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"I love this game."

“Okay, so what, another Capcom fighter!” that’s what I bet you are saying right this very minute as you read this review. Well, it’s another Capcom fighter...SO WHAT!?!?! But Power Stone 2 is not just another sequel, it’s a whole new territory opened up. I have been a huge fan of the Capcom fighters, and I had to go get Power Stone 2.

And here is why:


“What story?’s a fighting game for goodness sake!” I can here the echoes now! Well it does have a story, and your going to find out what it is whether or not you like it!

The story is as follows. One day a mysterious cloud appears in the sky, and in it is a giant floating castle. Several notice it (who would not notice a castle in the sky!?!?) and are drawn to it. Some are “forced” into going to the castle. And guess what, some of the are the heroes and scoundrels from the original Power Stone. And several are new characters. Each are drawn to the castle for different reasons.

To find out, PLAY THE GAME!!!

Power Stone 2 has a larger cast of characters than the original. All of the cast from the first one return, along with several new ones. Each are looking for the magical ''power stones'' (hence the name of the game) all for different reasons (of course some reasons are good, and some are bad)

And here they are:

*The Cast*

Wang Tang

and introducing...



The graphics are like the original Power Stone....Wonderful!!! They are nice and crisp. The colors are bright and make your eyes gaze in wonder. And the characters are unique. They are colorful, and they have a cartoon feel about them.....but watch out, they don’t fight like cartoons. And the environments are great. They are a big improvement from the previous game. They are bigger and much more detailed. The sky, well, looks like how the sky should. And the ocean, again, looks like water.

And guess what...NO LOAD TIMES. There is not slow down what so ever, and the animations are beautiful.


The sound is not too much to brag about. It is good. That’s about it. Everything sounds like it is suppose to. Bombs sound like bombs, machine guns sound like, well you guessed it again....

The music at times can be annoying, and at other times can be “uplifting” and “adventurous”.

The announcer can get on ones’ nerves too. With comments like “Don’t go soft now...” “You’re on the right track...” And so on. I admit, the voice of the announcer is clear sounding, but he sometimes sounds like a offense to the person who did the voices!

There are no real voice over’s for the characters. They sometimes say things in Japanese in the opening at each round.

Game Play

If you played the original, there are no new controls to learn. If you have not, well you’re in luck. Power Stone and Power Stone 2 have some of the easiest controls to learn. The game is user friendly to “button mashers” and “technical fighters” and work well with the Dreamcast Standard Controller.

The combos are fairly easy to learn (just the press of two buttons) but there is room to experiment.

Oh, and by the way....did I mention that Power Stone 2 can be played with not just 1, 2, or 3...but 4 players at one time...with no slow down!!! Yes!!! The first Dreamcast game with “real” four player action.

And in this game (like the previous one) you collect ''power stones'' to transform into a ''super being'' which have ''super'' moves and combos.

Also Power Stone innovated the idea of being able to run anywhere do anything theme to the fighting world. And Power Stone 2 has done it again. The levels are huge. There are several things you can do. Here is an example of your new “arenas“ to battle in:


One of the levels that is the most fun to play in is the Airship Stage. You start on the top of an airship while it is flying. There are a lot of things you can do while on it (one thing is falling off!) There are several gun turrets you can jump into and use to blast your opponent (or they blast make that decision) Okay, anyway, you both continue to knock each other around, and all of a sudden, the ship starts to fall apart and you find yourself skydiving towards the ground. So, then umbrellas start to fall from the sky and you have to grab one. You float down (or fall down) to another part of the level complete with a tank you can drive and blast your opponent once again, or while you are doing that he can be using the catapults to knock you silly. And their is a stream and a water fall too. (hint: stand at the bottom of the water fall in the Adventure Mode to get a lot of “cards”)

Game Modes

Power Stone 2 has an increased amount of modes since the original. And here they are:

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is the original mode found in the arcade (no duh...!) Anyway, Arcade Mode is for 1 to 4 players. Except the twist to this mode is, that two characters can advance to the next stage, not just one. It is a four player battle royale. There is also an added feature. When another player losses all of their life, you can go over and revive them, which gives them half of your life. If you do not do this in a certain amount of time, you can watch their spirits leave and fly away. Two players advance to the next stage, so why not help out a friend (then again, why should you help out another player?!? find out for yourself by playing the game)

1 on 1

This mode is for 1 to 2 players. This is like the Versus Mode in the original game, and in most other fighting games.

Original Mode

This is where you can set the rules on how you want to play. This mode is for 1 to 4 players. You can choose teams and fight, or you can have 1 on 3, 2 on 4, and you can play by yourself against the CPU... let me make that clear, against 3 other CPU opponents. This mode has most of the same features that Arcade Mode has.

Adventure Mode

This is the mode that is the most fun to play. Adventure Mode is like Story Mode in most other fighters. This mode is for one player only. You fight against one other opponent, and you gain money and items to use in the Shop Mode (which I will explain in a minute...) And the idea of this mode is to escape the castle after fighting a couple of bosses and other opponents. You can gain Special Items when you complete the mode. The only problem I have with this mode is, it has the same endings for each and every character. I won’t tell anymore about the endings, but they are not the greatest. Same problem with Arcade Mode.

Shop Mode

Okay, this is what you have been waiting for, the explanation of the Shop Mode. The shop is where you spend you hard earned money that you earned in the Adventure Mode. And for every time you picked up an item, you have those too. So if you picked up 2 guns, you have 2 guns to “work” with in the shop, and if you picked up 10 apples to restore your life, same thing, you have all of those too. In this mode, you can buy and sell items to use in other modes, like the Arcade and Adventure mode’s. You can also mix items to create new items, traps, food, and more. If you are like me, you spend most of the time playing the game in the Shop Mode than any other mode. And that is what is fun with Power Stone 2, staying up until 3 in the mourning mixing items. Sometimes Falcon’s “missing” father shows up to give you items, advice, and some times the scoundrel even runs off with your money.

In the Adventure Mode you collect:


You use all of these things to open up new items, weapons, and even clothing to add to your characters (like boxing gloves, hats, etc.) You can combine these things to end up with new items by mixing them:

**Here is a simple formula in mixing**

ITEM + ITEM + ESSENCE (optional) = ITEM (over 100 to produce)

ITEMS: Food, Weapons, Items, Special Items, Cards (or Elements)

ESSENCE: Essence is like the spice and seasoning you use. You do not have to use them, but if you want your cookies to end up right, sometimes you need to use them. Essence can sometimes multiply the items you combine (depending on the essence) and others can cause your mix to fail.

Anyway, the Shop Mode is a nice addition to a great fighting game. It make the replay value of the game go up. Even if you do not like to play fighting games, you will still enjoy this game because of the Shop Mode.

Everytime you fail in a mix, you get a coupon. 3 Coupons allow you to go play the roulette wheel. You can get special items and cards by doing this. There are rewards in failling....

You can also give the shop keeper certain itmes to gain special items, cards, essence, and more.

There is also an item book that keeps track of all the items, weapons, foods, and other stuff you find. Complete with formulas (everytime you successfully mix something, it adds that formula to the book)

Options Mode

In this mode you can change the “normal” functions in the game:

Time Limit
Button Configuration
Sound (Stereo or Mono)

......and more.

Extra Options Mode

In this mode you can set the “extraordinary” functions of the game:

Extra Items
Power Up Time Limit

.....and a few more I should, and WON’T tell you!


Overall this is a great fighting game. This is one game that every Sega Dreamcast owner should have in their library. It is not just a fighting game, and it is not just a sequel. Play it to find out.

Sure the graphics don’t compare to Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive, or some of the other fighters. But the nice about Power Stone 2 is, is that there is no slow down, no load times, lots of modes, and innovative game play. JUST PLAY IT TO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!!!

Capcom did it again!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/12/01, Updated 10/12/01

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