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"By far the BEST party game I have ever played!!!"

This is the reason I bought a dreamcast! Even though I knew that the system wouldn't last forever, games like Power Stone 2 make the 100 dollars I spent for the system WELL worth it. I remember how much fun I had playing the first Power Stone, so once I found out that Power Stone 2 came out I ran straight to the store to pick up a copy of this masterful game. I have had it about a year now and it is still the game that we play everytime my friends come over. After spending a lot of quality time with this game, this is what I think about the game.

Graphics 10/10-

No complaints here. This game has wonderful environments, colorful detailed characters, and beautiful special effects. I love it when my friend and I transform and use our specials that cover the screen with no slowdown. The graphics are great but only add to how wonderful this game plays!!

Sound 9/10-

Everything sounds just how it should in this game. Each character has their own personality and voice-overs that sound great and fit their characters. Also, the narrator that says a one-liner at the beginning of the stages is a joy to listen to and never gets on your nerves. All the in-game music goes with the action in the game only helping in immersing you into the game further. Although, it is now music you would be humming down the street or in the shower, it fits perfectly into the game and I have no complaints.

Story N/A-

Stories in fighting games have never mattered and they never will!!! In this game, all the fighters in Power Stone have been thrown into a castle where they must fight their way out. THAT'S ABOUT IT!!

Gameplay 10/10-

This is a 4-player fighting game, so the point is to basically destroy all other opponents and come out the victor. It is the way that Power Stone does this that is so special. You can run up walls, climb poles, do flips and throw enemies off poles, grab poles and use them as weapons against enemies, jump on peoples heads, throw boxes at enemies, kick boxes at enemies, etc.

Not only that but each level has different things in each level that you can interact with. For example one level you start off on a flat plane which has three gun turrets that you can use to fire at the other players. After a certain amount of time the plane will blow up and you will begin skydiving down to the ground while having to fight over getting the 2 umbrellas that are falling down with you. Once you land there is a tank you can man and two catapults that you can launch at your enemies. There is also a moving stream on the right side that tries to knock you off the edge. WOW, and this is only one of the 9 stages(6 to start, 3 extra stages).

Your character can also transform by collecting 3 power stones that you can find in item boxes that appear while you fight. So while all this action is going on you have to furiously fight over who gets power stones or the person that transforms will dominate the fight. While transformed you can unleash insane specials until your power meter runs out. For example, my favorite character Wang-Tang transforms into a Super-Saiyan like character that can fire fireballs, use a special where he charges up a giant ball of energy, or flys to the ground and jump-kicks like a madman hitting everything in it's path. And this is just one of the 14 characters(12 to start, 2 hidden).

Next is the weapons that appear in the item boxes in the game. There are over 100 weapons you can get and most of them are unlockable via Original Mode. Just a few of the weapons you can get are: Bazooka, Flame Sword, Ice sword that freezes the guy, a giant Frozen Tuna, a laser sword, a 3-way and 5-way shotgun, a giant sword about twice the size of the characters called the Dragon Slayer, Tranquilizer Gun, a Scooter that you can ride around in to run over enemies, a skateboard and rollerblades, devil wings which allow you to fly, a missile-launcher, the X-buster from megaman, and many, many, many more. I could go on forever about how cool this game is but then the review would be much too long. This game is probably the funnest(yeah that's right) game I have ever played in my life.

Replay Value 10/10-

This is one of those games that last forever. I have a group of friends that come over and play this game about once a week we are all very good and can't find any challenge at the arcades so we always have a good time playing people at our own skill level. I have had this year about a year and still play it more than any other game I have. Heck, I see myself playing this game years from now(or at least until Power Stone 3 which I wish to god will come out). The only reason I wouldn't think this game would last forever is if you have no friends because the single-player mode could probably get old in about a week or so(I wouldn't know I don't really play it except to unlock more weapons).

There also many things to unlock like secret levels(which are good but nowhere near as good as the original levels;except extra stage 3), secret characters, and MANY, MANY weapons and items to unlock. You could be playing this for months just unlocking everything like I did.

Overall 10/10-

This game is one of the greatest games ever made. I thank Capcom for making such a wonderful game and hope they are in the process of making Power Stone 3 as I write this review. This is also one of a few games that I have and probably will ever give a ten!! Such a wonderful game!!!!!
I give it my highest recommendation!!! Buy it now!!! Hey I said buy it!!! Hey!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND STOP READING THIS AND GO BUY IT!!!!!!! Oh sorry.

See ya!!! My friends are here to play some Power Stone 2!!! BRING IT ON YA SISSIES!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/23/01, Updated 09/23/01

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