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"It's a excellent multiplayer fighting game."

This game is one of the most fun multi player games I played. I will not get tired of playing this game for a long long time with my friends. It was worth every penny in my opinion and I bought it for 50$. Occasionally the game slows down, but it is not a major problem. It has different parts in the levels which makes the game even more fun. The game is so easy to get use to meaning the controls are not complicated. Personally I am good with every character because of that reason. There is lots of characters with different styles of fighting and a lot of special attacks. For people who haven't heard of Power Stone, you have to get three power stones and you will transform into something with more power for a short period of time and I think that is a creative idea. There is is a very variety of weapons and also which makes it better is that you can mix weapons to make new ones. Plus you can buy and sell the weapons unlike the first Power Stone. If you like fighting games, multi player games, and action games you will love this one. It is kind of weird when you compare Power Stone 2 to Power Stone because the first one wasn't even a multi player game, which is not a god thing. Basically I am saying go buy this game because it is a very creative and excellent Capcom fighting game.

Game play - 8

Most of the time the game is very fast moving considering that there is a maximum of 4 people on the screen plus all the weapons and different parts. Like I said before it does slow down, but not very often.

Graphics - 9

The graphics are very smooth. When I say that I mean the background, the weapons, and the characters.

Sound - 8

I love the songs because they fit what ever part of a level you are at perfectly.

Replay Value - 9

This is probably the strongest part of the game because who can get tired of a four player fighting game that lets you use all different types of weapons and levels the make you wander all around, it's great! The one player mode lacks, but if you have some friends this game will never run out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/01, Updated 04/10/01

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