things even better then they were before.

Final Word
If you liked the first Power Stone then should go try this one out. If you are looking for a fighting game that tries to be different from the rest then I suggest you do the same thing. PS2 is a very well done game for 1-4 players and it is yet another thing that shows how great of a company Capcom is at making video games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/30/01, Updated 03/30/01

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